Chapter One

Prologue: Chosen

A man floated in the dark void between worlds. For a few moments, he struggled, but soon gave up, realizing that it was a pointless endeavor; the rift to his world had long since closed, and even if he could control his motion, there was no place to travel towards. For a while, he simply existed, looking for a way out, and finding none. Then he saw a point of light. As he noticed it, it seemed to grow, until it encompassed everything. When finally the man was surrounded, the light spoke.

"Be calm. We mean you no harm." The voice, like the light, seemed to flow from everywhere. It was powerful, but the man thought it sounded feminine. Thinking that what could speak could probably also hear, he spoke to it.

"Who are you?"

Another voice spoke, still strong, still feminine, but definitely more caring. "You are not yet ready for that knowledge, human. Though you have heard of us, you would not believe our existence without knowing more. On the world over which we watch, we are known as goddesses. That is enough for now."

The man wanted to argue that point, but ultimately decided to err on the side of caution, and held his tongue. Instead, he asked, "If you are, as you say, goddesses, then what do you want with me?"

A third voice spoke, this one strongest of all. "We have a task for you."

"For me? But why me? I am… unimportant, to say the least. Surely there is another more qualified to perform your… task."

The first voice responded, "No. You are already liberated from your world. In addition, through an extremely unlikely circumstance, you have a certain foreknowledge of the world we watch over. And you have a strong spirit. There is no other as well placed as you to 'perform our task.'"

Hearing this, he started to feel worried. "What if I refuse? And what of my home world? Am I doomed, then, to never return?"

"You would refuse?" The third voice began to sound angry, and the man felt fear.

"Be calm, sister. He is not under our command," the second voice admonished. Then it addressed the man again. "You may refuse, and we will return you to your world if you do so. But know this: if you refuse, a world will fall."

"A world? How?"

"The world we watch over is facing a series of trials. A madman has taken an incredible power for his own. He has been… stopped, for the time being, but he will return. And the method by which he was defeated has destroyed any chance that he may be truly defeated when he does so. We three could intervene directly, but we would prefer not to. It is not wise for even gods to meddle unduly in the affairs of mortals. We would rather use the lightest touch we can, which is to say, we would rather send a mortal to help in our stead. We have determined that the best existing mortal for this task is you. If you refuse, there is no other. The world will fall under his power, and he will exercise his cruel tyranny there until the end of time."

The man reeled at this. He was terribly conflicted. He was worried about getting involved, but his conscience would barely stand for him allowing a single person to be hurt, much less an entire world. There was one more question he had, though he doubted he could allow the world to fall either way. "If I fulfill your request, will you…"

"If you will help us, we will return you to your world near the time you were expelled from it. But I warn you, the task will not be easy. It will take years of effort from you, though we will restore your current age when you are returned."

The man sighed. It's times like this that I wish I didn't have a conscience at all. He knew what he had to do. "As you wish, then. I will help you."

He could detect a wave of relief from the three beings at this. The softest voice spoke. "Thank you. Admittedly, we were almost certain that you would accept; it was part of what made you the ideal candidate. But we could not be absolutely sure until you did."

The strong voice broke in. "As part of your task, you will have to seek out some knowledge from our world. We are already doing more than we would like by enlisting your assistance in the first place; we dare not do too much. However, some of the knowledge cannot be found anywhere. This you will be taught before you are taken to our world."

"So be it." He said, accepting his fate. Well… at least I'll be able to help the others still when I get done with this. And, after all, how many people in the universe get this kind of opportunity? "When do we begin?"

"We begin now. Now that you have accepted your task, you are ready to know who we are. I am Din," the third voice spoke.

"I am Nayru." This was the second voice, and here the man started to laugh.

"Wait… Din? Nayru? So the third, then, would be Farore? And you're talking about… Hyrule? You want me to help you… save Hyrule?" He was laughing hysterically.

The first voice sighed. "Yes, I am Farore, and the world is Hyrule. We did say you had certain foreknowledge."

"Yes, but… ha ha ha! You're seriously… Is Link missing, then? Is Zelda on vacation? What, and Mario was busy, right? Wait, wait… so, which one is it? Ocarina of Time, or Wind Waker? Or Twilight Princess, perhaps?" He giggled.

"That will do," Din said sharply. Then, continuing in a voice that sounded almost sheepish, she said, "If you must know, the events that have already occurred were, by an extremely bizarre coincidence, basically analogous to the game you know as Ocarina of Time. We live in an infinite series of universes; as unlikely as it seems, it is certain that some world must have a chronicle of every world in existence. Even yours."

"So, what," he continued, laughing, "Are you saying that there's a world where battling Pokemon is a video game, too?"

Nayru responded smugly, "As it happens, yes, there is. A fairly well-known one, in fact, in some of the iterations of the game. I can tell you don't quite grasp the possibilities of an infinite multiverse. But, then, mortals never do."

"Oh." He said, sobering. That was a strange thought. But, then, wasn't that what they were talking about? The whole thing was strange.

Din spoke again. "I do think that's enough talking. We must begin your training, so that you will be able to do what you must when the time comes."

"Very well, then. Din." He laughed once more at the absurdity of that, and then steadied himself.

"I will begin by teaching you what you must learn that is still unknown to those in Hyrule, though some of it you already have guessed by virtue of the fact that you are here," Nayru said. "Din and Farore will have their part in shaping you to best exist in Hyrule, but there are some things that you must first know, and the realm of knowledge, as I'm sure you know, belongs to me, Goddess of Wisdom."

"Okay, then, Nayru. I am ready. Teach me." He said.

"Good. Let us begin."


Okay. I had an idea, a couple of days ago, for a Legend of Zelda story. And I don't want to do it, yet, because I don't want two major projects running simultaneously. I have a hard enough time finding the time to work on The Spirit of Youth as it is. But I wanted to throw this prologue up as a bit of a teaser, and also so I don't forget my ideas somehow. But there's… well, you'll probably be able to guess who the man is at some point in the future, if you keep reading my other works. There's actually a single clue that might give it away now, especially if you know a bit about me and how I work. My idea is insane, and I love it. So… yeah. This is going to be my next long-running project. If I get really, REALLY stuck on the Spirit of Youth, I may work on this as a bit of a reliever, but I doubt that I'll post any chapters for a while.