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For background info on Andorra you may want to read my piece "Andorra!" It's not too too long so it shouldn't take to long to read. It is not necessary to read before reading this one, although it is recommended!

So, I received a request to write a Lithuania X Andorra piece. Luckily I had already written one! Sorry, I know it doesn't exactly go along with what you asked me for, but I figured for the moment this would be sufficient. Okays? :D

This piece features Andorra, a tiny country between Spain and France that was established to keep the Moors out of Christian France. The country has been ruled since it's creation by Spain and France because Andorra did not have a government of its own. .org/wiki/History_of_Andorra

Andorra is a 5-6 year old girl with waist length brown/black hair that is usually in a braid over her shoulder. She wears a cute little crimson red jumper with white knee socks and black shoes. Her braid has a dark green bow on the end. She is the daughter of Spain and France.

I do not own Hetalia. I only own Andorra. Okay? :]

(Thoughts are in italics)

Spain was unpleasantly woken up from his afternoon siesta because of a large bang emanating from downstairs. The sound surprised him greatly, and he jumped up from his bed and hurriedly ran downstairs.

"What is going on?!" he asked, skidding to an abrupt halt in the kitchen doorway. He was presented with an interesting sight: a very floury Andorra and Lithuania looking at him bashfully as smoke poured out of the open oven. Something that resembled batter looked like it had exploded onto his once clean kitchen walls and cabinets. "What on earth…?" Spain muttered, slowly looking over his very messy kitchen.

Spain suddenly ran and picked up Andorra, and cradling her to his chest checked her quickly for any signs of injury. "Andorra are you okay? I was so worried when I heard that bang…" Andorra pushed herself away from her overly protective father's chest and smiled at him mischievously. "Oh daddy, we were only making cookies!" she said exasperatedly.

"Oh," he stated dazedly, slowly putting her back on the ground. "Only making cookies…" he repeated, trailing off into silence. "I thought maybe Russia or Germany had…" "Had what daddy?" Andorra interrupted brightly. Spain colored slightly at her question. "Um, never mind dearest. You just keep doing what you're doing, okay?" The pair looked at him curiously, wondering what on earth he could be talking about.

"I'm just going doing to lie back down. Maybe this has all just been a dream…" Spain said dazedly, slowly turning around and walking back up the stairs. "I'm going to be upstairs…" He said, pointing up towards his bedroom. "I never knew being a parent could be so…wait why was Lithuania in my kitchen?!" "ANDORRA!" he yelled as he began running back down the stairs.

My, my. Spain can be a little unobservant sometimes, huh? I guess we can forgive him because he just woke up from what I'm sure was a lovely nap. :]

I hope this was okay! I wrote this in about five minutes when I was supposed to be learning in AP Biology. Oh well… writing is so much more fun! :D

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