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The last thing Elena wanted to talk about was everything.

In the past few weeks, everything had come down on her like a hammer to a nail. Hard. And the ringing of it all was still clear in her ears.

Sure she could handle it, but it wasn't easy.

And besides, she didn't want to talk. Although maybe having a chat with someone wouldn't be so bad. Talking with Damon always took a turn for the worse. Silence. Elena didn't like silence. It reminded her of the emptiness she felt after her parents died; the silence in her heart.

So the only person she'd really been able to talk to was herself and Elena didn't think she would like being insane. Bree seemed sweet. Another characteristic Bonnie has that she also acquires.

So who knows maybe talking could give her some more insight to…everything.

"What do you mean?" Elena asked.

Bree smiled again. "Just that." She paused. "Let's talk about you."

This question caught Elena off guard. Why would Bree want to talk about her? It was simple. She was human. Normal. Nothing special.

"I sense something about you," Bree said her smile disappearing. "Loss."

"Well," Elena replied with sigh. "Last Spring my parents and I were in a car accident. I survived miraculously."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Bree said. "My condolences."

"Thanks," Elena mumbled staring at the floor.

"And how's your brother?" Bree asked.

Elena looked back at her. "How did you-"

"Like I said, honey. I know a lot of things. Jeremy correct?"

"Yes," Elena said. "He's…doing alright. At first he was a mess. Doing drugs, failing school."

"The works," Bree summed it up.

Elena nodded. "But now…he's returning to his old self I guess you could say. I keep having this feeling Damon did something to him."

"Wait," Bree interrupted. "Damon did something to him?"

Elena sighed. She'd never told anyone the story of Vicki. Maybe it would give her some sense of relief after having it bottled up for so long to tell someone. But what Elena really longed for was to tell Matt.

Poor Matt. Living on his own since his mothers gone, Elena guessed things were even tougher now that Vicki was also…gone. All he thought was that she'd abandoned him. Left town. He didn't know the truth that she was dead. Maybe it was better that way. At least he thought she was "alive." But it still pained Elena to know that she'd lied to him.

"You want the short story or the novel?" Elena asked. She hoped Bree chose the short cut. She didn't want to experience the pain again.

"Which ever your content with," Bree smiled gently.

Elena gave a thin smile. She told Bree the story of that night. Jeremys face. Elenas injury. And finally about Damon making Jeremy forget everything.

"I didn't want him to know…" Elena said.

"Oh honey, everyone finds out sooner or later that vampires exist," Bree said laughing. "Witches too."

Elena was silent for a moment. "I just wish Stefan could've done it. Not…Damon." She spat out his name with disgust.

"He frustrates you doesn't he?" Bree asked a smile hinting at the corners of her mouth.

'You could say that,' Elena thought.

Frustrate didn't begin to cover it. He doesn't actually get the "Best Brother in the World" trophy, and he enjoyed ruining peoples lives. He kills for pleasure and enjoys every minute of sinking his teeth into someone. Damon from Elenas point of view is annoying and confusing and cocky and- "He's a mess!" Elena couldn't help, but blurt out. "I don't even know why he brought me here." Elena threw her hands into the air laying back on the bed placing her hands over eyes. She sighed.

Bree chuckled. "I think you almost have him down to point." Bree cocked her head. "You looked pretty banged up when you got here…What happened?"

'I'm not even sure,' Elena thought shaking her head. "I was in a car accident…I…hit someone…it's blank after that.' She rubbed the remains of her mark absent-mindedly.

Shock spread across Bree's face. "Did you have a /cat/ in there with you? Because it looked like it used you as a scratching post." She commented on Elena's handy work.

Elena couldn't help, but laugh.

There was another pause. "So, you /really/ don't know why he brought you along?'

Elena shook her head. "Another word that describes him: Unpredictable."

"I think you almost have him down to a point," Bree chuckled again.

Elena squinted up at the fan. "Almost?"

Dangerous. Psychotic. Monster. Those didn't fit?

"If you've known him as long as I have, you might see him in a different light."

'If Damon only had a light,' Elena thought closing her eyes sighing. Damon was stuck in the cold, dark. Elena could imagine he'd been there for a long time. Hating his brother. Hating the town.

"Well how long have you known him?" Elena inquired.

"Long enough," Bree said smiling to herself. "I've known Damon," Bree stopped.

Elena prepared herself. She didn't know how many surprises she could take."

"I've known Damon," Bree repeated. "Since 1864."

Elena was taken aback. "But," she couldn't believe it. Bree was a witch not a vampire. Witches age. They're not immortal.

Bree had that expression like she knew what had just run through her mind again. "You'd be amazed at what a few spells can do, dear."

"So," Elena was still trying to take everything in. "You knew Katherine."

"I'd heard of her. I was around 17 at the time, and I'd heard the Salvatore brothers were falling for her. I knew what she was too. We all did, my siblings and me. My mother too. Now when the town discovered that there were so many, boy, was that chaos." Bree laughed. "Vampires /and/ witches were being hunted down. Damon and Stefan were trying to save her. Damon mostly. Boy has a hard skull. Nothing changes his mind."

"And you met Damon how?" Elena asked sitting up straight. She surprised herself how she was getting so "into" the story.

"He saved my life," Bree stated. "And my family's. But only because my mother did something for him. They'd made a deal. She saved /her/. He saved us."

Elena's eyes narrowed. Something stood out from those words. "Wait," Elena stopped her. "You said: A deal? And your mother saved Katherine?"

This couldn't be possible. "Who…who was your mother?" Elena asked.

"My mother was Emily Bennett."

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