The Ring Seeks Its True Love


Wataru didn't know that his ring actually had its own pair. Indeed it's not the one Kazuki had copied.

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Chapter 3


Masanobu's eyes widened. His heart skipped a beat. He had already seen the other ring on Yuichi's finger. The red haired man knew that ring was original. But now seeing another ring which bore the same design as the other two on Wataru's ring finger, he could not stop himself from wondering. Masanobu realized that the ring was just simply plain and so far he had never seen anyone wear that kind of ring. Now, he inwardly counted, there were three people owned the rings: Yuichi, Wataru and him.

"Asaka, are you alright?" Wataru quietly queried.

Masanobu's wandering minds stopped abruptly. "Sorry?" Finally he realized that he had stopped walking. They were in the midway to the tea shop after Wataru had helped him finding the right building to re-renovate. Masanobu looked down at the worried eyes before him. "Sorry, I zoned out," he quickly apologized.

Wataru raised an eyebrow. "Maybe it's better if you just head straight home," he advised.

"No, I insist treating you, Wataru," Masanobu gave a small smile. Not far from them groups of girls glued their eyes on him. No matter where the gorgeous man set his feet, he always drew attentions and admirations towards his good looks.

"Fine," Wataru returned the smile.

Casually the older man grabbed Wataru's shoulders. "So, Wataru, do you already have someone?" Masanobu asked. His tone was nonchalant but the question itself was beyond his expectations. He mentally cursed himself. Usually he could lead any conversations smoothly but the younger man crumbled his composure.

Now it's Wataru who stopped his track. He stared up, wide eyed. The thing that Masanobu found appealing was not only those dark orbs but also the blush that sweetly tainted his cheeks. This boy was irresistible.

Irresistible! Inwardly Masanobu reiterated. He cringed. This was inexplicably confusing since he had never found any boys irresistible before.

Wataru fidgeted nervously. "That's a...blatant question actually," he spoke sheepishly. Unconsciously he dragged his hand through his hair. Instinctively Masanobu followed his movement, noticing the ring. He knew it was fake. The silver ring sparkled beautifully, although Masanobu could not help but think that it was beautiful because Wataru wore it.

Masanobu shook his head. It was something he could not define. The fact that he unexpectedly found everything about Wataru in a different perspective actually started to bother him.

"Why did you ask?" Wataru asked.

"Just curious," Masanobu hummed lightly. "You're very cute, so I guess you already have a girl."

Unreadable expressions danced across Wataru's face. It was as if he held back something and kept it as a secret. "Well Asaka, I'm not cute. You're just mocking me," he denied immediately.

However, behind Wataru's nervous laugh, Masanobu sensed the younger boy's discomfort. "I wasn't mocking you, let me clarify that," Masanobu quickly refuted. "So, have you gotten the one?" he stubbornly reiterated his question. He rarely pushed others but now curiosity got the best of him, which normally only happened in rare case.

Wataru was still blushing but he braced himself to confront Masanobu's persuasive eyes. "How about you? Have you?"

Caught off guard, Masanobu was rendered speechless. He nearly opened his mouth, but seeing the bright dark eyes staring up at him questioningly, the tall man lost his words. The question itself already made him speechless, and for the first time in his life, he was stunned beyond belief before another man. Mentally Masanobu winced at the thought.

"Hey, you haven't answered my question," Wataru demanded.

"Ah…" Masanobu shook his head. "No, I haven't," he answered briefly.

Wataru stared in disbelief. "Impossible! Every girl swoons over you. You can easily pick one of them to be your girl."

"Don't change the subject, Wataru," Masanobu cut smoothly. He looked straight into the other boy's obsidian eyes. He knew the effect of his smoldering gaze.

Wataru lifted his hands, surrendered. "Yes, I already have someone," he answered softly.

Masanobu saw love dancing in Wataru's eyes, but he could not help but notice there was another glint in them. It was as if there was sadness in those beautiful orbs. But as quickly as it came, it was gone.


Never before had Masanobu ever been so absorbed in somebody's eyes. He was deeply mesmerized.

"See, you're spacing out again," Wataru sighed, a bit annoyed and worried at the same time. He visibly winced when unconsciously Masanobu tightened his hold and leaned too much closer than necessary. "Asaka?"

The said man was nearly jolted. It was common knowledge that he was a very suave and collected man. For years Masanobu had maintained his reputation. But just in seconds, the boy before him crumbled it.

"A nice ring," he casually commented once they were sat in a tea shop.

"Erm, yeah, it is," Wataru replied nonchalantly. He squirmed uneasily when Manasobu's eyes did not leave the object. The boy tried to hide his hand but Masanobu caught it.

Masanobu was not an aggressive man by nature, but could be one when he was with Wataru. "I wasn't kidding when I said it's a nice ring," he calmly told the brunet. "I really meant it. It's not just a simple ring, is it?" he prodded.

Wataru was a bit surprised. He glanced away but invisible power draw him back to the attentive man. "It's…" he trailed off. "No, it's not just a simple ring," Wataru reiterated. He wanted to tell Masanobu to let go of his hand but the man kept his vice grip. The shorter man mentally told himself that maybe Masanobu did have hypnotic aura that made people succumb to his will. "You know, there's this tradition carried on my old school that couples exchange rings. And... so did I."

Masanobu felt his heart skipped and beat faster. "So, you mean that the ring on your finger is not actually yours?"

"Yes. It's from my bo-beloved," just in time, Wataru nearly said 'boyfriend'.

"So, the ring on your someone is actually yours?" Masanobu eagerly stated.

Wataru nodded.

Masanobu glanced down at the generic-looking ring. Somehow knowing the truth made him smile. He got the answer, that his junior Kazuki wore Wataru's ring. The original ring had belonged to Wataru before he gave it to Kazuki. Yes, he knew that Kazuki and Wataru were in relationship. He had got the feeling, and now Wataru confirmed it, whether the said boy realized it or not. He just knew it.

Finally, Masanobu found the original ring. The person who originally owned it. The very boy who slowly but surely wormed his way to Masanobu's heart.



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