Author's note: Ello there. Welcome to the lovely world of Lexicon of Love. This is going to be a serious of one-shots starring Lexaeus and Zexion, sometimes Aeleus and Ienzo as well. All my stories will focus mainly around them in some Rated G and Rated XXX situations. Depends on the mood. Since this is December, I've written a lovely little Christmasy story. Hope you guys like it. Read and review.

Christmas Proposal:

There was only a day until Christmas Eve, and Zexion had yet to get anything for his boyfriend of three years, Lexaeus. It was impossible though for slate haired youth to find anything for his perfect lover. There was nothing the man wanted, no physical possession at least. He didn't want a flat screen, a blue ray player, a Rolex watch, or a new, leather coat.

It was impossible to shop for this man!

Zexion was about to give up all together and throw himself off Brooklyn Bridge so he wouldn't have to face Lexaeus, empty handed. The stores in Manhattan held none of the answers for him. After spending half his day searching and searching, he failed to find anything worthy of Lexaeus. There was nothing out there that was good enough for him.

"Ugh!" cried Zexion. He grabbed onto his wet bangs, thanks to the snow, and began to pull on them. "Why must this man be so difficult?" cried the young man. "Why couldn't he be as materialistic as the rest of the gay men in New York?"

He continued to walk down the snow-covered city until he found himself in front of a liquor store. That sounded a little too, low class for this part of town. To be specific, it was a small winery that sold some of the best wine in the city. Zexion had to admit they had damn good wine in there. He remembered that Lexaeus was a big fan of wine.

A thought popped into his head.

"I can get him a bottle of wine," said Zexion. "He'll like that." He sighed as he sadly realized that was the best he could come up with. "I'll buy him an expensive bottle."

He walked inside the shop, searching for the best wine for Lexaeus.


Christmas Eve came quickly.

Their apartment was filled with the most wonderful aroma. Zexion and Lexaeus slaved in the hot kitchen, quickly trying to get dinner ready for when their friends showed up that evening. Zexion was in charge of all the cooking, while Lexaeus had to make sure the house was spotless.

Their apartment wasn't terribly big, but it was cozy. They lived in one of the nicer parts of the city with mildly, expensive furniture in their home. Everything was relatively modern in their Manhattan apartment.

The two of them brought in their fair share of money to afford this place. Zexion was one of the head chefs at one of the top restaurants in the city. Lexaeus worked as lawyer in a nationally, recognized law firm. The two of them made a surprising amount of money, which allowed them many opportunities.

Lexaeus finished vacuuming the house when he gazed upon their six foot Christmas tree. The twenty-eight year-old chuckled as he thought how he was easily taller then their tree. That was also the reason why there was an average sized star on top because he was the only one who could reach it. Poor Zexion would try to try to get the star on top, but he was sadly only five-six.

He ran a hand through his auburn curls before looking at the few presents under their tree. Well, it wasn't a few; there was actually a reasonable amount of presents. Their friends already dropped their presents off throughout the week, since Zexion and Lexaeus were hosting the Christmas party this year. Lexaeus let out a deep sigh of relief, grateful to have a boyfriend like Zexion, who knew how to cook because Lexaeus could barely scramble an egg.

Zexion briefly glanced out the kitchen to see Lexaeus looking at the presents. "You aren't going to shake your present, are you?" asked the twenty-four year old.

"No," chuckled Lexaeus. He turned back, taking the vacuum cleaner into the closet. "I'm surprised you aren't searching for yours."

"I'm a little busy right now," shouted Zexion. He crouched down, checking on his special Hickory Ham that he only makes for the holidays. A smile formed on his face as he saw that the ham was cooking just nicely. In a few more hours, it would be ready to eat.

He stretched back up to check the clock to see that they had two more hours before everyone started to arrive. They would manage to hold them off for another hour with drinking and talking. The ham would be ready within that three-hour time limit.

Zexion brushed his hair back, smiling a bit. He went to a boiling pot of water that was ready for him to throw the rice in. In the next hour, he needed to finish the stuffing, vegetable medley, and dinner rolls. At least the rolls were almost done.

"I have a long way to go," he said to himself.


Lexaeus' best friend, Xigbar, showed up with his boyfriend, Demyx, who also happened to be Zexion's best friend. Another one of Lexaeus' friends, Luxord, showed up with his wife, Larxene. Zexion's friend Naminé arrived with her fiancé, Marluxia, and her twin brother, Roxas, and his boyfriend Axel.

It was going to be a loud Christmas Eve for Lexaeus Crawford and Zexion Pryce.

They both changed into something a little more formal then the jeans and t-shirts they had on earlier. Lexaeus wore a dark-blue button up with a pair of slacks and a black coat over it. Zexion wore a simple, black turtleneck and gray slacks he found hidden in his side of the closet.

They welcomed their friends to their home.

Just as Zexion predicted, they spent the first hour drinking white wine.

Axel invaded Lexaeus and Xigbar's business conversation, sparing Demyx from anymore mental anguish from their talk. The red head distracted them with talks of New Year's Eve. That year, Axel and Roxas were going to Times Square to party with the rest of New York. Axel invited everyone else to go along with them so that they wouldn't all freeze to death.

Luxord and Larxene were going to miss the party because they had to visit Larxene's parents.

Everyone else was more them willing to go down to Times Square.

Zexion went into the kitchen, checking on the food to see if it was ready yet. A smile crept up on his face as he saw that everything was ready. He ran back into the living room, calling everyone's attention. "If you all would be so kind to go to the dining room, dinner is ready," he said, politely.

"Awesome!" cheered Demyx. "Zexy's awesome cooking! God! I miss being your roommate, Zexy. You always made the best food."

"I don't," said Zexion as he carried the ham in. He placed it on the table along with the rice, stuffing, and vegetables. "You were a total slob who refused to clean."

Demyx began to pout. "I was twenty!" cried the blond.

Xigbar snuck up on Demyx from behind, wrapping his arms around him. He leaned in, kissing the blond's neck. "Don't pout, baby," said his lover. "Zexion is only playing with you."

"No, he's not," laughed Axel and Roxas.

"Meanies!" shouted Demyx. "Santa is going to put a lump of coal in your stockings!"


The dinner was fantastic, but then again, it was Zexion who was cooking.

Everyone was stuff and hardly able to move once the dishes were cleared. Zexion made Marluxia, Xigbar, Luxord, and Axel do the dishes since the four of them ate the most. There was no way that he was cleaning up after them. Marluxia did the dishes, while Axel and Luxord teamed up on drying, and Xigbar braved the cold to throw out the trash.

Everyone else lounged around in the living room with some strange Christmas movie playing on their flat screen. They all were laughing uncontrollably, munching on some of the cookies Zexion baked. Zexion sat between Roxas and Demyx in the loveseat since they were all skinny enough to fit.

"How's the photography going, Roxas?" asked the savage Larxene. Zexion was expecting a rude, sarcastic comment, but it seemed even she was suffering from the Christmas spirit.

Roxas smiled as he wiped his hands of the crumbs. "It's doing very good," he said, smiling. "I have a contract with Vogue to do some photos for their fashion issue. It's going to be great publicity for me."

Naminé nodded her head. "My baby brother is growing up so fast," said the blonde.

"I'm barely three minutes younger then you!" said Roxas.

The men escaped the kitchen, finished with the dishes. For some reason, Axel wasn't wearing his shirt, again. He sat down on the loveseat with them, pulling Roxas onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around his Roxy, nibbling on the boy's neck. "I love you," said a tipsy Axel.

Roxas giggled as Axel found one of his sensitive spots.

Marluxia sat next to Naminé, wrapping his arm around his future bride. "Zexion is a total slave driver," said the pink haired man. "He made us do all the dishes."

"Good," said Naminé. "You realize when we get married, that's exactly what you're going to be doing."

Marluxia gulped. "So…how soon do you want kids?" He was going to put their little ones straight to work.

Luxord shook his head. "That logic never works, my friend," said the Brit. "Kids these days have too much spunk and violence in them. They'll probably stab you."

"True," said Xigbar. "You have any idea how many cases I had to cover about violent children? Let's just say a lot."

"Who cares about evil kids!" shouted Demyx. He pointed at the clock that the couple had on their wall. "It's already midnight! Can we open presents now?"

Larxene rolled her eyes. "You're such a child, Demyx," laughed the woman.

"Presents!" cheered Axel.

"Alright!" shouted the others.

Once all that was said and done, the presents were disturbed amongst everyone. Zexion and Lexaeus didn't get their friends anything since the hosting the party and dinner was their gift. That was the unspoken laws for Christmas. Whoever hosted the party didn't have to give the others presents since they already went out of the way for dinner.

Each of them had a nice trickle of presents on their laps. Everyone began to tare them opening, marveling at their gifts. For the most part, it was funny clothes, but there were some with photos, paintings, and decorative items.

Lexaeus opened Zexion's gift, finding that it was a box. He smirked, knowing at how tricky Zexion was. He removed the box to find his favorite bottle of red wine inside. A smile formed on his face as he raised it up, proudly. "Thank you, my love." He leaned over from the recliner, while Zexion stretched his neck up from the ground to kiss him briefly.

Zexion looked around for Lexaeus' gift. A small frown formed on his face when he saw that he didn't overlook it. The gift wasn't there at all. "Umm…Lexaeus?" he whispered. The big man looked down at him. "Did you forget to get me something?"

Everyone gasped!

Axel began to bust out laughing. "You're in the dog house for sure, Lex!" he said, grinning like the Cherisher Cat.

Lexaeus shook his head as he got up from the recliner. Zexion got on his feet as well, wondering what his explanation would be. Lexaeus held onto Zexion's hand, smiling at the younger. "I didn't forget about you, Zexion." He played with the younger's fingers as he couldn't contain his smile any longer. "I wanted to save your gift for last."

"Really?" said Zexion.

"Yes," said Lexaeus. He leaned in, kissing him on the cheek. "You know you mean the world to me, Zexion." His hand was cupping the younger man's face. "I am happy to have met you at that café, four years ago. I couldn't imagine my life without you around. I don't want to imagine what life could be like without you." Lexaeus pulled out a small box from the pocket of his coat then dropped down to one knee.

Zexion's eyes began to widen in shock as he stared down to Lexaeus. "Oh my God," he said, softly.

Lexaeus opened the box, revealing a sparkling, silver ring. "Zexion Pryce," he said, sounding so sure of himself, "will you marry me?"

Another gasped escaped everyone as they all leaned in closer, waiting for Zexion's answer. Zexion was frozen in place, unable to speak for a moment. Once his initial shock passed, he saw the smile on Lexaeus' face. How could he say no to that?

He couldn't.

"Yes!" cried Zexion. "I will marry you!"

Lexaeus got back on his feet, taking the ring from the box. The both of them were grinning like idiots as Lexaeus slide the ring into Zexion's finger. Zexion jumped into Lexaeus' arm, giving him a big kiss.

Their friends began to cheer for them.

Xigbar lifted up the bottle of wine, shaking it in his hand. "We should celebrate with a glass of wine!" he said, smiling. "We're all going to be taking a cab home anyways so why not? To Lexaeus and Zexion?"

Marluxia agreed as he rose up his glass. "I'll drink to that," he said, laughing.

"Me too!" cheered Axel.

Lexaeus and Zexion couldn't argue with them.

Xigbar filled up everyone's glass then they all toasted to their engagement.


It was three by the time everyone was gone and everything was cleaned once again.

They finished getting dressed for bed, both feeling tipsy. Lexaeus only wore a pair of brown, pajama pants with that and his boxers hanging off his strong hips. He paraded around their bedroom with his perfectly sculpted chest, while Zexion stumbled out of the bathroom. He quickly grabbed the edge of the dresser to steady his balance as he stumbled out wearing one of Lexaeus' t-shirts and blue, pajama bottoms.

Lexaeus smiled at his fiancé as the younger collapsed on top of the bed. A chuckle escaped him as he crawled in next to him. Lexaeus pulled him into his arms, holding onto his slender hips. Zexion curled against Lexaeus like a kitten searching for warmth.

"You're awfully cuddly," laughed Lexaeus.

Zexion growled at him as he buried his face in his fiancé's chest. "Shut up!" he said, mumbling against him. "Don't be mean."

Lexaeus chuckled as he kissed his forehead. "I'm not being mean, my love," he said, whispering into his ear. "I love cuddling with you."

"Good," said Zexion. He curled up against him even more. He ran his fingers through Lexaeus' curls, tugging on them lightly. "You're always so warm and I'm so cold!"

"Get under the blankets then."

Zexion nodded his head and allowed Lexaeus to tuck him into bed. Lexaeus tucked him in, covering them both with the covers. Zexion curled back up against him with Lexaeus wrapping his arms around him.

In a matter of moments, they drifted off to sleep.


When morning came, Zexion felt rather reenergized by the good night's sleep. He stretched his arms before looking at Lexaeus as the big man woke up. Lexaeus popped his neck when he was pounced on by Zexion.

Zexion laid on top of him with a rather aggressive smile on his face. "Merry Christmas, my fiancé," said the younger.

"Merry Christmas to you too," said Lexaeus, grinning by the rather erotic sight. Zexion looked too damn sexy for his own good. He wanted to ravage his boy right now, but he decided to let Zexion have his fun first.

Zexion grinded his body against Lexaeus as he ran his fingers up and down Lexaeus' hard chest. Lexaeus let out a soft groan as he felt his member rising against the boy's touch. Zexion slid out of his shirt, tossing it carelessly on the ground. He laid back on Lexaeus, kissing him hotly.

Neither one cared about the morning breath.

Lexaeus held Zexion by his hips, noticing that Zexion was getting excited as well. Zexion wiggled his hips around as he deepened their kiss. Zexion really wanted Lexaeus, bad. And Lexaeus was more then willing to give into his demands.

He pinned Zexion on the bed then slowly began to kiss down his tight chest. Zexion let out hot breaths as Lexaeus' stubbly beard touched his smooth chest. Lexaeus grazed against him until he finally saw the erection that was poking out of Zexion's pajamas. He could see the pink head sticking out and saw that Zexion wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Naughty boy," laughed Lexaeus. He went lower, licking the tip of his head. Zexion's back exploded in pleasure with his body beginning to shake. Lexaeus tore off the boy's pajamas pants and threw them to the ground. He gave Zexion's erection one, last kiss on its base before going back up to kiss Zexion.

The younger man was inflamed by his touch. He had his arms around Lexaeus' neck as he wrapped his legs around his waist. "Don't tease me," moaned Zexion. "Do me already, Lexaeus."

"As you wish," Lexaeus said, while biting on his earlobe. Zexion moaned again with his erection stabbing Lexaeus in his abs. A chuckle escaped him as he pushed down his own pants and boxers a bit. His member was at full attention, craving to fill Zexion to end.

They both smashed their lips together as Lexaeus went inside Zexion raw. A sharp gasp escaped Zexion, but Lexaeus' skilled lips calmed him down. Lexaeus took advantage of this to give Zexion a moment to readjust to his member by ravaging the boy's mouth with his tongue. Once Zexion completely melted in his hands, he began to thrust his way deep inside the younger's warm cavity.

Gasps escaped from the both of them as Zexion's tight entrance stimulated Lexaeus, and as Lexaeus stimulated Zexion with each thrust and playing with the younger's erection. With each thrust, Lexaeus began to thrust faster and harder inside Zexion, making the boy quiver underneath him. Over and over again, Lexaeus hit the sensitive nerves deep inside Zexion's cavity.

Zexion came in Lexaeus' hand, spilling his seed between them. Lexaeus began to spill his load inside Zexion soon after. With a final thrust, the both of them saws a blinding, white light followed by stars. Lexaeus came inside Zexion with part of his seed leaking its way out of him as he slowly pulled out.

They were both left panting for air, sheets stained by their sexing.

Lexaeus laid beside Zexion, slowly regaining his breath. He turned to look at the still panting Zexion. He took a hold of Zexion's left hand, kissing it. "I love you, Zexion," said the older man. "Merry Christmas."

Zexion smiled at him as he turned his sore body to rest against Lexaeus' sweaty chest. "I love you too, Lexaeus," he told him. "Merry Christmas. I'm going back to sleep now."

A soft laugh escaped Lexaeus as he kissed Zexion's sweaty brow. "Alright," he said, smiling at him. He held onto Zexion as the younger cuddled against him. In moments, Zexion went back to sleep. Lexaeus continued to watch over him, thanking God for letting him have this boy.

Lexaeus waited until Zexion was in a deep sleep before slipping out of bed to get Christmas morning ready for his fiancé.

* * *