Vlad contemplated if his agreement to Daniel's proposition, I mean, Danny's proposition had been rash. His anger had blinded his logical thinking. Unfortunately his decision was final and he can not undo that moment. Nevertheless, Vlad was curious as to what Danny was going to use his favor for. Most likely to stop one of his plots of course. That made the most sense. Vlad's train of thought was cut off when his phone rang. The caller-id said that it was Danny's cell phone. Vlad immediately picked up the phone.

"Um... Vlad. I kind of need that favor now." Danny said rather quickly.

"What is it Danny?" Vlad questioned. Maybe Danny was fighting a ghost that was hard to beat.

"I'll tell you when you arrive. Just meet me on the outskirts of Amity Park." Danny said bluntly hanging up the phone. Vlad was annoyed that Danny had not even bothered to tell him what was going on.

As Vlad flew to the direction Danny had told him he thought about what ghost, besides himself, would pose a huge threat to Danny. Pariah Dark could be a possibility, but he was still locked in his sarcophagus of forever sleep. Vlad spotted Danny and eager to cash in his favor flew down to meet him.

"Great, you came." Danny said with a smug look on his face. Danny handed him a long pole with a pointy spike on the end.

"What is this used for? Does it have some sort of power?" Vlad questioned. Wondering how this could be used against ghosts. Danny's grin widened and he chuckled a little bit to himself.

"It has the ability to pick up trash." Danny informed Vlad between laughs. "Oh and here is its partner, the trash bag!" Danny said laughing hard now as he also handed Vlad the trash bag. Vlad's jaw dropped.

"Trash? We are picking up trash?" Vlad repeated making sure he had heard Danny right.

"Yup, I am doing community service hours to get extra credit so I can bring my grades up. Since both Sam and Tucker were busy I thought I would just call that favor in and have you help me do it. Besides, you need to do at least one good deed in your life. Here is your opportunity." Danny said obviously enjoying the look on Vlad's face.

"You are really going to need that favor when I try to kill you later for making me do this. It was such a waste." Vlad said shooting a death glare at Danny.

"First things first, you just said try to kill me later. Emphasis on the word try. Besides you couldn't beat me even if you did try. I am so much better than you." Danny said as he stabbed a piece of trash with his pole and placed it in his own trash bag.

"My aren't we feeling a little confident." Vlad replied as he to placed a piece of trash in his trash bag.

"Why wouldn't I? As far as I can tell, I have managed to get you to pick up trash. And..." Danny started as he quickly took a camera out of his pocket and snapped a picture of Plasmius picking up trash. "This is going on the Internet." Danny said with a wicked and mischievous grin. "I was thinking. Ghost Vermin Picks up Trash? or how about Evil Creature does Good Deed? I have a couple more ideas for titles but those are the best so far."

"You little brat!" Vlad yelled as he started to lose his temper yet again.

"That's a no no Vlad. No attacking me, remember the favor?" Danny said it calm but mocking voice.

"Sugar Cookies!" Vlad said as he tried to calm himself down. "How much longer do I spend doing this maddining work with you?" Vlad questioned.

"Oh, about five more hours." Danny replied giving Vlad a smirk.

"This is going to be a long five hours." Vlad said as he started to think of ways he could wiggle out of this mess.