So the Scavo's had just been married. Literally. They were holidaying in Disneyworld, still kids at heart and so they were behaving like two naughty teenagers as they were waiting in queues for rides and at the hotdog stand as other respectable families were waiting patiently, putting up with their immature and childish ways, however the kids around them didn't seem to mind watching the adults entertaining them, even if they didn't work at the theme park.

Lynette turned, hearing the theme music she remembered hearing as a child, it was the Adventures Of Mr Toad...they had that ride at Disneyworld? So, the blonde began to look around and she certainly spotted the green Mr Toad perched on top of his car waving to the visitors of the park below. She dragged Tom by his arm over to the queue, "I used to love Mr Toad! Come on Tom, it'll be fun!!"

"Lynette..." Tom chuckled, "The hotdogs...?"

"Oh come on, it doesn't matter...we'll buy more!" she giggled, running with him, holding onto his arm as she pulled him to Mr Toad's Wild Ride.

Eventually they got their own car and were on the journey around the ride when Lynette decided to play it naughty. She moved her hand into Tom's trousers and began to kiss along his neck before she moved herself into his lap, and before anyone could say, "Poop poop!" faster than Mr Toad, Lynette was moving around on Tom's lap as he held onto her hips, both moaning out loud, causing cars in front and behind to shield their children's eyes and ears. Of course the car in front had a total jobs worth mother in it, a total priss, she ratted out the newlyweds anyway.

When the ride came to an end for Tom and Lynette, they were greeted by four guards of the park. The couple looked to the guards sheepishly and Lynette giggled before both were ushered out of their car and were made to follow two guards as two walked behind them, making sure they were indeed humiliated as they were marched down Main Street to the sounds of "It's A Small World..." the two looked to one another and couldn't help but smirking. What a naughty pair they were.

Tom took Lynette's hand briefly before saying, "We should do it again...maybe next year?"