"Spock? Spock! Good God man, we were looking everywhere for you."

Spock is jolted awake by McCoy, shaking his arm. He was still in the transporter room… he had fallen asleep… how many hours had it been?

Suddenly Spock remembered everything. He felt sick, truly and horribly sick. Jim had been probably dead for hours, and he had been asleep, he had not been there…

"No one would've ever expected you to still be here. It's been eight hours!"

Spock stuttered. "I-is… is Jim…"

"He's fine Spock, that's why we've been trying to find you. He's been awake for over an hour, Which is more than I can say for you!"

He's alive.

He's alive…

A deep, precious breath. Exhalation.

Quickly Spock grabbed the Doctor and embraced him. McCoy's eyes nearly fell out of his head, but he smiled after a while. What the hell, an anomaly has to happen every once in a while.

"Alright, that's enough. Enough I said! I can only take so much weirdness in one day. Let's get you to sickbay, I've got to check on you."

"I've got to see Jim."

"Alright, alright… that, too. Hey, not so fast now! Slow down!"

Just outside the door now. Breathe. Just breathe. It will be fine. Fine…

The automatic door opened a little sooner than he had expected. It startled him, but forced him to come to terms with the current reality. He stepped forward, towards Kirk, sitting up, bright-eyed, eating a sandwich. He almost died and he's eating a sandwich? Everything was fine! It's always fine! Why is it that he thought it would be any different this time?

"Captain, I am… I am so pleased that you are unharmed, for the most part." Spock said as his emotions raged ridiculously, the turmoil apparent in his eyes.

"Perhaps simply mentally scarred, and only because Nurse Chapel can't seem to stop prodding at this cut on my side!"

"Captain, please hold still! I can't seal this thing up if you're going to fidget like that! To think such a little cut caused all that bleeding…"

"What are you talking about, Nurse! I had to take him to surgery! It nearly grazed his organs!"

Their bickering only made Spock more nervous. He felt small and unsure of himself - two things he detested greatly.

"Still, I…" he continued in a very quiet voice that immediately brought attention to himself. "It could have ended much worse than it did."

Kirk smiled. "It's incredible to me that we managed to escape that place by breaking up a relationship."

The Captain then paused, staring at Spock, trying to communicate without words. Spock's eyes darted away quickly.

McCoy rolled his eyes. "Oh for Heaven's sake, Spock, escort the Captain back to his quarters. I'm insisting he sleep for at least eight hours starting right now, without any disturbances. Think you can handle that?"

Spock perked up. "Certainly, Doctor."

"Wow… no arguing? I just gave the first officer an order and I get no quip, no snide comments? I can't believe it! This IS the weirdest day I have EVER had on this ship! Except perhaps that day I went nuts and jumped through that time portal…What was that thing called again? I can't remember… "

After awkwardly helping Jim put his shirt back on, Spock accompanied Jim back to his quarters in silence. Neither one of them would look at one another. It was like the halls were filled with balloons and they were covered in needles, the tension was so high.

At the door, though, Jim loosened up.

"Have a good rest, Jim. I will make sure no one disturbs you."

"No, don't go, Spock." he pleaded in a defeated tone. "Come on in for a few minutes. Please."

Again the word please. Spock swallowed hard.

"Yes, sir."

In the sitting room Jim laid himself on a recliner while Spock immediately went to fetch Jim a cup of coffee from the replicator - anything to keep his eyes away from him. Unfortunately he knew he had to eventually bring the coffee IN there…

"Here you are, sir." He said hurriedly, putting the coffee on the table next to Jim and then taking a seat as far away from him as he could. Jim sighed. He couldn't take this anymore. He just couldn't.

"Spock, I won't bite you. Really. Will you come sit next to me?"

"… As you wish, sir."

A groan from Jim. Oh no, not this now…

Spock was as rigid as a piece of wood. Jim put a hand on his shoulder - it made Spock jump.

"Spock, please relax. I need to talk to you. … Will you look at me?"

… No response, at least, not immediate. Spock jerked his neck slowly towards Jim, trying to play off his avoidance like he was simply observing the atmosphere. Jim laughed out loud, inspiring Spock to give a questioning look.

"Nothing, you're just acting really human right now."

"No need to insult me, Captain."

"Aw come on, cut the bull crap. Can't we just be honest with each other? I mean, Bones is my best friend, but you… " his voice went into a whisper. "I'm your … t'hy'la, aren't I?"

Jim using the word. It sent a shiver through Spock that went strait to his groin. Would anything feel this good? Would… kissing Jim be as good as he imagined it? Being this close to his mouth made him wonder… made him wonder why during all the times he had been this close to Jim, he hadn't already kissed him, damn the consequences. But can they really be discarded that easily…

Jim arched his back slowly up toward Spock, his mouth now not even an inch away from Spock's. Was this a trap? Or was Jim seducing him outwardly, without any regret? Was he interpreting this correctly at all?

Jim's heart was beating fast. It was now, right now, that he knew he had always wanted this. Not just in passing, in the heat of the moment, but… I mean, by God… how could anyone else ever satisfy him, with that heat radiating off of Spock's every pore? What a beautiful and perfect thing, and he was all his…

"Spock… tell me what it means…what does t'hy'la mean…"

Breath spilling into his mouth. Eyes half lidded. So easy to gather him up into his arms, so easy to reach out and touch what he had always wanted to touch. Could he risk everything for this one, beautiful moment…

He couldn't help it. He had to say it. His whole body ached. It was all so… illogical.

"T'hy'la… means…"


"It means…"


"Friend, brother… lover."

Jim seized Spock immediately as he uttered the word. Savagely he pushed him down on the couch, smashing his lips against his, sealing with fiery abandon what they both yearned for so badly. Underneath Spock's eyelids he saw brightly colored spots that had temporarily seared themselves to his retinas from the chandelier above. They were beautiful. Everything was beautiful… right now. Why had this taken so long?

Savagely running his hands up and down Spock yet gingerly moving around with his wound, Spock managed to break away from that beautiful tongue, that gorgeous mouth, just long enough to blurt out, "There's a thousand reasons why we shouldn't do this…"

"And there is only one reason why we should." said Kirk. "Logically those are not very good odds, but quantity doesn't matter so much in this case, I should think."

Spock thought for a moment. "Agreed," he said, then practically swallowing Kirk's tongue, nearly melting as Kirk let out the most delicious groan he had ever heard in his entire life. It reverberated deep from within Kirk's chest, into his mouth, then into Spock's mouth and finally into his chest. Just the vibration was enough to drive them both insane. The chandelier continued to burn spots into their eyes as they rolled over and over on the couch…

Kirk's hand drove down into Spock's pants and squeezed, hard. A deep gasp came out of Spock, causing him to choke, it was so violent.

"That feels…" he said, surprised and weakened. He was about to finish the sentence, but then he realized the sentence was already complete. "That…feels."

"Tell me, Spock… talk to me…" Jim said with a smile, newly invigorated by the thought. Spock's proper, mysterious mouth spilling all his darkest thoughts, his human desires…

"Jim, I have wanted you so badly… I have dreamed of you so many nights. It was so difficult for me not to ask you to be my mate during my last pon farr…"

"Spock, swear to me that I will be your next. I'll ravish you for days, I'll let you ravish me… I'll let you screw me on every piece of furniture on this ship…"

The words were building heat in Spock even faster than Kirk's hand was. There was no holding back - he moaned and moaned, tossing and turning, grasping the pillows behind his head on the couch. Kirk quickly threw his pants off and unzipped Spock's, squeezing both their cocks in his hand at the same time. Spock violently bit Kirk's shoulder, clawed his back… the passion was limitless, swirling in the air with the chandelier lights burned into their eyes.

Always such a reserved face, a Vulcan face… now flushed and begging for more. Nothing turned Jim on more. Nothing in the world. He was drunk with it, with the mood in the air… how glorious, what perfection. What else could he ever ask for in a lover, except one who excited him this much, but he could truly care for?

Spock tore off his tunic and undershirt, pulling Kirk's head down to his nipples. Kirk gladly sucked on them, making each of them a dark purple as his free hand twirled around in Spock's lightly furred chest.

After this Spock, nearly intoxicated, coated his fingers with his own saliva and reached around to Jim's backside. He only gave Jim a moment of eye contact, allowing him to protest if he wished, but when no protest came, his fingers gently prodded and pulled apart his tight little hole, diving right in.

Jim continued to rub both their cocks up and down with his hand. The pleasure he now felt only inspired him to go faster. Both so desperate and hungry, their voices became so loud the echo off the walls was enormous.

"Jim, I can't…"

"Do it… do it all over me…"

Jim immediately laid back, finishing himself off while Spock came to his climax. The Vulcan sperm was extremely thick, but not unpleasant smelling in any way - curiously Jim put some in his mouth. Watching Jim do it made Spock's skin flush green, even more so than he already was. Jim laughed, wrapping his arms around him.

After just a moment of listening to one another breathe hard, Jim chuckled again. "If I'd have known you walking in on me would've gotten this kind of response from you, I'd have let you do it years ago."

"It would have been impossible for me to have taken the initiative." Spock replied. "You know that, Jim."

"I know, Spock." Gently he caressed his cheek. "I know you. Still, so many nights of longing, so much suffering… and it all could've been prevented."

"It doesn't matter now, Jim. Truly. We are together now… and as long as we can keep it a secret, it can remain that way."

"I'd tell the commander to take a hike any day of the week if he gave me trouble about you."

"Jim, I couldn't possibly imagine you putting your career in jeopardy on my account."

Jim grabbed Spock's chin, forcing him to look him in the eye. "Then perhaps you don't know me as well as I thought you did. You wait, Spock, someday, maybe not now, but when we're older, I'll prove it to you. I'll put everything on the line for you."

"I can only pray that you will never have to."

"… But if we can keep it a secret of course, heh, that would be better for everybody… although I think me staring at this beautiful ass of yours will give it away."

"Either that or me leaving from your chambers early every morning will."

"Well I'm sure we have some time to figure a strategy out…"

Much to their horror, behind them they heard Jim's front doors open.

"Jim, sorry to interrupt your nap, but I've got to give you these shots, you left before I… Oh, God."

Messy, sweaty and naked, Jim and Spock looked up from the couch at McCoy, both realizing that neither one of them had locked the doors on the way in.

McCoy closed his eyes and walked out. "Nevermind. Alright, officially, the WEIRDEST day ever."