Hello, this is my first fanfiction ever on this site and I wanted to give it a shot. Its Harvest Moon- AkarixLuke- and rated T. Basically, the first chapter just introduces Akari and her feelings along with Luke's personality and his feelings. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Oh, and reviews are welcome too, so, review with tips or compliments! Thanks again!

Chapter 1


How long is someone supposed to remember? They say that words wound worse than a sword- so true- and sweet words are forgotten easier than harsh words. So as he walked away, happily arm-in-arm with my so called friend, tears streamed down my face. They were tears of frustration and anger. How could I let him go? More importantly, how could he let me go?! I stood there, in front of someone else's house, crying and hating him for all he's worth.

What I didn't realize was that someone was standing behind me. I spun around hurriedly and hastily wiped away my tears. Oh- it was only Luke, the carpenter's son.

"Hey Akari?" he said and yawned wildly. I forgot it was nearly midnight. "What are you doing out here? My dad sent me out because he heard noises…"

"O-oh, I'm sorry…" I answered and shook a little. I was cold- perfect- on top of everything else that was happening.

"Hey," he said. Great- he must've realized by now. "Were you crying? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I answered flatly. Why should he care? And I certainly wasn't going to tell him that Chase broke-up with me. No, he wasn't hot-headed but he did care somewhat, even if it was none of his business.

"Alright then, if you don't want to tell me…" he said and I spun around.

I gave him a toxic glare and snapped, "You're such an idiot! You don't even care, whatever! You leave me alone!" and then- without warning- I slapped him.

He staggered backwards with a hurt look in his eyes. He rubbed his cheek. I looked at him, I was shocked! Why did I slap him? I guess I was just mad at myself for the incident with Chase. Still, the boy looked hurt and confused.

"I- Luke! I didn't mean it. Gosh!" Why was I being so mean? I started to run away and ignored my name being called back towards him.

While I was almost out of ear-shot I heard him yell, "Look, I don't know what I did to make you mad but you're right, I am an idiot!"

Why did he say that? Just because I called him one didn't mean I meant it. But he was; he was the biggest idiot I've ever seen! He tripped over things and laughed a little too much. His bandana is stupid and he was so clueless! What was I saying? I was in no position to make fun of him- I carried more flaws then anyone on the island!

I ran back to my house and didn't look back. I then sprinted to my bed and threw off my clothes- leaving only my undergarments on. I was tired of everyone-no, that was a lie- I was tired of myself. There was nothing I could do. I told myself not to cry anymore and I didn't. I couldn't forget his words. He said I was ugly when I cried, and I was. I was ugly all the time.

I dreamed restlessly and the image of Luke's saddened face shot through my mind a little too frequently. I couldn't get him out of my mind. Surly this was only an effect of him being the first person by my side after the breakup. I convinced myself that that was the only reason. Still- I needed to apologize.

I woke and heard a knock at my door. I got up- a mistake I will soon regret- and opened the door. I then realized I wasn't wearing anything besides shorts and a bra.

I shut the door on whoever was standing at my door and quickly clothed myself.

I reopened the door and to my surprise Luke was standing there. He had a stricken look on his face. Honey was spilled all over his shirt and his smile faded.

"Umm," he stuttered, "I brought you some honey. I figured you would accept my apology from yesterday. Too bad it's spilled all over me huh?!" he then smiled. Why was he being so nice? That made me angry- but why?

"You don't even care? I slapped you and now your clothes are ruined…" I replied. He was acting to calm! Well, that's Luke for you!

"Yeah," he shrugged, "I get grief from my dad all the time, and it's no big deal! Plus, I was bound to get my clothes dirty not to long after this. Want to go get some more?"

I smiled slightly. "Uh- sure…"

He smiled brightly. Wow… then again, maybe I did need some cheering up. Little did I know, I'd eventually be oh-so-very wrong.

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