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Here they stood right outside Ebonwumon's office, Flamemon back in his rookie form, and Naruto decked out in his Anbu uniform the DigiGnomes were able to fix, his mask off and hanging on his belt as a sign of respect. With a breath they both entered the office. Seeing Ebonwumon, Jijimon, Babamon, and Datamon already inside. They knew it was something big.

"What's the emergency Ebonwumon?" asked Flamemon as the two strode toward the others

"It's about your latest assignment" answered the age old digimon

"So what's so important?" asked the tamer, as they all stood around a hologram projector, which was used when showing the target of a mission

"This is your next mission, to protect the digimon known as Calumon from any threats" responded Ebonwumon, all business

"So what's so important about the little Brat?" asked Flamemon as he studied the digimon on the hologram

"Well that's just it, that 'brat' as you put it is the Light of Digivolution" stated Ebonwumon, causing the duo to do an imitation of a fish

"Aright so who's fucking idea was it to turn one of the most important objects of the digital world into a digimon?" asked the blond as he narrowed his eyes, yup he was right this was so going to be a pain in the ass.

"Azulongmon, believes that a certain force has been awaken due to the cause of the digivoution of digimon, the force I believe Fanglongmon sent you to help us fight, so he requested for the DigiGnomes to turn the Light into a digimon" responded the Sovereign

"So you want us to go for that reason, very well but I request the assistance of a Mega if not at least a couple of Ultimates" stated the blond already going thru all possible scenarios

"I wish I could Naruto, but the Calumon has found a way to enter the human world, and at the moment nothing bellow a Champion can cross over" stated the guardian of the north. Sigh 'Well that explains why the others are here we'll probably leave as soon as possible' thought the blond

"Damn it so know we're stuck cleaning up their mistake" mumbled Flamemon

"So how do we locate the brat?" asked Naruto

"Your D- ark (Grey body and red rings) should be able to locate it, I have studied its digital output and its unique compared to others" stated Datamon

"Aright cool, so anything else?" asked the blond before taking the back pack Jijimon had brought revealing his scroll with cloths and any other valuables he had

"Well from the data I was able to collect from Calumon's location, Shinjuku, there are three D-ark signals, two have been active for a few moths the last has been active for only two days" stated Datamon

"So you want me to recruit them as back up?" asked the blond

"If you believe that they could help you succeed" responded Ebonwumon

"What are the partners?" asked Flamemon

"A Terriermon, and Renamon, the last for some reason I was not able to gather any info on" stated Datamon as he brought them up on the screen

"So how do we find them?" asked Naruto

"Well the males go to a public school which you will attend, as for the female she goes to an all girl's school" stated Datamon

"What no way, why the hell do I have to go to school, and if I did cant I go to the all girls one instead?" asked Naruto with a perverted grin, though got bashed in the head by Babamon, Flamemon on the other hand was laughing at his misfortune, while Jijimon was yelling about his little boy growing up.

"Sorry Naruto, if I could I would, but my hands are tied" responded Datamon, as he looked fearfully at Babamon, but added

"But I did arrange for a place for you to stay, along with a credit card, but I won't be able to top it off every month, it might get suspicious as how the money is being sent to you"

"Eh, don't worry about it Datamon, I'm a ninja, we'll get along by" stated Naruto, in a laid back tone

"So how do we get there" asked Flamemon, as he finally stopped laughing

"Well just step on that platform over there and good old Datamon will handle the rest" stated Datamon cheerfully, a bit too cheerfully

"Yeah, yeah" called out the duo as they stepped towards the others for there good byes

"Now you remember to be keep Flamemon out of trouble Naruto" stated Babamon as she gave the blond a hug

"Yeah I know"

"And Flamemon don't cause your brother trouble" added Jijimon

"Hm, I'll think about it"

"Now my lads, this is an important mission, but remember to enjoy your selves, but be careful" added Ebonwumon

"Don't we always" responded the duo with grins

"And Naruto… I hear that female tamer is quite the looker" added Ebonwumon with a grin, yeah so much like Jiraiya.

"Oh, I'll be the judge of that!" called out the blond as they stepped onto the platform

"Hey Datamon this thing is safe right?" asked the digimon

"Hm, should be" mumbled Datamon as he typed in the coordinates

"What do you mean it should be?" asked the blond fearfully

"Never been tested before"

"Wait, we don't want to go!" cried out the pair as they held on to each other while crying anime tears.

"Too late boys" called out Datamon as he pressed the button to begin the process. Causing arks of lightning to surround the two who were still crying, before they disappeared in a flash.

"Datamon tell me you got the last of it on video" called out Jijimon

"Oh, yes I did" called out the digimon before laughing.

Hypnos Towers

"Sir there's three more trying to bio-emerge. Initiating tracking sequence. Computer is acquiring a lock on the targets" Stated one of the women in the seats

"Standby the data stream is congested, we may not get a visual" added the other women

"Send in a tracer" called out a blond man, seated bellow in a suit

"Bringing tracer online"

"It's closing in on the target"

"Run rabbits run" added the man with a chuckle

"Computer is rendering, visual completion in t-5 seconds, however we lost two" stated one of the women

Sigh "Well know it looks like you lost the race my little friend" called out the man seeing the digimon on the monitor

Shinjuku Park

"We're alive!" called out Flamemon after seeing both were in one piece

"Hell yeah, but looks like we got a stow away" called out the blond seeing the Goblimon, nearby.

"Do we get rid of the little bastard?" asked the partner

"Wait I think we might get a late night show" called the blond as both he and his partner jumped into the trees, just as a red headed girl around 16, and a Renamon appeared

"Lets see, Goblimon, he cheats, he's got a fire ball, goblin strike, ugh it's just a rookie, where the sport in that? Walk all over him Renamon" stated the girl exasperated after seeing the stats on her D-ark

'Must be the girls Datamon was talking about' stated Flamemon thru the bond he shared with his partner

'Yeah, kind of cocky, but not bad looking' added the blond with a smile. Before continuing to watch the fight as Renamon jumped over the club

"Oh, so close" called out Renamon, before jumping back

"He's not loosing strength Rika"

"Yeah this is boring," called out Rika before using a card to give Renamon a boost of strength, giving her the advantage, before Goblimon digivolved into Fugamon,

"He digivolved, but how?" asked Rika out loud, irritated

'Someone seems irritated 'commented Flamemon with a grin

'Yeah, either she's pissed that he digivolved in the middle of a fight without a tamer, or Renamon still cant digivolve' added the blond while seeing Renamon still won with only minor difficulty.

"Lets get moving Flamemon, for Goblimon to digivolve without a tamer it must mean Calumon is nearby" stated before jumping to the next tree following the signal o his D-ark, with his partner behind him. They had some hunting to do.

A week later

Well it had been a week since their arrival to the human world, things went that bad, they had a pretty good place to stay curacy of Datamon. They had found Calumon the night they arrived, little brat lead them on a while goose chase around the park, heck in the end when they caught him he though they were playing a game, so they let him go, deciding if they had this much difficulty catching him it would take a Mega to catch him or… some candy…yeah candy should work.

They mostly spent the week getting to know the city; they also had found more about the so called tamers of the city. Heck he sometimes wonders how they make it, though that Guilmon was defiantly something extraordinary, after he hacked into Takato's D-ark, with the use of a chakra string, the damn power levels were near Flamemon's own, and his own where above any Rookie.

So here he was finishing getting dressed for school, oh how he hated that word. Looking in the mirror he thought 'Hm, not bad'. He was currently wearing some black sneakers, black jeans, and a red T-shirt that had Flamemon's symbol in black over his heart, then a black denim jacket.

"Oi, Flamemon I'm leaving remember to check on Calumon in an hour!" called out Naruto as he left

"Yeah, sure!" responded the digimon as he was watching T.V.

After school

'You know I think I found a whole new different meaning for the word loathe' thought the blond as he had to sit thru a lesson that was taught to him when he was eight, Sarutobi-jiji wanted him smart as well as strong. The only thing was that he was in the same class as one of the tamers, Takato.

'Oh, what do we have hear?' thought the blond watching as Takato led Guilmon to the park, before he was attacked by Renamon and Rika.

'Oi Flamemon you around here?' thought the blond trying to sense his partner thru their bond

'Yeah, and Calumon's aright'

'Great, just hurry up and get your ass over hear we got a show'

'Be there in a few; just let me get some popcorn'

'Yeah, yeah just hurry' thought the blond closing the link

"Hey!" called out Takato in shock, as Guilmon was attacked

"What a lousy fighter, but a fights a fight" commented Rika, in a disappointed tone

"Hey I dreamt you" mumbled Takato

"Ugh, do you know how many times boys have said that to me, Renamon walk all over him" ordered Rika, a bit irritated

"With pleasure" answered the vixen

"Hey, what I missed?" asked Flamemon as he sat down next to the blond, behind some bushes

"Nothing much, just getting started" answered the blond while taking the offered popcorn, before resuming watching the fight.

"I knew you were just a little boy with a pet digimon, what do you think digimon were made for, you goofy little goggle head?" asked Rika as Renamon stepped beside her after the struggle with Guilmon.

"That's like asking the meaning of life" responded Takato confused

"For goodness sake, let's just end this" called out Renamon before she charged at Guilmon, which sent them wrestling on the ground.

"That's just plain sloppy, Renamon" called out Rika, before sliding a card and saying "Digimodify Armor activate" causing a blaster like weapon on her arm, but missed when Guilmon seemed to finally hear Takato's pleas. Which caused the shot to go into the bushes where Naruto and Flamemon where in, knocking Flamemon's popcorn away. "Hey I wasn't done with those" mumbled Flamemon

But before Renamon went to attack she stopped and looked towards the bushes, but shook her head and went to use Diamond Storm, but was stopped by a voice

"What do you think you're doing?" revealing Henry and his partner

"What's it look like?" asked Rika, irritated her win was intervened

"Its you, great!" called out Takato thinking Henry would stop the fight

"Its me, its you, aren't you glad to see us?" asked the bunny like digimon in a sing song voice

"Oh, c'mon they keep popping out from every where" called out an exasperated Rika, and noticed that Renamon kept looking at the bushes and asked

"What's wrong?"

"Who ever is in their come on out now" ordered Renamon

"I was starting to wonder when you guys where going to notice, heck one more minute and we would had joined the fight" called out the blond as he and Flamemon stepped out of the bushes.

"Hey you're that new kid, from class right?" asked Takato

"Wow nothing gets past you, and my name is Naruto Namikaze not kid" answered the shinobi

"Whatever do you mind stepping aside blondie, I got a fight to finish" ordered Rika glaring at the blond, while her D-ark was pointed at Flamemon who looked bored

"That won't work, babe, Flamemon's info is locked away nice and tight" answered the blond. Though noticed how Rika got irritated by the nick name, 'Good thing those D-ark's of theirs haven't been upgraded'

"What ever just step aside and we might let you go" grumbled out Rika

"Nope, don't feel like it" answered the blond shrugging his shoulders "How about you bro?"

"You know I haven't fought any one since we got here, its sad that their only Rookies but they'll do" answered Flamemon with a grin

"You want to fight so bad, monkey, bring it, I just hope you're a better fighter than dino boy" called out Rika as Renamon got into position

"Why?" asked Henry

"Why what?" asked Rika, irritated that her matches were being interrupted

"Why make your digimon fight, I mean It's true that on the net Digimon are born to fight, but that doesn't mean that they should fight here. Don't you get it they came here for something they can't get on the net. What is it?" asked Henry looking at them all

'If only you knew boy, most of the digimon that come here come for the sole reason of fighting, getting, stronger, more than ever since the Light is gone' thought the blond bitterly

"Well when you figure it out Socrates let me know, until then..." She then turned her head towards Renamon "Renamon you know what I expect."

"Sorry dude princes here want a fight, then who am I to object?" added Naruto with a smile, and added "Just stay out of the way and no harm shall come to your partners, interrupt and Flamemon might retaliate"

"So you ready to go digi babe?" asked Flamemon only to be on the receiving end of a Diamond Storm. Only to jump over it.

"Oh, so close" taunted Flamemon

"Maybe you shouldn't try bro!" added Naruto trying to rile up the two girls, and was succeeding, judging by the sloppy moves being shown.

"Hold still" called out Renamon trying to hit Flamemon with her Power Paw. But were evaded by Flamemon

"Nuh uh, I know what happens when a girl tells you that, it usually ends in pain" answered Flamemon, as he weaved around her. It was the truth, that one time he was peaking on Lilymon and Rosemon with Naruto was the best and worst day of his life.

"Enough of this Digimodify speed activate" called out Rika while sliding a card causing Renamon to speed up, which in turn caused Flamemon to start blocking

"What wrong blondie no cards" taunted Rika

"Nope not really, got a few but Flamemon doesn't really like them, likes to rely on his own power, and I agree with him" answered the blond with a grin

"Oi, wrap this up Flamemon"

"Got it, bro!" was the response before he hit Renamon with a Flame Tail , sending her into a tree, where he held her up by the arms against the tree

"Yield?" asked Flamemon getting a nod from Renamon, seeing his fist covered in flames only inches from her face

"Not bad, at all Rika-chan" complimented Naruto, getting a light blush from Rika

"Whatever this was just a fluke" mumbled Rika as she walked away from the boys along with Renamon

"Wow that was awesome, and thanks for saving Guilmon, I'm Takato Matsuki" stated Takato after witnessing his first real tamer fight

"No problem kid, just get stronger so I won't have save him next time" called out Flamemon

"I can't say that wasn't impressive, and I'm Henry Wong" stated Henry extending a hand towards the blond

"Yeah, thanks and I know where you're coming from but some digimon just like to fight it's in their blood" stated the blond as he shook the offered hand

"Oh, man guys I would like to hang out but I have to find a better place for Guilmon to stay" stated Takato

"You need a place, I think I know just the place, my young idiot of a tamer" stated Flamemon, before leading them into a more secluded part of the park

Guilmon's new shack

"Man I can't believe that girl can think there nothing more than data" stated Takato as he watched the three digimon argue about food

"Eh, maybe she hasn't bonded with her digimon yet" added the blond

"What do you mean, it looked like they were close enough with the way they fought" asked Takato

"Yeah it may have seemed that way but I could tell something was in the way" answered the blond, 'And that's the reason why Renamon wont digivolve, Rika wont let her in'

"So you think they're more than data?" asked Henry

"Yeah, can't tell you how many times I've seen Flamemon bloodied" responded the blond

"If you think so then why make him fight?" asked Henry

"Simple I don't, we fight because he wants to, because we want to reach new limits then break those too" answered the blond, before standing up "Well its been nice but we have to get going" stated the tamer, followed by Flamemon saying "Hey lets go get some pizza"

"Eh, why not"

"Henry, I'm hungry too" added Terriermon

"But you just ate"

"What's your point?" asked the bunny like digimon while tipping his head to the side

"Ugh, forget it, lets go dinner time, see ya Takato" called out Henry as he walked away

"Takatomon…" began Guilmon before he was interrupted

"No Guilmon we're not going out for pizza"

"Aw nuts" whined the digimon

Next day, around noon

"Wow, I can't believe human stupidity" stated Flamemon in awe as he and Naruto watched from nearby roof as people actually believed Guilmon was just a kid in a costume.

"Yeah, I know cant belive I have to call them fellow humans" added Naruto dryly, before his D-ark went off, "Hm seems the Rookies are at it again, lets go make sure they don't delete each other"

"Yeah, whatever, let me just go get some snacks" responded Flamemon as he went over to a hotdog stand

"Just hurry!" called out the blond.

Parking garage

"Well this is getting old" commented Flamemon as he and Naruto sat on top of a car, munching on snacks

"Yeah, no kidding I would expect a better brawl" added the Tamer

"Hey, Naruto I could use a little help here!" called out Takato as he watched Guilmon use a Pyro Sphere

"Don't worry you got her on the run" responded the blond dryly

"You think so?" asked his partner

"No, but the idiot doesn't need to know that"

"I'm right here you know!" stated Takato

"Sorry idio…Takato" apologized the two absent mindedly

"What's going on down here?" asked Henry as he and Terriermon walked onto the scene

"Hey Henry, it's great that you came!" called out Takato, hoping Henry would stop the fight

"As if that weenie little bunny can stand up to Renamon" called out Rika, taunting them

"Henry, I think that classifies as rude" stated Terriermon, with his cheeks puffed out

"Yeah that seems to be going around a lot" stated Henry looking at the fight, and Naruto who was lazily watching, before asking

"Any reason you aren't helping him?"

"Eh, the kid is doing aright, I like thinking of it as a learning experience" answered the blond

"Just forget it Henry I've tried from the start of the fight" stated Takato dryly

"And I said we would intervene if thing went to far"

"You don't classify destroying property as going to far" asked Henry

"Nope" answered Flamemon

While this was going on Terriermon had been running along the side of a car admiring him self, and ran right in front of Guilmon when Renamon was going to unleash Diamond Storm

"Get out of the way!" called out Renamon

"No, Terriermon!" yelled out Henry as he ran toward Terriermon, his D-ark giving off a glow.


"Terriermon digivolve to

Terriermon was surrounded by green data streams forming a egg like shape dome

His skin was peeled of revealing his data; his form was beginning to change, his power increasing

He grew in size, gattling guns were equipped to his hands, he wore an ammo belt around his torso, and a pair of jeans


"That's Terriermon?" asked Takato shocked after seeing his first digivolution

"He promised me he wouldn't do it" mumbled Henry as he looked on, as Gargomon inspected itself

"Wow, not bad" commented Flamemon

"Yeah, with those gun of his he cold easily support us" added Naruto, already coming up with battle plans, before Gargomon began firing off uncontrollably, "Or not"

"Let's see Gargomon, Terriermon's champion form, what a difference. Attacks are Gargo Laser and Bunny Pummel what ever that is" mumbled Rika as she looked at the stats

"Just great we got a trigger happy bunny" mumbled Naruto, as Gargomon continued to fire off, before he was intercepted by Renamon trying to protect Rika

'Damn it Rika, get out of there' thought the blond, before a couple of shots were fired at him and Flamemon, all missing, except a few came close to hitting his valuables, and he wasn't talking about his money or D-ark

"Should I stop him?" asked Flamemon, chuckling at his partners paled face

"Oh, hell no I got the bunny bastard, nobody and I mean nobody aims at Naruto Jr.!" yelled out Naruto before cracking his knuckles, getting sweat drops from the tamers

"Nuh uh you got the last one" called out Flamemon shaking his head

"Ugh, fine go have your fun" mumbled the blond before he looked that Gargomon was nearing Rika, so he began making his way over to her to get her out of the way, while the others were dog piling on Gargomon, but was to late as Gargomon threw them off, before beginning to shoot wildly. Rika who had been frozen in place with fright had closed her eyes waiting for the pain to come, never expecting to feel warmth envelope her. Opening her eyes she could see that she was beneath Naruto, who laid over her using his body to protect her, from any harm,

'Damn wasn't fast enough' thought the blond as the bullet that had entered his left arm, when tackling Rika was pushed out by his healing abilities, only to notice that Rika was still in shock from being near death.

'Damn, cant wait for her to get over it, have to use what Ba-chan taught me' thought the blond. When he returned Tsunade had taught him a couple of jutsu to help ease others from pain or fear upon his request. The one he was about to use was fairly simple all he had to do was inject some of his own chakra into her system in a slow flow to soothe her. So that's what he did, simply rest the back of his hand on her cheek before sending his chakra into her, after a moment he could tell she was beginning to calm as her breathing slowed and her eyes came into focus, before she slapped him and pushed him off of her

"Ero-baka! (Perverted-Idiot)" accused Rika as she tried to stand before she was pulled down next to the blond

"Stay down damn it" stated the blond as more shots were fired, and held his left shoulder watching as the bullet was pushed out of his body by his regenerative ability

"Why?" completely confused as to why he would risk his own life

"Why, not?" asked the blond with a smile, noticing the look of regret flash in her eyes, " I couldn't let you get hurt not if I could stop it, and don't worry about this little flesh wound Rika-chan" added the blond seeing her stare at his blood

"Who said anything about being worried" shot back Rika looking away, hiding her small blush, from the accusation

"Hey Naruto, if your done being lover boy, I could use a little help over here!" called out Flamemon, as he was hit by a Bunny Pummel

"I'm on it!" responded the blond from his place besides Rika, before griping his D-ark and charging it with chakra, activating the digivolution program.


"Flamemon digivovle to…

Inside Flamemon's skin was pulled off revealing the data that lied beneath

The power that was awakened all those ears ago when he bonded with Naruto was multiplied

Armor was equipped; he could feel the flames inside of him burning stronger, hotter more powerful

He could feel it, the power to protect, the power of the 'Spiritual Fire' was his and with a final yell the egg shattered, before he was surrounded by a pillar of intense roaring flames.


'Damn Agunimon couldn't take on Gargomon in his Rookie form with out killing him, oh well' thought the Nin. As e watched Agunimon slide out his blade from his gauntlet and begin to deflect some of the bullets, before rushing at Gargomon and touching the gattling guns with his blade using a minor Inferno Blast causing them to heat up before exploding, then delivering a kick to his torso, causing Gargomon to de-digivolve.

"Well that's was interesting" mumbled the blond, as Henry picked up Terriermon.

"Lets move people, cops are going to come if we don't!" called out Agunimon, causing everyone to look at each other, before running off towards the park

Near Guilmon's shed

"So mind explaining how in hell your little Saru over their was able to digivolve so easily?" questioned Rika

"Always to the point aren't you Rika-chan, and why should I?" asked Naruto as he walked over to Henry and grabbed his D-ark before sending chakra through it, speeding up the healing process

"Think of that as a apology" responded the blond before returning the D-ark, before Terriermon awoke

"Any one get the digi code of that Trainmon that ran me over?" asked Terriermon, scratching his head

"Wow, that was awesome how'd you do that?" asked Takato amazed, 'Is this what being a true tamer can do?'

"Not really that hard to do, something you just learn after a couple of years" responded the blond

"Years, what do you mean years?" asked Rika not really liking where this was going, 'I'm suppose to be the best'

"Simple unlike you rookies we've been at this for a while" answered Flamemon from the tree he and Renamon where leaning against

"About how long?" asked Renamon, thinking of some rumors she heard back in the digital world, about a tamer and digimon being fallen angels of fire, beating any digimon that stood in their way, this was the reason she wanted a tamer.

"Hm, six years I think seems longer though" responded the blond, 'Then again I am a 26 year old in a 16 year old body', not to mention the fact that leading a life as a ninja, causes one to mature faster.

"That's the reason why you're so good isn't it, the reason you're so laid back when fighting us?" asked Henry as he patted Terriermon

"Yeah, though it's not that your weak, just that I'm better" responded the blond smiling

"Whatever just answer my question" ordered Rika, with an annoyed look on her face

"You really want to know, Rika, the reason why Flamemon can digiviolve?" asked Naruto as he stepped closer to her, looking down on her, looking straight into her eyes. Getting a positive nod from the girl he answered

"Because I'm not afraid"

"What kind of answer is that?" asked Rika, who was beginning to think the blond was crazy

"Of letting him in, of caring for him as a friend, as a brother" clarified Naruto

"What the heck are you talking about, digimon are nothing more than data?" asked Rika, though thinking 'They are right?'

"Is that what you truly believe, then I'm sorry but Renamon will never digivolve" answered the blonde, causing Rika to storm off with Renamon, just as he was about to leave but looked at Henry



"He said train, that digimon can't control his champion form, because he can barely control his already existing power, and that goes for you too Takato" clarified Flamemon

"What do you expect me to do, I can't go around killing digimon like you or Rika" responded Henry as he looked strait into the eyes of the blond

"You could just train in the park or in a mock battle with Guilmon here, though as for killing digimon its part of the job sometimes" answered the blond

"I thought you said you believed digimon were more than data" called out Takato

"Oh, I do its just that some of them have to be deleted from the human world, can't have them exposing digimon to the rest of these people, the only end result would having to fight of the bastards from taking our partners" responded the blond before walking away with Flamemon, leaving the two boys thinking about what he said.

'They have to grow up sooner or later, we aren't playing a game here they could die if they don't take some of this serious' thought the blond as he and Flamemon jumped into the trees, going to check on Calumon

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