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So, a warning? Ok, this fic contains two guys, meaning Deidara and Sasori (in this order exactly), involved in smutty (kinky?) yoai staff; not to mention some cursing. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you're free to leave. Thanx.

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"Sasori no Danna?!" Deidara yells after getting into my room. Without knocking. Again. He violates my private space with this never shutting up mouth of his, and.. "I wanna show you something!" yeah, this 'something' he calls 'art'. Pff. He never learns.

"Didn't I tell you to knock before.." I'm cut off my words having one of his 'creations' shoved into my face.

"What do you think, Danna?" he asks with a grin all over his face. I almost cross my eyes trying to see a large white… something right in front of me. I'm moving away from him a little.

"Scorpion?" I speak finally being able to see the thing in his hands.

"Un!" he grins even wider if it's only possible.

"Looks the same like those other's stupid things you call art, Brat." Yeah, I can see this one has much more details than his previous clay animals. I almost like it. But, why should it matter? He's going to blow it up anyway, so what's the point?

He takes a few steps back, his face darkened and one visible cerulean iris turning gray. The scorpion jump down form his hands.

"Katsu!" he yells and the clay figure explodes, leaving a small hole in my floor.

I told you so. His 'art' never lasts longer that a couple of minutes. It's pointless to even create something so short-living.

"You asked for my opinion, so I gave it to you, Brat. No need to get angry" I simply state, which making him even more irritated.

"Fuck you, Sasori!" he yells clenching his fists. "I've had enough of you insulting my art all the time! I have respect for your creations and never called those puppets stupid, though I disagree with your vision of art. Why can't you just respect me as well?"


"And stop calling me that, you arrogant puppet!! I may be younger, but I'm not worse than you!"

This is getting irksome. I'm making quick move with my fingers and invisible chakra strings do their job shutting these rosy lips together.

"I'll be calling you however I want, Brat. And stop yelling at me" I state calmly. He tries to response but his 'sewn up' mouth only produce a muffled incoherent sounds. It's a pure pleasure to watch him like this. Struggling. On my mercy.

Suddenly some other image pops up in my head.

Oh, come on now… I shake off these thoughts, looking away.

"I've got the work to finish. Get out" I said and set his mouth free.

"That's it?" he asks, calmer now. I look at him with the corner of my eye.

"Yes, that's it. Leave."

"Not until you apologize, hmm."

What? He wants me to… apologize to him?

"You got to be kidding me, Brat. You came here uninvited, destroyed my floor, yelled at me, and you telling me that I'm suppose to be the one apologizing?"

He cross his arms over his chest. "You insulted me and my art, hm. And that wasn't the first time you did it. That even wasn't the fiftieth time! It's high time for you to apologize!"

"I'm not apologizing to you, Brat. Get out."

"Oh yes, you are, Puppet-boy, hm. I'm not going to cooperate with you on missions until then."

"Suits me well. Now leave."

He finally storms out of my room slamming the door behind him. I sit at my workbench rubbing my temples. That Brat is giving me a headache. Just what is he thinking? I'm not apologizing. To anybody. Never.


"It's all your fault, Brat!" I can't stop myself from raising my voice. "We almost get caught! All because of your stupid bombs!"

We just got back from our last mission and went to Pain's chambers to report. The mission went well at the beginning but then it got totally fucked up. Deidara's 'art' didn't go unnoticed of course. He's blown up almost the whole village! Then we had that bunch of ninja to deal with. Well, I had, mostly, 'cause he was too busy flying around on his huge ugly bird! I ended up with several of my puppets destroyed and now I'll have to work for weeks to fix them.

"There you go again" Deidara replays with bored voice. I can't help but notice a slight tone of satisfaction in his talk. "I did my part of the job, hmm. You just were too slow."

The Hiruko's tail is inches away from him in a blink of an eye. He dodges. Damn brat!

"Told you.."

"Enough of this already" a leader's voice interrupts our argument. "You may leave, Deidara. Sasori, you stay."

The Brat leaves and Pain continues: "So, what is going on between you two?"

"With all due respect, ask that brat. He was the one who fucked up the mission. Luckily I managed to fix it somehow."

"I'm asking you now, Sasori. You're partners. Why aren't you cooperate?"

"He somehow got this crazy idea that I have to apologize to him, and told me that he won't work with me until I do. And as I'm not going to do this, I suggest you that I'm having solo missions form now on."

"No. You and Deidara are a team. You're gonna solve your problems before the next mission."

"Are you expecting me to actually apologize to him??" my eyes grow wide. He must be kidding me.

"If that's going to solve the problem…"

"Hell no!" I interrupt. No way he's gonna make me do this. I'd rather make the Brat cooperate with force.

"Come on now, Sasori. You just say one little word and it's all be good again. Is it really that painful?"

"No way.."

"Sasori!" great, now he's irritated. "You'll do this. Or I'll make you! You are partners, and you have to work together. There's no other way. Deal with it!"

I look at him intently. I'm sure that if it was possible to kill with your gaze, Pain would be dead by now.

"You may leave now. And get it done, Sasori."

"Yes, sir" I mutter between my gritted teeth.

I can't believe that Pain actually wants me to apologize to that brat!

Speaking of the devil. He's sitting in the kitchen, eating something. Oh hell, just let's get this over with. The sooner the better.

"Brat?" he's not responding. Ok, I got it. "Deidara?"

"Yes?" he replies not looking away from his plate.

"I'm sorry" I can't believe I'm doing this. He chokes on the food.

"Ekhh.. Wha? Did you say something? I didn't hear you?"

"I said, I'm sorry!" I repeat myself louder. "Happy now?"

He grins and crosses his arms over his chest. "No. I'm not accepting this."

"What!?" my eyes grew wide. Just what is he thinking? I'm coming here, doing something I absolutely don't and he's telling me that he's not accepting this?

"If you want me to forgive you, you'll have to earn this. Simple 'sorry' doesn't satisfy me. Hmm."

Now he's done it! I'm still trying to remember Pain's words and keep my cool though.

"Then.. what would satisfy you?" I'm asking calmly, though I'm boiling inside.

He smirks. I know that devious smile. He's up to something bigger. And it includes me! Gods, spare me…

"I… will be your master for the whole day, and you'll do whatever I tell you to."

What the fuck?!

"You're going over the top, Brat!"

"Fine." He washed his plate and went out. "See you on our next mission, Sa-so-ri."

I notice the lack of 'danna'.

Just what is he thinking? Want make me his fucking slave?

Pain is gonna give my human parts to Zetsu if I don't fix it. I sigh.. This is going to be pain in the ass…

(Little did Sasori know how literal this sentence could become…)

And so I'm sitting at my workbench trying to repair my broken puppets. Damn Brat and his twisted mind. I can't focus on my work at all. At least I managed to calm myself.

Well.. there's nobody in the base, so they wouldn't know if… Nah, what am I thinking? If I only knew what that brat is up to… But it's just one day… Shouldn't be difficult… But, it's about my fucking pride, damn it! I'm gonna make that brat regret that. Yes.

I could ponder over it for hours. I doesn't make sense. I'll just do it and make the Brat keep his mouth shut about it. Yes. And besides… I can't deny that I am actually a little curious about his creativity… A tiny little bit.. Maybe he'll make me… Oh, no, I hope that didn't cross his mind. But on the other hand…

Luckily the way to his room is short. I'm starting to remind Zetsu in my head. Let's just do it, and forget it. Yeah.


"Come in, Sasori."


"What did you want?"

This is so fucked up…

"I agree…"

"To what?"

"I'm gonna do whatever you want for the whole fucking day, happy?"

His grin is so wide that it could cut his face to halves.

"But if anybody knows about it, I'm gonna make you sorry, and even Pain won't help you" I finish putting my most dangerous face.

"Sure thing. It's gonna stay between us."

That look again. I'm beginning to worry…


"Here's your breakfast, B.. Deidara.." I need to bite my tongue to not call him by the nickname that suits him best. Honestly, he's such a brat.

He turns around in his bed, still sleepy. He looks so adorable while sleeping. And more importantly, he's not talking. Well, that's not entirely true. I heard him moaning something. And some part of me says that I don't want to know what it was.

"I thought I told you.." he finally opens his eyes, sill a little hazy from his dream, "to call me Master."

I still can't believe I'm doing this…

"Yes.. Master."


He lifts himself up, the sheet falling on his legs revealing well-build chest and abs. And a tiny bit of the skin under his hips, where some underwear should be... I didn't know he sleeps naked… Damn.. Have I just spent a little too long time… staring at him? I look up on his face. Shit, I have… The look in his eyes tells me everything. I wonder if he's doing it on purpose?

"Aren't you eating?" he asks smiling.

"No, I had my breakfast earlier… Master."

I'm already getting crazy with this. And it's only just began! Damn.

He eats fast.

"That was good, thank you. I'm gonna have a shower now" and with these words he just stands up, don't even bothering to cover himself up, and simply goes to the bathroom.

I can't stop myself from staring. He's got such a nice ass, after all… He stops and turn around. Damn, he caught me again. He smirks and closes the bathroom door without a word. I must admit, Deidara talking all the time is irritating, but Deidara not saying anything is… even more irritating. He lives me with this suspicious smirk to my own assumptions…


The rest of the day was almost bearable. He disappointed me, I must say. His demands weren't such a drag I thought they would be. Which of course doesn't mean I'd like to repeat such day any other time. Being for his every call and listen to him all day was painful enough. Luckily the day is almost over.


"I suggest you take a shower now" he says. "You've got fifteen minutes. I'll be waiting for you in my room, hmm."

A shower?

"Yes, Master."

I have no idea what he's up to this time. Ok, I do have one, but I have no strength to even think about it. I'm pretty bored, to be honest.

The room looks different when I'm back. The window is curtained. The only light coming from candles standing all over the floor and shelves.

Quite a romantic atmosphere…Hey wait. Romantic?

Deidara sits on his bed, leaning on his elbows, one leg bend, it's ankle resting on the other knee. He's only wearing his boxers. Well, at least he's wearing something. His eyes watch me form up to down with that suspicious look.

I notice that one of his hand is slightly moving. It's chewing some clay and then spit it out. Deidara begin to mold it between his palms. He's looking at me all the time and I feel like I'm naked. His gaze piercing thorough my body. He smirks. When he finally speaks I don't like it at all.

"Strip" he demands.

"Excuse me?" I can't believe my ears.

"Take your clothes off, hmm."


"C'mon Sasori. Be a good boy and do what your master says. Or I won't accept your apology."

Has he just said that this whole day would go on waste? Crap! Ok, just a few more hours. What is he gonna do anyway? Rape me?

The very thought sends shivers down my spine. Maybe it won't be so bad after all?

I begin unbuttoning my Akatsuki cloak. Slowly. Clip by clip.

Finally there's no clips left and the cloak slide down my bare shoulders and falling to the floor. I'm standing motionless for a while.

"Continue" he says.


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