A Doctor Who/Syfy's Alice General/Humour Fanfic

No such thing exists, even in Wonderland. But how else do you describe the Doctor?

Rated K for nothing explicit.

Disclaimer: Syfy's Alice doesn't belong to me. Doctor Who doesn't belong to me, unless this is a future Doctor who also has a ridiculous scarf, like Four. But, I can't really claim him, as he only possibly exists.

A/N: Interesting things happen when I've been reading Alice fanfics all night and I suddenly think of Doctor Who. Things like this conversation.

It's between the Hatter and either Four or a future Doctor who has a suitably ridiculously long scarf. Ridiculously long in a good way, of course.

It happens to be a perfect drabble if you don't count [...] as a word.

(100 words)

"Alright, who're you, then?"

"The Doctor. Who're you?"

"I'm called Hatter."


"Because that's what they call me."

"Yeah, I got that; why do they call you Hatter?"

"Don't you see my hat?"

"That's enough to get you called Hatter?"



"So why do they call you the Doctor?"

"Why not? Can you think of something better?"

"Well... How about Scarfer?"



"And what, exactly, is a Scarfer?"

"Dunno. Just thought it was fitting, your scarf and all."

"Why is it that wherever I go, I'm always identified by my scarf?"

"It's a bloody long scarf."

"This is true."