Author: Sparta

Title: Please Come Home For Christmas

Pairings: Sky & Bridge Wes & Eric Merrick & Eric Nick & Xander Charlie & Ivan

Rating: R

Categories: Slash

Series: N/A

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort


Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 3/3

Completed: Yes

Summery: Christmas is not a time to be alone, but for one Ranger it falls to his children to makes sure it's not another lonely one.

Chapter Summery: Party time and a plan is put into action.

Authors Notes:

All I Want For Christmas Is…You

Xander sighed to himself, since the death of the Master Briarwood had been a perfect place to live. People and creature of myth and legends lived side by side in relative harmony; this was especially true round this time of year. However, technically Christmas was not a holiday celebrated by his partner Ex-Red Ranger Nick Russell and his family they in turn humoured the holiday for Xander and their children.

Yule on the other hand was fun; it was the only time all the Rangers returned to enjoy spending time together. Daggeron and Chip where the only two other then Nick and Xander that had stayed in Briarwood, Daggeron had wanted to stay close to his people and Chip wanted their children to grow up knowing about their father's people.

V and Madison had headed to New York, V to start her DJ career and Madison to go to collage. Leelee, Nikki and Toby had moved to New York to start a new life leaving the Rock Porum in Xander's care. Xander sighed to himself as the memories came rushing back, picking up his morning paper Xander headed into to what had once been the hub of Rootcore and sat down to read.

Xander was enjoying his coffee when Daggeron joined him smiling as he too went for the coffee pot, in all his years Daggeron had wondered about human's and their obsession with coffee. It wasn't until the Ranger's came into his life that he discovered why for himself and ever since his coffee addiction as well as Nick's had been the running joke of all the Rangers.

"THAT'S IT MY FAMILY IS OFFICIALLY THE STRANGEST EVER," yelled Nick as he broke the silence as he stormed into the main room of Rootcore, Daggeron and Xander sighed as they both put down their papers and watched him.

"What's wrong Nick?" asked Xander as he sighed.

"Merrick is what's wrong, please tell me Charlie and Sky have things sorted before I strangle my so called older brother" growled Nick making Daggeron laugh.

"Patients is a virtue Bowen," said Daggeron as Nick growled

"My name is…"

"your name is Bowen Nickolas Baliton like it or not young master, now with that said I have a young red head to make happy good day to you both" laughed Daggeron as he got up to leave.

"So tell me what did Merrick do this time?" asked Xander as Nick sat down next to his lover.

"Just the usually it's been over 10 years since Cole died and he's still morning his loss, I asked him if he was coming to the party tonight and he growled at me, when I mentioned Eric he dam near bit my head off. I really hope we're not getting into the wrong thing trying to fix them both up?" said Nick with a sigh.

"Nick you know Shayla's visions have never been wrong, Eric and Merick just need a little push in the right direction from the right people" said Xander with a smile as Nick kissed him.

"When did you get so wise?" laughed Nick as Xander pushed him off his seat.

"I've always been wise it's just now your beginning to see it, so great and holy light if you every want to get laid again I suggest you get you ass up to our room before the kids wake up" said Xander as Nick nodded and took off upstairs unaware Udonna and Leanbow watched on with Daggeron and Chip, they laughed as they hoped whatever had been planed worked out for the best.

The party was in full swing, Red Ranger's of every generation (well the ones left) and their partners where gathered in the Colin's Mansion. Eric was stood against a far wall as he tried to disappear from sight, but at the same time, he watched the room like a hawk with a smile on his face and a glass in his hand.

Jason Scott and his lover Dr Tommy Oliver were stood talking to Carter Grayson and his lover Ryan Mitchell; it still to this day surprised everyone when anyone called Tommy Doctor other then Connor McKnight and his lover Trent Fernandez whom still after all these years called him Dr O.

Andros and Zhane were in the hallway babying their youngest son Bridge Carson or so it would seem to anyone watching, to those who knew Bridge was letting his parents in on the last stage of Charlie's master plan. Andros and Zhane had known Eric and Wes for a long time, they'd seen a lot together and fought by each other's sides.

At Wes's funeral they'd stood by Eric and helped keep him together, not to mention stood proudly at his side when Sky had finally gotten up the courage to as Bridge to marry him.

At Wes's funeral they'd stood by Eric and helped keep him together, not to mention stood proudly at his side when Sky had finally gotten up the courage to as Bridge to marry him.

It saddened Eric not to see TJ or Cole Evens among the older Rangers, but the battle many years ago with Venjix had taken it's tole on them and the death tole among the Rangers had been high. There wasn't a team that hadn't lost someone they cared for, though Cole and TJ had been the only Red Rangers to be taken from them the other loses weighed just as heavy on their team mates.

He watched as the younger Red Rangers (well he can't call them Rookies all the time) huddled up with each other as they remised. Scott Truman and his lover Flynn McAlister stood side by sided, the evidence of the battle with Venjix still fresh as that day. Thanks to Ziggy Grover and his lover Dillon Corbett not to mention Dillon's sister Tenaya, many of the surviving Rangers like Scott had upgrades created from salvaged Venjix Tec.

Eric watched with a smile on his face as Bridge rejoined Sky, Sister Charlie and Ivan, he also watched in amusement as Andros and Zhane moved over to Tommy, Jason and many others of the older Rangers. He got a strange feeling but before he could wonder on it the door went, being stubborn he'd give the Collins butler the night off so he headed to answer it.

Bridge Carson wasn't as sweet and innocent as many believed, only his lover Sky Tate, his sister Charlie Tate and Bridge's older Brother's Ziggy and Ivan knew truth infract he was a deviant little bugger. With an innocent smile on his face and his stuffed Dinosaur Toasty under his arm for affect he headed over to his parents, smiling at Eric as he passed he watched as Eric laughed at his interaction with them.

"So Bridgey what's this evil plan you've been cooking up?" asked Zhane as he pulled his baby into a hug.

"Not my plan, Charlie and Sky have been plotting I'm just helping" said Bridge proudly as Zhane guided his son to the hall followed by his husband.

"Basically all we need you both to do is get Tommy and Jason to keep the Ranger's out of the hallway when Nick and his family arrive," said Bridge as Zhane and Andros nodded, Bridge smiled as he headed back to the others.

"So?" asked Charlie

"Mom and Dad are in, they are heading over to Jase and Tommy now," said Bridge as they watched and nodded.

The group changed the conversation to life and love until the door went, watching with smiles on their faces they headed over to the hallway keeping out of sight as Eric answered the door.

Eric smiled as he opened the door and saw the half-frozen Nick and family stood there, Eric had to admit out of the rookie Reds he'd gotten on better with Nick and Scott Truman more than he had the others. Knowing this wasn't exactly a holiday they celebrated made them turning up mean more. He greeted them graciously as they all headed inside; it wasn't until Eric looked up at the last member to enter he suddenly stopped.

Eric's heart pounded as he watched Merrick take off his coat, his hair was covered in a light powdering of snow, his eyes sparkled with a sadness that Eric knew well, suddenly Eric found his loneliness melting away as he just wanted to touch him.

"It's good to see you again Eric it's been a while," said Merrick sadly as he offered Eric his hand, memories of the last time he seen Eric filled his memory.

"Yeah at least now it's a happier time I hope," said Eric as he took Merrick's hand feeling the connection between them as they greeted each other.

Suddenly they heard someone clearing their throat as they turned to see Jason stood before them.

"I don't care what you're beliefs are some traditions are sacred" said Jason as they looked confused until Eric looked up and sighed shaking his head.

Merick followed suite and laughed as above them suddenly seemed to be a wreath of freshly grown Mistletoe, looking at Eric in they eyes he saw something he'd been missing. Leaning in he closed his eyes and captured Eric's lips, the kiss was warm and welcoming. A hail of wolf-whistles filled the room as a small group in the corner where missed as they hi-fived each other in celebration.

Charlie, Sky, Bridge, Ivan, Nick and Xander hid just out of sight as Eric and Merrick spoke, seeing that their mother was not about to make a move but make an idiot of himself instead Charlie needed to do something. Kicking Xander in the leg making him yelp and Nick growl.

"What was that for?" hissed Xander quietly as he rubbed his leg

"You're supposed to be the spirt of earth so do something before mom makes a prat of himself," said Charlie as Xander rummaged thought his pockets until he found his wand.

Pointing it at the doorframe above them, Xander used his powers to make mistletoe grown, once he was finished he looked at Charlie who was smiling until a larger hand landed on his shoulder.

"Nice work kid now let me do the rest" said Jason with a wink as he walked over to the unsuspecting couple.

The little group silently celebrated as they watched the couple shared their first kiss, as wells as blush embarrassedly but unnoticed by all but the group was Eric and Merrick holding hands.

As the night drifted into the dawn hours all the Rangers where enjoying the party, suddenly a slower song started to play as the couples took to the floor and slow dance. Charlie, Bridge, Sky, Ivan, Nick and Xander join the couple smiling as they watched Merick and Eric dance alongside them.

"Finally Christmas magic has brought this tale to a very happy ending," said Charlie as Sky groaned.

"You did not just quote a Christmas song," said Sky as Charlie growled

"Shut up squirt" said Charlie with a smile as she rested her head on Ivan's shoulder.

In the far corner, Leanbow and Udonna watched on with a smile, taking a sip of her hot chocolate Udonna looked out the window and raising her hand watched as the snow began to fall.

"May peace rain over the world at least for tonight" said Udonna

"And may Merrick and Eric finally find the pease they've been searching for" said Shayla as she joined her family and watched on happily.