Bill Nye the Science Guy : The episodes not released to children.

BILL- BILL- BILL- BILL- (Bill Nye the Science Guy).

"Hey kids! I'm Bill Nye! And today we're learning about matter!" he stated staring at the camera lens, beaming a creepy smile. "Today we're going to learn that science is fun! And besides my striking likeness to Bob Saget- I'm a great host!" He smiled once again very creepily.

"First off- let's do a little experiment to show what a liquid is!" he said enthusiastically. He opened a blue flask containing chemicals and set it on the table. "This is liquid oxygen! It's very dangero- " THUD. He hit the ground suddenly and the director ran to the flask and put a stopper on it.

"Today I'm going to show you what a liquid is!" said Bill smiling. He grabbed the flask next to the blue one and opened it. "This is not liquid oxygen! This- is regular oxygen." he said. "And! This is water!" he said holding up a regular bottle of water. "It's a liquid." He set it down shakily and began to walk away to get the rock on the counter. THUD "AAAH!" he screamed as slipped on the water and spilled the liquid oxygen over onto the camera guy. "AAAGH!" screeched the camera guy as he fell over.

Two children stood behind a kitchen counter as the camera rolled. "Science is a lot like cooking!" said one. The other nodded in agreement, "So today we'll show how cookies are just a chemical combination of ingredients!" Suddenly Bill ran into the scene and shouted "COOKIES!" doing so he knocked over another flask of liquid oxygen and it poured all over the new camera guy and himself.

"HOLY *censor BLEEEEEEEEEP*! OH *BLEEEEP*! " cried Bill.

"AAAAGH! Someone HELP!" the cameraman cried falling over. The children began to cry and Bill was dragged away by medical workers. And the flask shattered onto the floor.

"Also- THIS-" said Bill standing in front of a large water fall in the midst of the river, "is LIQUID! And lots of it!" he said shaking. Suddenly he was swept away in the river and down the current as the camera crew attempted to follow but found themselves swallowed up as well.

Later, Bill stood in a blanket on the shore of the river, "This- is what hypothermia is kids!!!" he said shaking violently. He began twitching and fell to the ground again.

"Now liquid conducts electricity! So let's see what happens to this drenched chicken in an electric chair, as opposed to the dry chicken in the electric chair." he said with a smile. The children on the set covered their eyes. "FIRE IT UP!" cried Nye as various clucking was sounded.

"Now Joey, just dip your hand into the liquid nitrogen and tell the viewers why it isn't like sticking your hand in water." said Bill to the 7 year old standing next to him. The child ran off crying.

Suddenly Bill slid into the camera shot singing, "TWIST AND SHOOOUT!" he sang, "(twist and shout)" as he spun around he knocked over a large wooden stick that fell onto the director and knocked him out. Suddenly a pool of red emerged on the floor. "OH CRAP!" cried Bill. "HELP ME PAUL MCARTNEY!"

"And here- Is a rock!" he said holding the object firmly, "It's solid! It won't break if I throw it like this-" he said chucking the rock into the field behind him suddenly a THUD was heard as he looked back to find there was in fact a person in the field, now unconscious in the grass. "Crap! NOT AGAIN!" said Bill.

"Any questions kids?" asked Bill to the children in lab coats surround ing him.

"Where do babies come from!?" asked one.

" …. "

"And this has been- Bill Nye, the Science Guy!" said Bill smiling.

To be continued.