Nine Months

I've been in a Percy Jackson mood for the past few weeks ever since I read the series and I've already written a oneshot but I wanted to write another one. I may make this into a multi-chapter fic; let's just see how it goes. Here's the disclaimer: Lulu halulu does not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, its characters or the Greek gods.

Chapter 1
Prologue: I'm what?!

"Congratulations, Mrs. Jackson, you're pregnant!"

The young, twenty-six year old doctor said, smiling at his patient, a young twenty-two year old woman with blonde hair and grey eyes. The woman's eyes widened in shock as she hopped down from the table.

"I'm what?!" She screeched

"Uh...pregnant." The doctor said nervously. He seemed a bit worried and shocked at the completely unenthusiastic mother-to-be.

"B-But...I can't be pregnant."

"Well..." The doctor didn't know what to say and apparently neither did Annabeth.

"Okay, thank you." Annabeth said walking out of the room.

"'re welcome Mrs. Jackson."

Annabeth left the hospital totally confused a little scared. She figured she'd better call Percy. He was at work at the moment but that didn't matter to her at this particular point in time. Percy had become a history teacher at Goode High School teaching Greek mythology. He actually really loved his job. He had taken the job to search for more half-bloods but he hadn't expected to actually become attached to it.

Annabeth took her phone from her bag and dialled Percy's cell phone number.

Percy was standing in front of his advanced placement eleventh grade class (the last class of the day) and was teaching when his phone rang half way through the lesson.

"Okay, so we all know that there are twelve major Olympian gods. The Big Three are the brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. They--"


One of the students raised his hand and said, "Mr. Jackson, no cell phones in class."

"Haha, very funny Erik." Percy said sarcastically, moving over to his desk to answer his phone.

"It's probably my wife." He said, knowing that only very few people called because demi-gods didn't use phones. It was like telling the monsters where you were. He picked up his phone and answered.

"Hello?" The students leaned in, trying to hear.

"Okay, Annabeth calm down! What's wrong?" Percy paled and his eyes suddenly widened in shock as he dropped his phone and his world went dark.

He had fainted.

All the students gave him an odd look. They could hear Annabeth's voice calling 'Seaweed Brain' as well as Percy from the other end of the line and then Erik got up and grabbed the phone that Percy had dropped.


"Uh...who's this?" Annabeth asked

"I'm Erik, one of Mr. Jackson's students. Are you his wife?" Erik said

"Yes, did something happen?" Annabeth asked

"He fainted. Mrs. Jackson what did you tell him?"

"I told him I was pregnant."

"Congratulations! Don't worry, I'll tell him to call you back after he wakes up."

"Don't bother; I'll see him tonight anyway. Thank you Erik."

"No problem, Mrs. Jackson. Bye,"

"Bye," Erik hung up and put the phone back on Percy's desk. Everyone had gathered around their unconscious teacher and was now looking curiously at Erik.

"His wife's pregnant," He said, kneeling down next to his teacher along with everyone else.

"Aw! He was so shocked that he fainted. That's so cute! He must be really scared." A teenage girl with brown hair said smiling.

"Hey Mr. Jackson, wake up." A tall, blonde boy said, shaking his teacher.

Percy's eyes opened and he all of a sudden shot up causing his students, who had been looking over him to move away quickly.

"" Percy said quickly, in a much panicked voice.

Suddenly he realized where he was and went silent.

"So, your wife's pregnant, huh?" The tall, blonde boy, Jason said.

"Yeah, wait, how do you know?"

"Well... other then the fact that you basically just told us, Erik talked to your wife after you fainted." The girl, Jennifer said.

Percy turned to Erik as he and everyone else stood up.

"She said that she'll talk to you when you get home."

"What am I gonna do?" Percy said, sitting on his desk while his students were still gathered around him.

"Mr. Jackson, the first thing you should do is calm down." Jason said

"The second thing is to prepare yourself." Erik said

"What do you mean?" Percy asked nervously.

"Pregnant women are scary. Trust me, when my mom was pregnant with my little sister last year, my house was not somewhere you wanted to be." This didn't comfort the already scared out of his mind father-to-be.

"My wife's already scary," Percy said, "You don't think she could get worse do you?"

"Well..." Jason said

"I'm screwed."


Suddenly his phone started ringing again.

"Hello?" Percy said answering it.

"Percy!" A woman yelled from the other line.


"Yeah, I just heard the news! Annabeth's pregnant huh? That's great! Congrats!" Wow, news travels fast.

"Yeah...thanks. Hey, Thalia where'd you get a cell phone from?" All his students looked at him funny. The prospect of somebody not having a cell phone was shocking to them.

"Lady Artemis found it and allowed me to call." She said. Luckily his students couldn't hear.

"So she's given me a break and I've decided to come over to New York and visit you and Annabeth! Isn't that great?!" She said, although Percy couldn't help but note a bit of sarcasm in her voice.


"Well, I gotta go. I'll see you in a week! Bye!" Then she hung up before Percy could even answer. That's basically how the rest of the day went, Percy's students were trying to calm him down and every few minutes he would get a call from some of his friends, most of them demi-gods. After Thalia had called, he had received a call from Grover and then, to Percy's shock, Clarisse. He knew that they had become friends over the years but it still seemed odd. He was sure that Chris had something to do with her calling and congratulating them.

Finally, the bell signalling the end of the day rang and Percy was out of the class faster than his students. He ran out so quickly that he didn't hear his students yelling out wishes of good luck.

Once he got home he opened the door to find his newly pregnant wife sleeping on the couch and his expression softened. He went and kneeled down next to his wife and although he didn't want to wake her up because she looked so peaceful, he knew he had to talk to her so he gently shook her awake.

"Hey, Annabeth," He said, shaking her. She opened her eyes and looked at Percy but she didn't attempt to sit up.

"Welcome back," She said before yawning.

"So you're pregnant huh?" He said, removing a stray hair from her forehead.

"Hm...Yeah. I heard you fainted." She said, smiling a bit. Percy blushed a little and chuckled.


"Seaweed brain, what are we gonna do? What happens to the kids of demi-gods? Do they become more demi-gods or do they become mortals?"

"I don't know. I don't think that very many demi-gods make it this far, let alone get married."

"We sure are lucky huh?" Annabeth said

"You got that right," Percy said kissing Annabeth's forehead.

This sure was going to be an interesting nine months.

Okay, so that was the first chapter! I hope you liked it! Other then this chapter, most of the others are gonna be in Percy's POV. What do you guys think of that? I might do some parts in Annabeth's as well though. Either way, PLEASE REVIEW!!!

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