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1: A Very Potter Musical: EvilCabbit, blacksocks

2: Scrubs: .Warfare, blacksocks

3: Skulduggery Pleasant:

4: Friends: Anya, DrusillaSnaps, blacksocks

5: Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Anya, DrusillaSnaps, EvilCabbit

6: Angel: DrusillaSnaps, Anya, EvilCabbit

7: Harry Potter: CrAzYwRiTeRgUrL, .Warfare, Anya, FireChildSlytherin5, DrusillaSnaps, EvilCabbit, blacksocks

8: Drake and Josh: .Warfare, Anya

9: Sonny With A Chance: Anya

10: Shrek 3: Anya

11: Doctor Who: Anya

12: Twilight: DrusillaSnaps, FireChildSlytherin5, Anya, Isis the Sphinx, blacksocks

13: Eragon: .Warfare, Anya

14: One Foot In The Grave: DrusillaSnaps, CrAzYwRiTeRgUrL, blacksocks (If you guessed Victor Meldrew or something similar, I'm giving you that!)

15: Simpsons:

16: Mamma Mia! The Musical/ POTC: Clara, DrusillaSnaps, FireChildSlytherin5, Anya, CrAzYwRiTeRgUrL

17: James Bond:.Warfare, Anya, DrusillaSnaps, EvilCabbit, blacksocks

18: The Office:

19: Die Hard:

20: 13 Going On 30: FireChildSlytherin5, Anya

21: Addams family: Anya

22: Passport To Paris: Anya

23: New Moon: DrusillaSnaps (you said number 20, but I'll give it to you), Anya, blacksocks