Dreaming of You

Summary- Around/after/during the episode where whenever Zack sleeps he

always goes into other peoples' dreams.


"So, what was it like? A nightmare? Did you get me the the tickets?"

Cam asked anxiously. "No, I didn't get the tickets. Sorry Cam. But, she's

over me. She said it probably wouldn't work between us, and then," Zack

paused, smiling, "she, she... she kissed me."

"Really?! What was it like?" Spencer asked. "Um.... I don't know, I

guess it was different, but I didn't mind it, not at all." Zack said with a

newfound proudness about him, the urge to kiss Gwen again, and, of

course, the urge to laugh in Cam's face triumphantly.


*In school the next day*

"Um, hi Gwen, how are you? You look nice. Is that a new shirt?"

Zack said... to the mirror. He was standing at his locker. "Zack!" Cam

screamed into his ear. "Aah! What are you doing? Trying to give me a

heart attack?!" Zack screamed, startled. "Just trying to make you stop

looking and acting oh-so pathetic. You like Gwen don't you. One kiss

and you're a little lovesick puppy dog! It wasn't even real!" Cam said.

"Well, it felt real! And could you keep it down?!" Zack said, nervous

someone might hear.

"Keep what down?" Gwen asked coming down the hall, smiling at

her friends. "Nothing! Nothing at all!" Zack said quickly. "Um... okay."

Gwen said slowly, eyeing Zack. "So, hi Gwen. How are you?" Zack asked.

"Um, good thanks." Gwen said. "What's up? You're acting kind of wierd

Zack." " Well.... Zack got his first kiss this weekend." Cam said for him,

snickering. Zack looked over at him like, 'What the heck are you doing?'

"Um, wow. Bet that was um,.. pretty neat, huh?" Gwen said, eyes

downcast. She was sort of disappointed. Yeah, she had a dream about

him and her and she said that it wouldn't work out. It had to have been

her sub-concious because she would have never felt that way in real life.

To be continued... I know, I hate cliffhangers, too. I promise to put the

next one up as soon as possible, if any of you even liked it...