"Urd, Urd. Quit thinking and start doing." Skuld complained from where she was outside of the other's room. "We gotta get ready and go!"

"Shut it, Squirt! I'm trying to think here!" Urd sighed from the other side of the door as she floated and thought.

"Don't hurt yourself! Come on. Belldandy-nee's ready to go!" Skuld sighed and stomped off, leaving Urd to finally finish up without any interruptions.

"Can't see why we can't all just teleport." Urd sighed in complaint, finally shaking her head as she floated through the door absently and towards the main foyer of their temporary home.

Belldandy herself came out of the kitchen with a smile on her face. "Because the home is occupied by mortals as well, Urd-chan. Father says there are also things that are different where we are going, so it's also best if we're careful."

"Really? Things can't be that bad." Urd scoffed.

That was when Keiichi came in holding his helmet at his side. "Urd, you do realize we're going to Nerima, right?"

"Yeah, so?" Urd grumbled.

The only actual mortal in the home, and the way things were going that was modest at best, let out a small sigh of annoyance. "I've got a cousin who lives over there, she tells me all kinds of weird stories. If even half of them are to be believed, it's not exactly a safe, or sane, place to be."

"It's actually neutral ground as well." Belldandy put in. "Father and Hild-san made an accord over it. No one was to try and do anything with anyone there. There's to many things that can go wrong."

"Seriously, a whole district of Tokyo, off-limits?" Urd blinked at that, tilting her head to the side in thought.

"It has something to do with the youma invasions of Minato, actually." Belldandy nodded. "If things spilled outside of that distract and started enveloping other districts, things would go from bad to worse."

"Now I know about that. The Senshi, a bunch of minor demi-goddesses fighting against a splinter group of Niflheim. Isn't Khronos' daughter one of them?" Urd blinked, frowning at that for a moment.

"Yes." Belldandy nodded. "The current leader of the group, Sailor Moon, or Usagi Tsukino, is the reborn daughter of the Goddess of the Moon, Serenity. Whom was killed in the war about ten thousand years ago." Belldandy grimaced slightly at that. "Remember, that's when the Doublet System was first introduced.

"Ah-hah. Now I remember where I heard the name Selene before. She was Serenity's mother." Urd snapped her fingers and giggled a little. "Do you know what happened to her? I just remember hearing about her dying."

"No, which is why Father has tasked us with going to talk with her. To see what's going on and how Yggradsil had its files changed around." Belldandy nodded.

"Wouldn't Kami-sama know why anyway?" Keiichi blinked. "He's Kami-sama."

"He just wants confirmation, Keiichi." Urd blandly retorted. "Well, come on then, let's go."

"I just got the side car hooked up." Keiichi nodded. "You two are sharing it, and no bickering. I'd rather not crash because you two are arguing." He finally deadpanned at the youngest and oldest of the two Goddesses. He was also really glad that Peorth wasn't around, that would have been...well...Hell. He got a shared look of annoyance, but he was used to that kind of thing. With his own sigh, Keiichi grabbed his helmet and got ready to leave.

"Fine. Y'know what, screw you." Ranma growled as he legged his way up the wall and disappeared over the side of the Tendo's property leaving everyone behind. Most specifically a gaping Ryoga and a frowning Akane.

"Ranma, you don't have to be like that." Selene whispered into his ear as she followed by him as he bounded away angrily. "I was just trying to makeā€¦a joke."

The pigtailed teen shook his head slowly as he ignored the silver haired woman that continued to float near him. "Ain't funny. I don't like gettin' into those kinda fights with Ryoga. More than it's worth t'deal with."

"Sorry, Ranma." Selene apologized softly. "We do need to go back in a few hours though, remember?"

"Yeah, ain't gonna forget that." Ranma sighed as he quickly took a few more quick and speedy jumps until he ended up looking out across the District from a several story high building. Something was tugging at his senses and he tried to pinpoint it with a frown.

"Youma." Selene murmured next to him, wrapping a hand around his shoulder.

"Good. I need something to release my stress." Ranma snarled out.

Author's Notes: I am so sorry. I've been sitting on this for 8 years. MORE WILL BE COMING. I SWEAR.