It had been a while since I saw Jacob; the guy who had changed my life in more then one way. I loved him, but I also loved Edward. But he left me, left me for dead. The question was, why did I still love him? I loved him so much that I was risking my safetly just to see him. I knew I loved him more then Jacob. That was a fact. I could never love Jacob as much as I love Edward. It would be different if Jacob imprinted on me. But he didn't - the proved that Jacob and I weren't mean't to be together. We weren't soul mates. He found the one he was supposed to love. Ashley. Ever since he met her, we haven't spoken.

"I have no one." I whispered.

That was true - everyone has abandoned me, I don't know what I had done wrong. Why is everyone leaving me? First Edward now Jacob? Jacob told me about the imprint two weeks ago.

"When i'm not in patrol, I need to be with Ashley." He had told me.

I cried when he said that. Its like he didn't care for me anymore. I understood why, patrolling takes a lot of time and in his spare times he likes to sleep. They will be little time for Ashley. I sighed frowning. I was walking along First Beach - trying to clear my head. The tears had fallen from my eyes down my cheeks like a sail boat trying to find its destination. It was cloudy in La Push and in Forks. That wasn't a surprise. The cool air of the ocean brease was relaxing and the unique smell of the salt water made everything seem alright. But nothing was alright. Nothing could be alright. I licked my lips with a sigh. All these memories kept coming up in my head. Either Edward and me or Jacob and me. It brought even more tears to my eyes. I soon managed to find the drift wood Jacob and I stayed at when we had our first proper conversation. The conversation where I had to flirt with him just to get answers. He told me what the Cullens where. He told me that the Cullens were vampires and at the same time he told me that he was desendant from wolves but I didn't know the werewolf part was true until just recently.

I'm the girl who tends to catch the supernaturals, I thought to myself, why can't I just be a normal girl, like the rest of us humans?

I smoothed the plain white shirt taking away the dirt that the wind caught and stuck onto me. I was also wearing my sweats with my usual shoes. Not that I cared for my appearance just as long as I was comfortable in what I was wearing.

"Hello, Bella." A voice that I vaguely remembered brought me back to life.

I looked up to see Embry. I did notice that Sam, Jared and Paul were behind him watching me carefully. Jacob wasn't with them. I felt hatred towards Sam, like he made Jacob turn into the creature what he was.

"Hello, Embry." I frowned at them. Why did they just come up to me for no reason? I wasn't here to cause a riot. I wasn't any danger to them, they were danger to me.

I looked behind Embry and saw that Sam, Jared and Paul were looking at Embry with surprised glances.

"What?" I hissed at them. My voice had so much venom in them, that they jumped back. They were just as surprised as I was.