Danny was on a mission. He was to infiltrate Vlad's mansion and find out what evil plot or scheme was in the making. He had a feeling that Vlad was up to something. Rather than waiting until the plan was in effect, he was going to stop it before it even started. It was a new strategy that Danny was willing to try. If worst comes to worst Danny was sure he could find some blackmail he could use against Vlad. It was a win-win for him and a lose-lose for his archenemy. Danny smiled slightly to himself as he continued his steady flight towards Vlad's mansion. He was almost there, he could see the outline of the huge building. Danny briefly pondered what he was going to do if he ran into Vlad while he was sneaking around.

Not a problem. Danny thought to himself. He was ready for Vlad. Danny phased through the second story of the mansion. Looking around he realized that this room must be a elegant bedroom.

The hunt begins! Danny thought as he started his search for Vlad's private study. He was sure that Vlad would keep his plots there, if he had any.

Oh great, now I am starting to sound like Skulker. Danny shook his head after that thought. Quietly, not wanting to alert anyone of his presence, Danny flew from room to room.

Jeez, how many rooms does a fruit loop need? Danny thought as he passed the eleventh bedroom and the third library. He descended down into the first floor thinking that the study might be located there. As he scanned the room he held his breath. There was Vlad, deep into a conversation and by the looks of it, not a happy one.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Those stocks need to be purchased!" Vlad yelled into the phone.

Oh, just lame business talk. Danny realized, he quickly phased through the floor hoping that Vlad didn't notice. Danny surveyed the room noting that he was in Vlad's ghost lab. Something caught his eye as he turned to leave.

The Plasmius Maximus. This might come in handy. Danny realized as he picked it up. Carefully Danny pocketed the device. Making sure to stay away from the room where Vlad was located as much as possible Danny continued his search. After another fifteen minutes of looking for the study Danny started to get sick of all the green and gold Packers gear. Sure, the Packers were a great team, but this was overkill. Danny's face lightened up when he had finally found Vlad's private study. Landing on the ground Danny walked towards the desk that was covered with paperwork. He scanned them looking for anything that looked like blackmail or evil plotting. Danny sighed as he looked through paper after paper seeing that they were only work related.

If I were a fruit loop where would I hide documents that I wouldn't want to lose. Danny pondered as he looked across the desk searching for anything he might have missed.

Bingo! Danny thought excitedly when he discovered that under Vlad's desk there was a box. Danny pulled the box from under the desk and opened it happy that there was no lock on it. Why would there be a lock? Vlad was single, so why should you hide stuff from yourself.

Not important, don't care, not useful. Danny labeled each piece of paper he picked up out of the box. All of a sudden Danny came across Vlad's birth certificate. Half interested Danny scanned through it, not caring for the fact that Vlad's Mom was named Abigail. Suddenly Danny stopped, his eyes seeing an important detail. Barely able to contain his laughter he re-read Vlad's full name.

Oh, this is gold, this is extremely valuable gold. Danny thought as he failed to suppress his laughter.