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Sam looked at Dean when Dean came into his house and took a deep breath—Dean looked like he wanted to talk. Haley was over at Brooke's and Sam was sure they were getting along, but he wasn't sure how this talk with his brother was going to go. If there was one thing that Sam understood, it was the looks on his brother's face, and Dean was not happy.

Dean was distraught and he figured that he couldn't talk to be Brooke about it, but at the same time he knew that Sam didn't know anything about Brooke's past. Even though it wasn't his place to tell him, Dean had to get all of this off of his chest and he knew that he didn't have any other choice. This was his only chance to talk about things and he needed his brother—Dean needed Sam.

"Sam, there's things I've been keeping from you and we need to talk about them." Dean explained, running his hand down his face. "Man, I don't even know where to start."

Sam nodded at him. "Well, let's start with some 'congratulations', Dean—you're going to be a father!"

Though all of Sam was genuinely happy for his brother and thought Dean deserved such an honor, Sam also felt conflicted about it. Part of him was giddy because Dean was going to get to enjoy a part of life he had never actually expressed any interest in but was gong to love, and the other part of Sam was bitter because Haley was a demon and she had made it clear to Sam that procreating was dangerous. Sam was psychic and Haley was a full demon—the second demon—his and Haley's offspring could very well bring about destruction of an unknown and serious nature.

"Thanks…I think that as happy as I am about that, I'm kind of not looking forward to it as well." Dean admitted and shook his head when Sam began to speak. "Alastair said a lot of things to me Sam…about Brooke."

Sam nodded slowly—he had honestly thought that maybe Alastair had divulged information about Haley. He was convinced that Haley was on his side, but Haley was a demon, and he thought that maybe Alastair would try to get to Dean through Sam and his and Haley's relationship and how Dean didn't know his sister-in-law was a demon. Now Dean was saying that Alastair had bad things to say about Brooke? Why would Alastair say anything about Brooke?

"What did Alastair say about Brooke, Dean?" Sam asked him, running his fingers through his hair. "I mean I know he might want to push your buttons, but—"

"—Brooke is a fallen angel, Sam." Dean told him, cutting his brother off.

At first Dean had thought that Alastair had been just trying to push his buttons too, but too much of it made sense. Now Dean wasn't even sure that Brooke truly loved him to begin with, but how could he leave her when she was having his baby? He was going to be a father…but could his wife really just be using him to make her own ending and putting the world at risk too to do that?

Dean ran his fingers along the knife he was holding in his hand, trying to get past the feelings in his stomach. He hated doing this, and he hated that Brooke was on the other side of the door able to see what he was doing and Alastair was simply smiling. Alastair knew how to get to Dean, and he was going to start small and get bigger—he was going to start with Dean's wife, and work towards Dean breaking the first seal.

"Your wife is glad to have you here, Dean." Alastair began as Dean looked up slightly with his eyes and not his head. "She likes you so much better when you're a monster. She was so proud of you while you were in Hell—she and her demon bitch. This is all part of their much bigger plan."

Dean had a feeling that Alastair was talking about Haley, but that was ridiculous—Haley was far too good to be a demon. Still, what did he mean that Brooke liked him better as a monster? Brooke was an angel…Brooke was on the side of good so she would never condone what it was that he was doing right now…would she? Then again even Castiel was making him do this…

Dean shook his head as he put salt on the knife. "Brooke was an angel—she would never condone this."

"Your little bitch fell from grace and she did it all for Lucifer. She wants him to rise, Dean…why else would she be letting you get sidetracked from the bigger picture right now? She wants you to become the monster you were in Hell…she wants her master to rise to power." Alastair taunted him. "You know it."

"I don't know that." Dean told him strongly, shoving the salted knife into Alastair's flesh angrily. "Brooke would never do that."

Alastair chuckled through his grunt of pain. "You will never know her, Dean—you're clouded by your love for her…you're too weak."

"You're just trying to distract me." Dean said, and he tried his hardest to be strong about it even though part of him sadly believed what Alastair was telling him because all of the signs he'd been trying to avoid were all there. "Now are you killing all of the angels?"

Sam swallowed and took in what Dean had told him, running his fingers through his hair—Brooke was a fallen angel and had been in league with setting Lucifer free? But if that were true…then wouldn't that mean that Haley in retrospect could not be trusted? No…Sam trusted Haley with his life and there was no way that Haley could be lying to him—she just wouldn't do that to him.

"Dean…I'm not sure you can believe what Alastair said." Sam said finally, shrugging. "Have you talked to Brooke about all of this?"

Dean shook his head. "No, I haven't. I don't know how to bring it up without it sounding like I don't trust her. Besides, she's pregnant and she has enough to worry about, doesn't she?"

"Dean, she's your wife…you have to talk to her." Sam told him firmly.

Dean nodded—he knew that he had to talk to her but he wasn't sure how. Alastair's words had really hurt him, and he didn't think that he could bare it if what he had said was true. What if Brooke had been using Dean from the very beginning? What if Brooke had never really loved him? What if this child was the only thing that Brooke and Dean had done right?


"So what's wrong, Brooke?" Haley asked her, reaching out and grasping her hand.

Brooke took a deep breath. "I feel like…I feel like Dean is slipping away from me and I'm not going to have him for very much longer. Normally he dotes on me, but…I think Alastair let something slip. I mean things have been pretty tense because of all of my secrets coming out, but what if it's all over?"

"Brooke, the worst that could happen is that Dean thinks that you want to help Lilith break the seals and that can easily be gotten through. How about you explain that you and I thought we were in love and then we found him and Sam and realized that they had our hearts? That you fell because you put me first and because you thought Lucifer had a point but that you don't think that anymore? Tell him that all you want is to be a family with him and your baby and that is all that matters to you. Brookie, Sweetheart, you and Dean are going to have this baby and when Michael smites Lucifer, this is all going to have been for the better—all will be forgiven, and everyone on Michael's side will be rewarded." Haley explained to her with a smile.

"God, for a hella powerful demon you're seriously optimistic." Brooke told her with a laugh. "Things must be going really well with you and Sam."

Haley smiled and shrugged. "They really are, actually. I mean he's drinking up, his appetite is getting larger—Brooke…I really think we can do this!"

"We've been working towards this for so long, Hales…" Brooke said, and trailed off, smiling at Haley…they were so close.

Brooke and Haley had been seeing each other for years—they had a few vessels that they went back and forth between and now they were excited. Brooke was a blonde and Haley was a brunette, both of them hiding out in a deserted house, talking about their plan. They needed to have everything go step by step, and they needed to have everything go off without a hitch.

"So she's pregnant? You're sure?" Brooke asked Haley, stroking her hair as they leaned against each other.

Haley nodded, snuggling into Brooke. "Yeah, I'm sure. Michael's vessel is growing in his mother's stomach as we speak."

"That's perfect Cath!" Brooke told her, a smile on her face. "I can't believe this is working."

"Now the angels following this path and the demons just need Lucifer's vessel to be born…who knows how long that will take?" Haley asked out loud.

Brooke shrugged her shoulders and then bit her lip—she was on board with someday helping Lucifer to rise back into power so that Michael could smote him, but she wasn't sure. Did she really want Lucifer's vessel to be born? Did she really want to have a way for Lucifer to possibly win the apocalypse when it happened? What did Haley really want out of this?

"Don't even think about it, Sei—we need Lucifer's vessel, and Zachariah would agree with me on that—Lucifer's vessel has to be the one to break the final seal and you know that." Haley explained to her, looking at her and stroking her cheek. "Just be patient and let the chips fall as they may."

Brooke nodded at her. "All right…I can be patient."

Haley nodded and reached out to stroke Brooke's hair, smiling at her fondly and then pulling her hand back. She was certain that if they could just keep the charade up a little longer, they were home free and that was all that mattered. They were so close to having their plans unfold perfectly…but that meant that Sam and Dean were soon going to see them for who they really were and then their love was about to burst into flames.

"God, I can't believe I've used him!" Brooke exclaimed, standing up and resting her hand on her stomach. "He's never going to forgive me."

Haley stood up too. "Brookie, come on—you're carrying his baby. He's going to be pissed, but he's going to forgive you."

"I don't think he will, Hales." Brooke replied, shaking her head. "What the Hell is he going to think when he finds out that since before he was even born, you and I have been planning to raise Lucifer using Sam?! I don't think he'll even care that we don't want Lucifer in Sam…just Michael in him! He's going to think that this entire relationship that he and I formed is a complete and total lie!"

"Brooke!" Haley said, trying to get her to calm down but taking her arms. "Do you love Dean?"

Brooke gave Haley a look. "Of course I do."

"Then Brookie…that's all that matters." Haley replied with a shrug.

"Again I ask, 'how are you the demon'?" Brooke asked, but hugged Haley. "I need my grace for this fight, Hales…but I love this baby too much to get my grace back. I want to be a mother, Hales…I may want it more than forgiveness. I just…I just hope that Michael will find it in his heart to forgive me…that Dean will find it in his…"


Dean had avoided Brooke for a whole hour after he got home and Haley went back to Sam and he couldn't do it anymore. He needed to be with his wife, and he needed to talk to her about what he had heard from Alastair. Besides, even when they were mad at each other, Brooke was always by Dean's side, and he owed it to her to talk to her about everything he was going through.

"How are you holding up?" Brooke asked when he walked into their bedroom.

Dean smiled at her—he couldn't help it because she was going through baby name books and writing down the ones she liked. Maybe if he started off talking about the baby she'd be more receptive to him…that could work. Besides, Dean was feeling pretty proud to be a father even though his and Brooke's child would have powers…even though Brooke was apparently using him.

"I'm all right…what about you?" Dean asked her, sitting down next to her and placing his hand behind her, leaning on it.

Brooke looked at him, her eyes catching his. "I'm good. I had a little morning sickness earlier, but I'm feeling a lot less queasy—what about 'Grace' for a girl?"

"Grace is a pretty name." Dean agreed, and then kissed Brooke gently.

"What did Alastair say to you?" Brooke asked him when he slowly pulled his lips back from hers and opened his eyes. "Baby, I can tell that you're feeling kind of worried and guilty, so why don't you just tell me?"

Dean was feeling pretty awful about keeping things from her, but at the same time he just didn't know how to come out and say it. He was doing a lot worse than Sam—Sam was at least getting laid…a lot. In fact as Dean ran his fingers through Brooke's hair, Sam thrust his hips against Haley's as he sucked some blood from her sternum like she'd had him do before.

Normally they kept the two separate—the feeding and the sex—but Haley had been horny when she got home, and Sam wanted to feed. So for the first time in their time together, they were mixing the two to keep them both satisfied and Sam didn't actually feel the need to cuddle afterwards either. All he wanted was to be fed and then to go and look into the next hunt.

Haley just tilted her head back against the pillows and ran her fingers through Sam's hair, biting her lip. All Sam needed was a little more hunger and then Haley just had to point the way to Lilith and that was that—Lucifer would rise. Then again, Brooke had to keep Dean away from Sam somehow when the time came, and for that to happen, Brooke needed to not cave to anything—no matter how much she wanted to keep Dean.

As much as Haley wanted Brooke to have everything that she wanted, having Dean's baby was kind of interfering with their plan—it was making it so that she had to wait to get her grace…making it so that she might spill the plan before it was time. Haley and Brooke had been working towards this for centuries, and she desperately just wanted to get it all done with…she wanted everything to work out…she wanted Lilith to die and break the last seal.

The best part about Haley's plan was that Sam trusted her enough to make all of this happen—she was a little weary about it, but she kept telling herself it was for the best. She was in love with Sam, and she felt pretty bad about tricking him like this, but at the same time this was all Haley had ever lived for—all she and Lilith had lived for.

At first, when Lucifer created the two, Lilith and Haley followed Lucifer's every move and they agreed with everything that he said. They were sent out into the world and they created havoc and had their fun, and then later into her existence, Haley met Brooke and everything changed. Haley met Brooke, and suddenly all that mattered was getting to face a future with her.

Sam's lips left Haley's chest only for their climaxes to crash into them, both of them taking a breath or two, and then Haley running her fingers through Sam's hair as he gently caressed her wound with his tongue. He watched as it healed—she made sure her body was in pristine condition after every 'feeding'—and then pressed his lips to Haley's as he pulled out of her. Then after a moment of sweet intimacy, he pulled away from her and went to shower and change.

Haley was kind of upset that he was just taking what he wanted and leaving, and then had to remind herself that there was a bigger picture here—and she had been the one that had wanted the sex this time. He had things he thought he needed to be doing and the most important part was that he had fed and that was all that mattered. Still, Haley was feeling a little used…and she knew she couldn't hold it against him because she was using him too, but it made her feel bad.

"Did you know that Brooke's a fallen angel?" Sam asked Haley when she came into the bathroom to try and shower with him since she had things she could be doing too.

Haley opened her mouth to say something and then just nodded as Dean finally found the words he needed to say. All he needed was answers and so all he had to do was come up with his answers and figure out to how to deal with them. What if Brooke really was using him? How was he supposed to just get over his wife lying to him all of these years?

"He told me that you followed Lucifer—that you want him to rise and come to power and I'm too blind to see it because I love you." Dean explained and Brooke nodded and hung her head and after a pause, Dean continued. "He told me that you loved me more as a monster…that you want us to stay away from Lilith…that you are allied with demons…that you want the last seal to be broken."

Brooke knew she was standing at a crossroads that she didn't want to be at and it was killing her. She didn't want to lie to Dean, but there was too much at stake if she came clean completely now. Somehow she was going to have to come clean without actually coming clean…and without actually lying to him…she could do that and she knew it, she just had to be careful about her choice of words.

"I have never followed Lucifer." Brooke admitted, and she was glad that it was the truth. "I fell because I went against my brothers and my sisters, and due to contrary belief I do want Lilith dead—I want her very dead."

Dean nodded in relief. "I am so glad to hear you say that, you don't even—"

"—but I do have a demon ally." Brooke admitted, knowing that it was about time she came clean about Haley…and Haley knew that she was going to do it, so she wasn't betraying confidences.

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