Here's my third story pplz!!!XD

This time it's a DeiSaso story!*squeals*

Dei:Yay!Im seme!Un!

Sasori:What?!Im not gonna be the uke,little sister!!!

You are if I say you are,puppet-boy!*hugs Sasori tight*

Dei:Ha-ha!Danna's gonna be my uke!!Un!!*hugs Sasori*

Sasori:*being smothered*

Chapter 1: Look what I found,Danna!Un!

"Sasori no Danna!Sasori no Danna!" Deidara yelled as he came in their shared room. "Look at what I found!Un!"

"Not now,brat…" Sasori said coldly. "I'm busy with my puppets." He took a screw driver from his desk and started on another puppet.

"Awwww,but Danna~!This looks really interesting and I've never seen something like this before," Deidara whined, "And I thought my Danna would know what it is,un." Sasori sighed and said, "Alright,fine brat…now what is it?" Deidara smiled.

He slowly took something out of his cloak. "This,un!" Sasori nearly fell out his chair when he saw that Deidara was holding a vibrator! "So,Danna…what is this thing?Un?" There was no answer. Sasori just sat there. His chocolate eyes were as wide as his own head and his face turned as red as his hair.


"Wh-Where'd you…f-find that..b-brat?"

"In Itachi's room…why?Un?" asked a very confused Deidara.

"N-No reason…." Sasori replied and turned back to his puppets.

Deidara sighed. 'I guess Danna's not gonna tell me…then I'll just ask Itachi.' He thought. As Deidara left the room the vibrator fell from his cloak. Sasori noticed that it was on the floor after Deidara left the room.

Sasori just stared at it and started to have "naughty" thoughts about him using it with Deidara. "D-Dei…" he softly said. Sasori then realized that he became hard from his thoughts. He gulped and picked up the vibrator.


"Damn that Uchiha. Saying I could 'borrow' the vibrator…un…" Said a very red-faced Deidara. His face has been red ever since Itchi told him what the vibrator was used for…

Deidara finally got to his and Sasori's room. "Danna,Im back,un." he mumbled as he opened the door and closed it. Turning to see his Danna working on his puppets,instead he saw Sasori on his bed completely naked,pushing the vibrator in himself,pumping his throbbing member and moaning, "D-Deidara!!!"

Well,thts the end of thiis chapter!Sorri it was so short...I'll have the nxt chapter out soon!!!*sweatdrop*!!!Ja ne!

Dei:Yay!The nxt one!!Un!!!