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The sky above was clouded with the signs of a storm to come already presenting themselves, such as the rain beginning to fall. Yet, still the two warriors stood on the lake of the Valley Of The End, still watching the other, unmoving. The two of them were brothers, the key word 'were', and they held no brotherly affection against the other, only the respect of a fellow warrior.

One of them had on a pair of grey kendo shorts, and wooden sandals, grey arm bracers, his right hand held katana and his lean chest being exposed as his white hakama lay in a pile of shreds. His normally black hair was instead a dark blue, his normally pale skin was instead brown; he had two hand like wings helping him support himself, as he heavily breathed, he glared at the figure across from him, with his rapidly spinning Mangekyo Sharingan, this was Sasuke Uchiha

The figure across from him could be descriibed as an oposite of the boy Sasuke knew as a child. The man before him had on standard issue black ANBU pants, slevless black shirt, black Anbu armor, along with comnat boots, and was a black katana for support. He had blond hair that went in random spikes, along with this he wore a ANBU mask of a dragon, which was cracked down the middle, exposing thin whisker like marks on his cheecks,and one of his deep blue eye showing battle experience that no one his age should have, Naruto Namikaze.

The blond had been sent here on a 'Retrieval Mission' as stated by the council, of the village. Along with him were Kakashi Hatake, Shikamaru Nara, and Sakura Haruno, two Anbu and two Jonin, the last two being the Jonin. Four highly trained shinobi sent to capture a traitor, please if the council believed they would get their Uchiha back alive, they were mistaken. The blond remembered the conversation with his grandmother figure,


Sigh, "Now that sakura is gone I want to inform you three of your true mission, your are to eliminate Sasuke Uchiha," stated the Hokage after seeing her apprentice leaving smiling at the chance of brining the Uchiha back, alive, if only she knew.

"Tsunade-sama, but what of the council?" questioned Shikamaru

"They will be told there was no other choice; the Uchiha will attack with execive force, no doubt about it." Answered the Hokage

"What about sakura, Tsunade-sama I feel she is not quallified for the mission?" questioned Kakashi

"Perhaps so Kakashi but you need a medic and she's the best you got" answered the Hokage

"Forget it ba-chan, give us another medic, she'll only compromise the mission, her feelings for the Uchiha are too deep" replied Naruto

"I'm sorry Naruto, but we have no other choice, besides I seem to remember you wanting to get him back" said the Hokage with a tone of finality.

"That thing we're killing is not my comrade, nor my brother, our bond was severed all those years ago " answered the Namikaze

Flashback End

Snapping out of his thoughts the blond notice he could still hear his comrades battleing. 'It's time to end this' thought the blond

"One more shot, teme?" taunted the blond as he formed the Rasengan

"Have it your way dope, you'll wish you didn't" respoded the demonic looking boy, forming the Chidori

"No, Sasuke its just how I wanted it, by the end of this only one will stand" responded the blond before both launched at the other. Clashing their katana's with one another before ramming their respective attacks against one another resulting in an explosion. Sending each other apart. This is what Sakura came upon after her battle with Karin, seeing the down Uchiha she rushed after him first thinking he needed medical attention more. However, before she realized in what danger she had put herself in as the Uchiha saw her coming towards him. Thinking she was going to kill him gathered chakra to perform Kamui. Naruto seeing this quickly gathered the last of his chakra he had and used it to increase his speed, appearing beside Sakura, before pushing her out of the way, and taking the hit full on. This was what Kakashi and Shikamaru saw as they came to check on Naruto after their fights.

"Heh, I guess I was right teme, only one will leave, but I doubt you got much time left," responded the blond with a grin, even though all the pain he was feeling at the moment, feeling as if he was being pulled apart molecule by molecule. Then shot the two Anbu coming down a small smile, as if saying sorry, before he was gone in a flash.

"N-naruto!" cried out Sakura as she witnessed the event

"Sasuke Uchiha, for your crimes against Konoha, and murder of Naruto Namikaze, your future is death!" called out Kakashi venom in his voice as he shoved his Raikiri (Lightning Blade) into said Uchiha's chest.

"Shikamaru… gather the Uchiha…we're leaving" responded Kakashi, as he looked up into the sky 'Otouto…Naruto… I hope you're happy wherever you are' thought the copy ninja as they made there way home, he had a death of a hero, of a brother to report.


'Damn teme, just had to mess everything up, couldn't die when we clashed, and I knew Sakura would compromise the mission' thought the blond as he floated in nothing but endless white.

"Child" interrupted a voice that didn't sound human

"That you Kyubi?" asked the blond Nin as he tried to move but couldn't he felt weightless yet, couldn't move

"No child, I am not this Kyubi, I am of a different species" called out the disembodied voice

"Never the less what do you want with me, are you the one who has me here?" asked the blond

"Yes, boy I am"

"Why, as far as I know I haven't done anything to you?" asked the blond, last time the one's after his ass were Sasuke, Akatski, Iwa...okay maybe there's a chance he did do something

"No you have done nothing to me"

"Then why keep me here?" questioned the blond

"The technique used on you would had killed you true, but I was able to intervene and sent you here between the living and the dead"

'Thanks, I suppose, not to be rude but why?' questioned the shinobi as he was getting some control of his body again

"I need a fighter, I need your help"

"Aright I'll bite, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Where I am from I can feel that a disturbance is coming I don't know what it is but I know I need someone that will give them a fighting chance." Responded the voice

"And why the hell should I?" asked the Nin

"You do not, you have the choice to say no, but perhaps you can stop the deaths of many of my kind," answered the voice

"Do you have any idea who you're taking to, I'm a ninja I've been the cause of deaths…" respond the blond

"But remember child I can also give you another chance at life, a chance to continue your existence"

Sigh "You didn't let me finish I'll help you, I may have killed before but I always repay my debts, you saved me, I save your kind" responded the blond, 'Another chance, huh?' thought the blond

"I thank you," responded the voice

"One question though why me?" asked the blond as he was able to finally sit up

"I've been able to tap into some of your memories while we talked, at first when I rescued you was mere chance, though I sensed a great power but you show a strong will, and value for comrades"

"Wow cool… never do that again" responded the blond dryly

"So now what?" questioned the blond panting, 'Damn, being at the brink of death, really takes a toll'

"It's time for you to go" responded the voice before, a kunai that was at his side, suddenly began giving off sparks of electricity, before changing into a metallic blue card with what looked like a yellow D in the centre with a pixilated dinosaur coming out of it.

"Your key" responded the voice as the blond picked up the card,

"My, key, huh?" thought the blond out loud before feeling chakra being pulled from him into the card, before arks made of lightning, surrounded him, and a black hole appeared above him with green data specks coming out of it.

"Its time" answered the voice, before the blond was beginning to be sucked in

"Wait what's your name?!"

"Were I am from they call me Fanglongmon" responded the voice, the last thing the blond saw was the creatures eight golden eyes, before succumbing to darkness

Digital world

"Damn, this is not what I signed up for!" yelled the blond as he was falling into what looked like a forest. Thinking quickly the blond accessed Kyubi's chakra as a last resort seeing as his was near absolute zero. Thanks to the fox's chakra the blond was able to dull the pain from the impact to the thick tree branch, he landed on , before jumping down to the next one seeing as the one he was previously on fell apart from the force. Soon as the blond landed on the ground, he quickly fell to his knees, panting. 'Damn note to self never use Kyubi's chakra after a brutal fight' Before he shakily stood up and made his way towards the base of a tree, and leaned against it. Looking at his hand, he saw that it was as if it was being influenced by static, as it kept phasing in and out,

"Maybe a little sleep, saving what ever Fanglongmon is can wait till later," mumbled the blond as he succumbed to sleep once again. Never feeling another presence as it jumped down next to him.

"Hm, what the hell are you suppose to be? You don't look like a digimon," questioned the demon looking being.

Sigh "Better get you over to Babamon, she'll know what to do with you" added the digimon, before lifting dragging the human by the foot.

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