Kyle's POV

"Kyle! Time for bed!" I heard my mom say from the kitchen. "Ok! Goodnight!" I called as I turn of the light and look out the window. "Please god, please make my father be ok. Please make my father be alive…" I've been praying every night for my father to be alive and well. That dream hasn't come true yet. It hasn't come true because my father is still missing, and it's all my fault.

Flashback POV

"Can I come with you daddy?" I said with my big blue eyes shining. "Sorry sport. It's dangerous at night. Even if it is just down the road." He told me in a calming voice. A voice that soothed my worries.

That night I was stupid enough to sneak past my mom and catch a ride in his truck. He drove to this strange place I know now is a bar. I couldn't believe my dad was drinking, but I couldn't believe he'd get in a fight either.

When the car stopped I peered out the window. I saw my father going toward a man with a gun. But the man did the strangest thing. He dropped the gun, and went to my little peek hole. My dad saw me and gave a quick 'run' glance and pounced on the man. I just watched in agony while the man took my father away. I waited in the car for the rest of the night, not sleeping at all until my mom came to get me.

I haven't seen my father ever since…

Kyle's POV

I try to sleep thinking of the memory. But I can't. "You'll never sleep at this rate." I mumble to myself as I get up to get some water. When I get to the door I peek out to make sure I'm the only one awake. I wouldn't want mom to know I'm awake. I tip-toe into the kitchen and see a note on the refrigerator. It read,

Kyle, when you get this I hope its morning. I'll be out of town for a couple of months. I just need to cover something. I got a call from the FBI saying they've found the man that kidnapped your father. Until they can find out where he has hidden your father, I have to stay at the FBI secret headquarters. I don't mean to worry you, but just remember where the safe is, and to spend the money ONLY on stuff you need. I love you.


"Oh my gosh…" I utter to myself, not able to say anything else. "M-my dad's… alive?"

I can't believe what I'd just read. Can my father really be alive? I felt like I was going to collapse, so I grabbed onto the counter. "This is all too much…" I say to myself as I fell to the ground.

I fainted.