Okay. A couple of people have been asking for more of Nick's POV. Well, I've been so busy with different projects that it's hard to keep up with it all. So, I've decided that I WILL do Nicks POV, but not in one story. I'll be doing little clips from the secret circle trilogy. I'll be calling this Nick and Cassie series. (NxC series) for short! I don't own the secret circle!!! Onward with the story!!! Enjoy!

(When Nick and Cassie first meet!!!)

Nick POV

I flicked my cigarette ashes onto the cement outside of Salem High. Then put it back in my mouth and took a long drag, slowly puffing it out into the open. I was standing beside Faye and Suzan. Deb, my cousin, was flirting with the Henderson brothers in a bored state. Sean was being his little stupid self, smiling like an idiot.

Suddenly, a white Rabbit pulled in the school's parking lot. On a normal day I probably wouldn't notice this or even care about it, but I did care when the owner stepped out of it. She was a new, fresh face. She had a slim figure, but not too skinny or too fat, just the perfect figure (AN: Of course this is what guys notice first, the body!!) brown locks that were shoulder length framed a beautiful ivory face. She had blue-grey eyes that seemed to look right through you. She didn't have any makeup on that the other girls had caked onto their faces. No, she was completely makeup free.

Even her perfect lips didn't have any lip gloss on them. Yet, her lips looked so moist and luscious, as if they were begging for any man to come and attack them with his own lips.

I shook my head really fast. Why am I suddenly having these thoughts?? I'm not the type of guy to go gaga over girls, especially one I just saw for the very first time and haven't even spoken one word to!!!

But, those eyes! The eyes the color of the sky right before the storm!!


She glanced around nervously. What does she have to be nervous about? I mean, yeah it might be her first day, but what does she think we'll do? Eat her? Well, Faye probably would because she's petty and would like to smite anything that she thinks is more beautiful than her. Which, this magnificent creature was.

She stopped looking around and glanced up at us. My breath hitched slightly as she stared at me. My mouth tried to form a smile, but I couldn't. I was frozen. It didn't matter though, because her eyes slid past me and onto Faye. Her eyes widened in fear as she gazed at Faye. Hmm. Maybe it's not her first day here, then if she's already afraid of Faye.

Faye keeps on talking with Susan and doesn't notice the mysterious and completely attractive new girl. I think the stunning girl realizes this too because she turns and speed walks toward the other side of the building. I'm disappointed, but then I remember that this is probably not the last time I'm going to see her. I'll get my chance.

Very Soon.

Now, I realize that there are a few problems in the story. I changed it up a little. This is probably how it's going to be in the NxC series. Any comments, praise, threats, constructive criticism? Tell me in a review please and I'll continue with the NxC series!!! At least 10 reviews guys and then I'll continue with the series!!!!