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Izuna sees Madara shift, a nearly imperceptible acknowledgement of his presence. He swallows and resolves not to show his fear.

He keeps his pallid face impassive as he approaches his elder sibling and kneels next to him on the floor.

"I am ready," he states, and amazes himself with how true it sounds.

Madara, however, has always been able to see right through him, no matter how thorough he thinks his deception.

"No," Madara states, with something sounding abnormally like amusement lacing his tone. "You are not."

Izuna remains calm. "I assure you, elder brother, I am willing and ready to do this. It is my duty to the clan of Uchiha, and also my honor." And that is true; he is proud to do this if it will keep the clan safe, and glad-to an extent-to offer his brother his eyes so that Madara might not go blind.

On the other hand, a part of him wishes he could remain whole in order to protect the clan himself. But thinking that way will do him no good at all; after all, Madara is older, and a better warrior-they are close in skill, but the small difference is enough. Izuna is irreplaceable, but his brother is even more so. The logic is sound.

"Very well." Madara shrugs; if he regrets this, he shows no sign.

But why would he regret it? Izuna wonders. It's not as if I am to die.

Madara shifts in his place again, and the younger of them realizes that it is about to begin. His breath freezes like winter in his dry throat; but he is a shinobi, and an Uchiha. He will face this with the dignity and honor that is expected.

His brother's pale, cold fingers reach out to him, poised to tear away his sight. As they get closer, Izuna feels his composure becoming harder and harder to maintain.

A cool fingertip brushes his eyelash, and his resolve cracks.

"Brother," he manages, and is surprised to hear that his voice is choked. Pleading, even.

Madara raises an eyebrow slightly, a question in his usually unreadable eyes. Eyes that will soon be replaced with his own-with Izuna's.

"I-I.." He reins himself back in and steadies his mind. "I'm sorry for interrupting. Continue."

Madara pauses only briefly, and his fingers resume their movement. Izuna stares ahead stonily; this dark grey wall, barely lit by the flickering flames of pale candles, will be the last thing he ever sees.

A hand is suddenly at the back of his head, making him twitch. The elder of the two is leaning forward, his expression impossible to decipher. He puts his face near his younger brother's, moving until his lips touch Izuna's ear.

Izuna barely manages to stay in place; the close proximity to his brother is making him uncomfortable. A shiver runs down his spine, unbidden, as Madara speaks.

"Don't worry, little brother," he murmurs. "I will use them well."

It is over in a flash; Madara always was quick. Izuna swallows back screams of agony as tears of blood pour down his otherwise white face. There is only darkness now.

The last thing Izuna ever sees-and this will stay with him until he dies-is his brother's face.