Vampires with no powers (Edward can't read minds and Alice can't see the future)

I don't own anything below except for Aline Grant (human with magic powers)

Chapter 1

The room has spots.

It's bright and it hurts slightly.

Heat is comfortable, air conditioning might be possible.

The silence isn't there because several voices say that they're afraid, they want to go home, they're hungry for real food; someone begin sobbing and Esme blinked several times and see that a light is shinning down upon her as well as her daughters. Rosalie is screeching nonstop and the people, whoever or whatever they are, put her into a sound proof container. Bella and Alice on either side of Esme and they are awake and they appear calm but really they're terrified- petrified most likely.

The room they are held in is a large rocky, apparently underground, room with electrical set up and even computers and swivel chairs. Esme sees about a dozen women in total, including the Cullens, are being held captive and each in separate containers; looking closer Esme see two of the females are visibly pregnant and not that far along. Bella is crouched on the floor of her circular holding prison, which is only about five feet in diameter and ten feet tall with a ventilation shaft in the center of the cage- in each holding prison. Through these vents is recycled air processing through as well as a invisible gas that enables the women to never feel hungry.

Esme Cullen, married to Carlisle Cullen has been kidnapped and she realizes that; but that doesn't upset her as much as she realizes it should because her own daughters have been kidnapped as well. As a mom, that pisses her off. They aren't here for interrogation. They aren't here for medical experiments. Esme glances at the two pregnant women… their faces whenever they look down tell Esme that they are here to be impregnated by someone or something. Esme's sweater makes her shiver; her jeans cause goose bumps to rise on her legs.

Unable to remember what happened, Esme recalls that she told her husband, Carlisle, who'd just come home from work that she was taking the girls and they were going to go hunting for a couple hours since Esme and Rosalie needed too and Alice and Bella were bored. Carlisle had smiled, gave her a bedroom kiss and touched her face ever-so-gently. Told her to have fun and be careful. Esme wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back sayings he loved how protective he was.

The six kids, who'd peeked, groaned and Emmett said something that Esme didn't hear; whatever it was got Bella and Alice to laugh. They took off alone with just the four of them and then an hour later Esme heard movement and then nothing… everything went blank in her memory and her mind was all black.

Alice paced as Esme stood looking around, studying the surroundings, Bella sat and tried to also concentrate on something and Rosalie, on her other side was completely silent until Alice looked again and saw they'd placed her into a sound-proof container. She was yelling by the looks of her quickly moving lips.

Alice is well-educated on the supernatural world that they live in. She knows that they are fourteen prisoners. Two are pregnant and they are sirens; creatures who sing to lure men to their deaths- two more sirens pace unconsciously in their prisons. There is one gorgon (think of Medusa) who can turn a man to stone when he makes eye contact with her and no doubt she's tried very hard to do just that. Three appear to be human but then Alice sees small slits in their backs, red eyes, and small feminine horns from their foreheads and comes to terms that they are demons. Then one angel- a female servant of the gods (Zeus, (God probably) Poseidon, Odin and so on…). The last female is a gargoyle- turns to stone during the day in the position she is in when the sun comes up. Right now it must be dark because she's walking around with pointed fingers for claws and talon toes and even a tail. Her prison is a little bigger because of the large wings with the green-gray skin.

Scowling and looking at Esme, the pixie vampire is thankfully able to tell Esme who is with them and the numbers of each species. "Are you sure?" Alice nodded- pretty sure. "Alice what do we do?"

"I don't know, is Bella alright?"

"Panic attack," Esme said and Alice can only try to keep Bella sane long enough for their husbands to find them. Thank god Nessie was away for a 'human' life in college! "Bella honey it'll be alright!" Alice heard Esme say.

The door opened and in walked the devil and his advocates.

Lucien, the leader of the Budapest warriors, told them that the eye has foreseen some more kidnapped women in a tavern hidden underwater. Danika said that there will be a few of them this time and to be prepared for a fight- there'll be several more hunters then usual and two of the females are pregnant.

Maddox and Torin were staying behind, this time only to defend the fortress with Amun and Cameo. Gwen was going with them Sabin to rescue the women because she knew what it was like to be kidnapped by hunters. They figured out the location was off the coast of Florida so that was where they were headed immediately. Anya was excited to go kick hunter ass but because Danika said that they'd be so many, they called their fellow hunter-hater Aline Grant who was also an immortal who'd been 'kidnapped' by the hunters when she was sixteen. She escaped two years later and saved the rest of the women; Aline is a powerful witch said to be descended from Merlin and her grandmother was supposed to be a vampire so she didn't age. Aline was powerful in the magic and a good fighter with fists.

Aline met them in Florida.

Lucien greeted her and she greeted the others and she and Anya and Gwen hugged, "Thanks for coming Aline. Magic might prove useful."

"I hope so." She said. Her long white hair was what had her stand out in a crowd; her eyes were bright green and her skin was flawless with scattered scares on her back and external wounds on her back from her past as an abused foster child. She's grown up knowing family can get someone killed- she had the proof when she silently, slowly died a little each day. Her damn teachers and friends never saw the signs although she tried to tell them without actually verbally telling them- her foster family used magic too.

"Let's get these fuckers," she mumbled to Anya and the goddess nodded and they skipped forward only to have Lucien and Strider pull them back. "What?"

"Not yet, we need to make sure it's the same place. Aline can you create a thick fog."

She smiled, "And we're by the ocean. This should be fun," she smiled and raised her arms to the skies and chanted words they weren't familiar with and instantly a thick, almost black fog began to sweep the water and come towards them. Aline's black clothing help her to blend into the foggy mist and they shivered except for Aline. They knew her location because of her glimmering white hair.

Lucien thanked her and she nodded, "Anytime Lou." She said and Anya giggled as she pulled out a six inch curved blade and handed two to Aline who never used weapons, just magic. "Just in case?" Anya nodded, "Thank you." She said and concentrating on the spell for the mist she followed them into the tavern last wit Strider and Gideon. It was dark enough in the tavern that Aline stumbled and had to grab Strider's arm several times before he finally let her jump on his back. They've always flirted in small ways like that.

Then they heard screaming, the screaming of a victim and a sexual predator as he laughed.