Bella Snape-Lestrange Chapter 21

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Bella's POV

I woke up frightened.I sat up on the bed, and took a deep breath. I was afraid. The Dark-I mean, Voldemort, had horcruxes! They were actually real. I had thought that they were rumors. Even though I was part of the inner circle, there were some things that Voldemort did not speak about. They did not trust most Death Eaters with that privilege. Most just joined out of fear, and did not enjoy the cause. Some were like Draco and I, children of other Death Eaters and forced to join. The truly evil and sick ones were the ones who enjoyed torturing and killing muggles and half-bloods, and for what; to gain power and respect. That brought me back to when I had tortured and killed that man during my lesson.

I will never forget what I did that day. I killed someone. A person who was innocent, and I have to make amends for that. I was trying to be a death eater, when I was part of the light. I think, I was always part of the Light; like it was just natural for me to be good. I was groomed to be a death eater, but I am now and forever will be, part of the Order. I also have to avenge Dumbledore, and make sure all the muggles and muggle-borns would live in a world with no threats. I have to make sure that no one suffers like Harry and I did.

Edward came to me in an instant, breaking me out of my thoughts. "Bella, what are horcruxes?" He asked, with a confused look on his face. "Horcruxes are pieces of a soul. Only the most vile and disgusting person would create a horcrux. You tear a piece of yourself away in order to live longer. Only he would do that." I feel nothing but disgust at the thought of taking a piece of my own soul, and ripping it up just to live longer. I wanted to live as long as I could, as long as I had someone to live for. That is my plan for my life. If I die, I'll go down fighting.

"It creates immortality?" Carlisle asked, a perplexed look on his face. "Yes." All of the vampires in the room looked shocked. "Most people don't make horcruxes because of the irreversible damage that can happen to your soul. It's not really considered anyway. Wizards and witches live long lives." Edward smiled. "They do? And what's this about a soul?" He asked eagerly. I was happy that he was taking so much interest in my world. Harry, however was nowhere to be seen. "Yes. Dumbledore is-was the oldest wizard in the world. The oldest was Nicholas Flamel, an alchemist, and he lived for about 600 years. And about the soul thing, everything has a soul. They might not be the purest soul, but every living being has a soul. When you make horcruxes, you destroy the soul." I explained. Edward had a strange look on his face that I couldn't identify. It looked like a stretch between delight, and enlightenment.

"Where's Harry?" I asked brusquely. I wanted to make sure that he was alright. His temper could sometimes get the best of him, and I don't want that at all. He must be angry about this. "Harry's sleeping, dear. I thought it would be best for him to get some rest. He looked very worn out, and he stayed by your side until he fell asleep." Esme answered with a smile. "Harry is very fond of you." Edward raised an eyebrow. I scoffed. "There's nothing going on with Harry and I. Are you jealous?" I asked, grinning. Edward chuckled. "I am not jealous. I am just selfish and want to keep you all to myself." Edward kissed my forehead, and I felt his cool breath. I felt a bit lightheaded.

"So what are you going to do now?" Alice asked, pulling me out of my Edward-induced haze. "It depends on what Harry wants. I think he wants to find all the Horcruxes and destroy them. Also, I don't think there's anywhere for us to go." Emmett laughed. "You're kidding me! You and your friend can stay here." Emmett had a jubilant look on his face, in contrast to Rosalie, who was standing next to him with a scowl on her face. "Emmett, that is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. They're freaks! The Volturi will come after us! They are a liability." She pointed to me, sneering.

"Shut up, Rosalie. No one's in the mood for your prejudice." Alice said sternly. "No one's going to listen to me. Seriously? Carlisle, you're going to let these freaks of nature come here and endanger us? I'm sorry, but I will not lose Emmett because of your foolishness. We're leaving, before we get killed. Coming, Emmett?" She asked petulantly.

Rosalie was already at the door, but Emmett stayed put. "What are you doing, Em?" She asked disbelievingly. "I'm not leaving. You know Rose, when you changed me, we became part of the family. Edward is part of the family, and so is Bella since she is his mate. You have to get used to that, and respect it." Emmett exhaled, and let out a huge breath. "I really needed to say that." We laughed, and Rosalie went to her room.

Then Harry stepped out of one of the rooms, his hair a mess, as usual. "Morning, Bells." I smiled. "Harry, what's our next move? What about Ron and Herminone? We have to make sure that they're safe-" Harry cut me off. "Bells, relax. They are with the Order. It's fine. We just have to apparate there, and then Lupin and Moody can help us find out what to do." I nodded my head, and laid back down on the bed, satisfied with his explanation.

Then a noise came from outside. Edward growled. "Witches and Wizards in black clothing. They want Bella. They are willing to kill anyone. They seem ruthless." I looked at Harry, who was whipping out his wand. "Bella, we have to fight them. They don't know about the vampires, so we have a bit of an advantage." Harry whispered urgently.

"You don't know what they can do, Harry. But it would help us." I admitted reluctantly. I turned to the Cullens, wand in hand. "You all need to stay alert. Death Eaters are skilled. They may not know what you are, but they can hurt you. I don't know if Unforgivables will work on you, but move as fast as you can, and kill. Don't hold back at all, or they will find a weakness." I felt almost nauseous, I had hoped this would never happen, yet here I am. "What are Unforgivables?" Carlisle asked, a confused and concerned look on his face. "They are the most destructive curses a wizard or witch can use. There are three: the Cruciatus curse, which tortures you and puts you through the worst pain imaginable, the Imperious, which is a sort of mind control, and then he last is the most deadly. The Killing Curse. It kills you without any pain or blood."

The Cullens looked horrified, and I couldn't blame them. "Now, since you're all caught up, we have Death Eaters out there, who are on a rampage. Let's go!" Harry yelled. We all ran out of the house, Harry by my side, and the Cullens, ran past us in a blur. Harry and I stopped in front of the Death Eaters, where I saw my darling mother at the front. She was the leader in all this, I bet. "Oh, look. It's the traitor, and little Potter. You will die, girl. I will make sure of it. You're no longer the Dark Lord's pet. He despises you, now. I knew you would betray us in the end." Bellatrix screamed and lunged toward me, while I cast, "Expelliarmus!" Her body flew back at least ten feet, and she fell on her ass.

"That's what you get, mommie dearest." Edward and the other Cullens were killing Death Eaters left and right, snapping their necks, and immobliiaing them, then moving on to the next one. I could see that the killing was taking it's toll on Carlisle and Esme, I felt so sad that two gentle souls were thrown into the darkness of my world.

Harry stupefied some Death Eaters, and while I was dueling Dolohov, Bellatrix attacked me from behind. I fell to the ground, and doubled over in pain. She had cast the Cruciatus. "You are no longer a daughter of mine. You filthy little blood-traitor! You will die, painfully, and alone." She laughed shrilly, and ran off, leaving me in severe pain. My body was convulsing, and my arms and legs were flailing about.

I screamed in agony. I could barely make out Edward's face, which had a tortured expression. He broke a Death Eater's neck, and ran over to me. "Bella." He said, his voice cracked while saying my name. "Get Harry." I managed to say over the pain. He complied, and brought Harry to me. "I don't know what's wrong with her. She looks like she's in severe pain." Harry smiled grimly. "It's the Cruciatus. I'll take it off." He cast the countercurse, and the pain was lifted. I stood up slowly, my body still shaking. "Bella, you can't fight anymore. Come on, I will bring you back to the house." Edward said quietly.

"Edward, no. I can still fight. I picked up my wand from the ground, and gripped it tightly. "Where's Dolohov? I have a score to settle with him." I growled. Harry pointed to him, and I ran towards him, stupefing the wizard next to him. "Dolohov, you're dead. Sectumsempra!" I cast the spell, and he fell down with a thud, his blood pouring out quickly, and gashes were appearing on his stomach. I turned around and saw that Jasper had a crazed look on his face. I realized that he was hungry. Hungry for Dolohov's blood. I would not let him slip. "Alice! Get Jasper!" I screamed. Alice grabbed him by the arms, Jasper growling, and snarling. It sounded like a fierce blend of a lion and a bear.

Soon after, Jasper regained control. He started to whimper, and Alice kissed him gently on the lips. It was a quick one, but it felt like I was intruding on their moment, so I turned around. Most of the Death Eaters were dead, but some, including Bellatrix, escaped. I was left with questions that I couldn't answer. She had the perfect opportunity to kill me, but she didn't. Then I realized something. The Death Eaters were coming for me, but they didn't kill me. I was tortured, but not killed. What if they were supposed to get me, and bring me back to Voldemort, and let him kill me?

I shook those thoughts away. Harry and I cast a spell to take the dead back to the wizarding world, so that the other Death Eaters could see the damage done to them. Edward had stood next to me, not saying a word. "What's wrong?" Edward stared at me, with a strange look on his face. "Those 'death eaters', they had the most evil minds. They wanted to kill anyone they could get their hands on; only some truly did not want to be here, they were forced. Then again, their minds were selfish, and they thought of the glory that they'd receive once they would go back, if they'd brought you back with them."

"It was agonizing to see you in such pain. That was terrible, I could almost feel the pain that you were in. It tore me apart." Edward kissed me, tenderly, but then it became heated. We broke apart after a moment, and Harry had a determined look on his face. "We are going to have to find all the horcruxes. And we would love to have you guys' help." He asked, apprehensively. Carlisle came forward. "Of course. We would be honored to help." He smiled, kindly.

"Well, then. We have some horcruxes to find." I said, my eyes blazing. "I will protect you, Bella. I will never let you get hurt again. I love you." Edward hugged me tightly, and I smiled. "I love you, too, Edward. Forever."

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