Bella Snape Lestrange Chapter 1

I woke up that morning in a sweat, dreading what was to come today. I was going to receive the Dark Mark from the Dark Lord, and I was nervous. All I had wanted was to go back to Hogwarts, with my friends. But my Father insisted on lessons from the Dark Lord. I had heard of the pain and burning agony it gives you at first, but the others always say it was worth it. My mother said she would do it again happily if it meant being in the presence of the Dark Lord. A glimpse of how insane she is. I ran down the long spiraling staircase and proceeded quietly into the room. My father handed me a Death Eater robe and it clung to my skin like silk. Then without warning, The Dark Lord was in front of me. I had really never gotten used to the way his snakelike body could sneak up behind you without notice.

This is it. The start of my life of a villain. Evil. I shuddered internally. What would Harry think? He'd be ashamed.

"Well, Isabella. I see you want to become one of my followers." No! My thoughts screamed. "You are of noble blood and I do hope you rise quickly in my ranks." The Dark Lord spoke in his soft, snakelike voice. He pressed his wand to my arm and then so quickly, an extreme burning sensation occurred on my arm. It was burning, so intense and painful, it took all my concentration to not cry out in pain. It was excruciating. He then drew a skull on my arm, spreading the damn pain! Oh, the pain was all-consuming, it almost could rival the Cruiciatus curse. "There. When it burns, you are to report to me with no hesitation, or you suffer the consenquences. Understand, Isabella?" I nodded, still dazed. "Come to my chambers to continue our last lesson."

The Dark Lord had been teaching me all sorts of spells in the Dark Arts and he would often use most of the Unforgivables on me. I could only hope he doesn't hurt me today, if he did, I would probably faint because of the torture.

"Today, Isabella, I will teach you a skill which you will need throughout life. The art of killing. You should know that it is important to get rid of what is no longer useful, for example, muggles and mudbloods are not useful. They are stupid creatures who forced us to live in our separate world for their comfort. Mudbloods are ignorant thieves; they stole our magic and claim it as their own. I brought a Muggle here as a test. To see if you deserve to be in my ranks." He strode over to me and flicked his wand.

An old man who reminded me strangely of Filch appeared. His face was confused and scared. For a second, I felt sick to my stomach. How was I to kill a living, breathing person? But the answer was there in front of me. I had to. It was my duty. If I didn't, I would be tortured, alienated from my family, or worse, killed. I went over to the man and whispered softly, "I'm sorry." I then took out my wand, and said in an unemotional voice, "Crucio!" The man twisted and thrashed, screaming and yelling profanities. My eyes were brimming with tears, but I did not cry. He begged and pleaded, but I never let up on the pain. I was just as evil as the rest of them. I finally decided to put the dear old man out of his misery and said,"Avada Kedavra!" The man fell to the ground with a thud. The Dark Lord smiled evilly and cruelly and I knew he was satisfied.

"Just like your mother. I sense you have a cetain skill. I would hate to lose that." He left without a sound. I broke down sobbing and fell to the floor. Is this what I've been reduced to? I could only hope that Forks was more peaceful than this. I was supposed to leave because Father didn't me getting involved with the war more so than I already have. Plus, word could not get out that I was a Death Eater. The Order would come after us.

I left and started to run to my room. I locked myself in and wouldn't answer the door. My father opened the door, and said in his cold, unemotional voice,"This is what you have to face, Isabella. Life as one of us will never be easy. Even harder because you truly know what our job is personally. The Dark Lord will not stand for disobedience, so you'll have to obey his orders without question. Me, personally I hope you don't turn out like your mother and fancy the Cruciatus Curse. It would make the job harder." He then closed the door and left quietly. I was left alone to bear this? So the rest of my life, I would have to bear the agony of murder? All I could think was: Why me? Why now?