"Shit, shit, shit!" the man shouted angrily. His ship was now on fire, spiraling, and heading towards the frozen orb moronically called a planet. He was a human and a soldier of the Earthen Military and now he might be added to the casualty list of war. He pulled back on his ship's controls to pull out of the certain doom but to no avail.

He heard voices on the radio mocking him as he went down. it was a different language but he knew for a fact that they were indeed celebrating his defeat.

"Ha there's another one of those fuckers down!" a high pitched voice, more than likely a frog or toad's voice.

"Miyu, you can finish this one off." a deeper possibly canine growled.

"Yes sir." A feminine voice said that sounded like a felines.

The man saw one of the five ships breaking off and heading straight for him on his radar. "So I gun down six of you and you can't let me die in flames huh?" the Cornerian ship moved behind him. "Wrong move buddy." The man said as he released all of his flares at once.

The flares were designed to distract rockets and missiles but could also be used to blind and momentarily distract a trailing pilot. He heard screams from the radio of the same feminine voice from earlier and surprisingly an explosion come from his radio.

"Miyu! Miyu! Pull out!" they said in alien tongues.

"I can't! Those flares hit my left wing! I can't pull out!"

She tried with all her might to pull out but it was useless, that damn human was bringing her down with him.

"Sir should we go after her?"

"Negative, she'll never survive that. Besides it was going to happen sooner or later." The leader of the squadron grunted, uncaring that his teammate was gong down in front of him.

The man pulled on his ship's controls, all he managed to do was stop the spiraling but he couldn't get away from the snowy world's gravitational pull. Maybe if he could angle it just right he would skid off the ground rather then make a smoldering crater in it. It was worth a shot but not if the planet couldn't support life. He grabbed the photo of him and a woman in each others arms with a letter on the back starting Dear Raye but the rest was illegible.

Raye leveled out the ship and diverted all power away from the engines and to the shields. He had all the brakes open which slowed him but not enough to escape death. if he could time it right his ship could pull off one more surprise. The white ground came closer and closer, he was just under two hundred feet when he punched the red button on his right side. All of the missiles attached to his ship went off at once but stayed attached. It was risky, the wings could get ripped off and he would be screwed but if they held the rockets would slow him by seventy fiver percent. When they were spent of fuel they were released from the wings so not to harm the craft when it crashed.

The ship lurched and he felt himself try to break free of the refining constraints of the seat. It hurt so much he thought for sure he would break some ribs but he finally came back. Now all he had to worry about was the ground still coming at him.

"Jessica I'm going to need your help on this one." Raye said as he began to clench the picture.

One hundred feet… fifty… twenty… ten… one….

Miyu panicked as she went down. But when she realized just how much she was in control of the situation she calmed down gradually.

"Okay, okay just… level the ship out, that's right. No I… oh yeah power down the engines. Now I open the flaps and, wow I might survive this." She thought out loud nervously as she did everything she said. She wasn't the best pilot but pilots were needed to face the human threat. The humans were highly skilled in all forms of combat, space, air, ground, sea and could match the Cornerians in nearly every field quite often.

"Guys, I think I can pull out of this…. Guys?" she asked when she didn't get a response. She was heartbroken, felt abandoned and knew she was going to die even if she survived the wreck. When a squad shuts off their radios to a squad member it means they won't help him or her. It was rare and often hard to prove but it did happen despite the severe punishments if discovered but the only witnesses who would have testified died in the wreck they didn't get help from the condemners to avoid.

"No I'm not dying here!" Miyu shouted. "When I get out of this I'll make sure you pay for this Drake!"

Her Invader-class Cornerian fighter began to slow and level out and as the ground got closer there was no doubt in her mind she would survive but that didn't stop her from closing her eyes as the ground came up on her. The craft smashed into the ground and skipped a few times off the ground but eventually began to skid and finally came to a halt.

Miyu let go of her breath in a long deep sigh. She was alive and the scans reported a stable atmosphere that would support life but it was five degrees Fahrenheit below. The only way she'd survive in that is if she got to work immediately. She reached behind her and took out all the supplies she had. She put on all the clothing she could, put the week's worth of food under her seat just in case and put of a pair of gloves.

Her plan was simple scout of a about a hundred in all directions, hopefully find a safe cave or area to set up camp in and if not make use of all the snow around her. She jumped out of her Invader and felt the cold air blast her defending clothing. It stung her face and her tail felt like it was freezing over but she ignored it, determined that she would not die here.

Miyu's walk was long and treacherous, the snow reached up to her knees and she was almost six feet just three inches short of it. Thankfully there was no wind and the dark near black overcast still clung to its contents.

Raye's eyes fluttered, his head swam and he felt like absolute crap. But hey at least he was alive. Slowly his mind began to clear and survival instincts took over. His cock pit casing took a heavy toll and leaked in the freezing cold air. His cockpit wouldn't make a very good sanctuary against anything; he'd have to find a better one.

Raye opened the cracked and broken glass casing and jumped out. All he had for supplies was a combat knife, Squad Advanced Marksman Rifle or SAM-R for short, two clips for that, a compass and the picture of the mystery woman and him. It wasn't much but it would be all he needed if there were any animals around for him to hunt, skin and eat. As for protection against the elements he already wore a heavy heavily packed jacket, a thinner fuzzy jacket, a red scarf around his neck, and thick heavy green pants. It would do until he got some skins.

He began to trudge to where his compass pointed north when he saw another ship go down. He heard it hit the ground a few times but no explosion followed afterwards.

'That little bastard might have some supplies.' He thought as he changed course from north to west towards the crash site hidden behind the small snow blanketed slopes and hills.

Miyu trudged through the deep snow as she headed back to her ship after searching an entire one hundred foot perimeter and found no sign of shelter what so ever.

"Guess I'll have to-" she said but stopped when she smelt something strange, ominous and seemed to have a beguiling sense to it. It was like the scent of a hunter stalking its prey. She shivered and reached for her blaster at her side. If that human survived it would more than likely be looking for her but she was ready.

She inched through the snow slower now and when she came to a small little mound of snow she hid behind it and spied on the wreck of her ship. She saw some movement and that chilled her more than the snow. Miyu tried to lean in for a better look but knocked down some of the snow on the mound making a loud ruffling sound. She saw the human tense but kept absolutely still. If it saw her before she got within range to use her blaster she was a goner since it had that rifle on its back.

The human looked around for the source of the sound and after a while decided it was nothing and went back to searching through her ship. Little did she know he knew exactly where she was and what she was doing. He began to act like he needed to take off his rifle and he put it on the dashboard of Miyu's ship.

'You bastard.' Miyu thought to herself. If she hated anything more than her former leader Drake it was humans. They took things far more precious to her than they'd ever know and that meant they had to pay. All of them had to pay.

Miyu began to crawl out of hiding as slow and quite as she can while still keeping out of the human's line of sight.

"That's right just come a little closer." Raye said to himself as he looked over the box of food he found under the pilot seat of the Cornerian craft. He was watching the Cornerian get closer and closer out of the corner of his eye and if she moved just a few more feet closer he'd strike.

It took some patience waiting for the enemy in plain sight to come to him but Raye wiped the bead of sweat out of his eyes and then his time came. His hands sped to the rifle and a split second later his sights were zoned in on the lynx. Not taking any extra time to aim properly he shot but so did the lynx. It saw him go for the rifle just as fast as he did and she attempted to drop him before he got a chance to use it.

The SAM-R released a loud bang into the once quite landscape and the red bolt did likewise but was far quieter. The human Raye and the lynx Miyu both shouted as they both felt the shot of the other penetrate their bodies. Raye got nailed just above the heart while Miyu got lucky and the bullet missed her throat by mere inches. They both fell and they both laid there with wounds in serious need of medical attention but there was no one else on the frozen planet, just them, two mortal enemies based and trained solely on killing the other.

AUTHOR'S NOTE~~~ Hey all what did you think? This will be an interesting story that I've been wanting to do for a while now. The main charecters are Raye and Miyu and to clarify the humans are at war with Cornerians and vice versa so there, if you're dumb then now you know :P. Hope you enjoyed and more will be coming shortly.