Um, a 6teen fanfiction.




Nikki Wong.

She had been one of my best friends since pre-k. I couldn't believe that I would be in this situation with her. Never in a million years would I ever imagine that Nikki would say yes, we were too different. But I took my chances and asked, to my surprise, Nikki Wong had cried for the first time in twenty years. We were out of college then, she had gone to Columbia University in the United States whereas I had gone to some dumpy little community college. After all the crap that we had been through, she was now walking down the aisle towards me in a beautiful white dress, escorted by her father. I looked down to notice a pair of grubby high tops that I had bought her when we were eighteen. I started to laugh, but I knew she would kill me, so I didn't. I looked around, next to me were Jude, Wyatt, Diego, Robby, and Dave (my roommate from college). On Nikki's side were Jen (who was soon to be Mrs. Lizowski, if she said yes), Caitlin, Courtney, Nikki's sister Addie, Her old roommate Janet, and Starr. I was so happy, I was finally getting married to Nikki Wong. When Nikki reached the altar, she smiled at me, and whispered. "I love you Jonesy."

I honestly don't think that there was a happier man at that moment.