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Hallowed Shell:

Ancient Greece, Athens -

"Father, who is this man?"

"He is a debt-collector."

"Do we owe a lot?"

"I already paid for it, son. I need you to go with this man though."

"Why father? Did…did you sell me off into slavery?"

"Something far worse, boy. Your father sold me your soul."

"What! Father…father!"

San Francisco, California 2010

The streets of the Castro were lit up with a blaze for Halloween. The gays were partying their hearts out for their Halloween celebration, in the heart of the gay community. Gay men, lesbians, transvestites, and the straighties came out to party and enjoy the night where the freaks came out to party.

The Badlands was revved up for all the boys and girls that wandered in there to celebrate the night where creatures roamed. The go-go boys danced out of control, giving everyone a show for whoever walked in. Drinks went down throats, intoxicating the crowd with the beat of the music that played through the intense sound system. Bodies vibrated and danced in the chaos that was brewing within the club.

A fresh-faced, college grad entered the club with a group of his friends. His friends wearing various costumes to show off their sexuality, while he took a simpler approach but would still turn heads as a result. Lexaeus Arden would turn heads simply due to his muscular physique and dominating presence. He was dressed in a Greek toga that covered most of his body with a fake sword strapped onto his hip.

His friends each wore something outrageous, simply wanting to attract attention to themselves. Demyx was one of many twinks dressed up in nothing but their underwear with glitter sparkling on his body. The young blond clung onto the arm of his sexy pirate boyfriend, Xigbar. His costume was half-torn that easily showed off his bod. Luxord was dressed as a sexy cop with the short shorts and tight-fitting shirt. And then there was Xaldin, he was dressed up as a sexy doctor without a shirt on so his hairy torso was exposed to everyone.

"I love this place!" Demyx cheered. "Come on, Xiggy, bye me a drink! You promised me something sweet and delicious."

"Yean, I was talking about my dick, Demy," laughed Xigbar.

The others simply rolled their eyes as they went off to do their own thing. Xigbar and Demyx went off to who knows where to probably do something very dirty in the bathroom. Luxord and Xaldin approached the bar to get trashed enough to enjoy the scene. Lexaeus wandered off on his own, going to the dance floor to see what the crowd brought tonight.

At twenty-three years old, he was easy to say he was at his physical prime. He could probably have almost any guy he wanted in the club, but he failed to pursue anyone of them. He was always holding out for somebody special, a guy that would make his world change. He knew that the club was the wrong place to look for somebody like that and he was better off just grabbing one of the little twinks home to fuck their lights out.

Still, he found himself holding out just for the off chance that someone was out there.

Lexaeus cut himself through a few guys, desperately trying to get a hold of the heroic looking Greek. He dodged a giant fairy and a giant dick, shaking his head at them both. A few guys dressed up in Rocky Horror outfits waved to him, which he recognized as some guys he went to school with. He waved back out of sheer politeness as he continued to navigate his way through the orgy of people.

At least until a hand managed to grab onto him. Well, it wasn't much of a grab; it was more of a gentle touch that brought a burning chill to the young man's spine. Lexaeus spun his neck to the side to see a guy who didn't look a day older then sixteen standing there with an innocent expression on his face. He also had on a Greek inspired costume, although a lot more revealing and shorter than his was. It also seemed a little more authentic compared to Lexaeus's, but he found himself staring at the lithe figure and lilac hair that framed this twink.

"I like you costume," said the mysterious boy. "Would you care to dance with me?"

"Sure," Lexaeus said, already mesmerized by the boy. "How old are you anyways?"

"Eighteen," he told him, "but I act a lot older then I seem."

"Well, I'm Lexaeus," he said, blindly following the boy to the center of the dance floor.

The boy continued to hold onto his arm with a gentle grip. It was almost sensuous the way his hand touched his muscular flesh. It made the big guy weak in the knees for someone so tiny that it made him think of millions of things that made his head spin.

"I'm Zexion," said the boy.

Zexion took Lexaeus to the spot where he wanted to dance and turned to face him. As he turned, his costume ridded up a little, revealing the lack of underclothing he wore. Lexaeus caught sight of this exposed flesh and felt nervous as the boy drew his body closer towards his. Zexion remained close with his hands on his chest and hips swaying.

Lexaeus struggled to keep his cool as this attractive boy stared him in the eye. The intense look in those violet colored eyes seemed unnatural to him, but that only added to the mystery behind him. In all his life, Lexaeus never saw anyone like him and it completely drove him crazy. He barely even knew Zexion's name, but he was already hooked into whatever trap that the boy had.

"You're perfect," Zexion whispered as his hands roamed throughout Lexaeus's body. "You're exactly what I'm looking for."

"What are you looking for?" Lexaeus said, suddenly feeling a little hazy in the head.

Zexion could only smirk with his eyes turning black as Lexaeus suddenly lost all control of his senses and everything seemed to shutdown.

Lexaeus woke up on a soft bed in the middle of a bare room. There wasn't a single thing in that room except for that bed, which made it all the creepier for him as he was roused from his sleep. It made him wonder just what happened with him as he danced with Zexion. The last thing he remembered was Zexion's eyes changing. It made no sense though; it must've been the light.

He must be sick in order to fade out of it the way he did.

"You're finally awake." Zexion appeared through the door behind the bed, surprising Lexaeus as he didn't even hear him. The boy still wore his costume as he carried the sword that Lexaeus had before passing out. "I was worried that you would wake up too late," he said, calmly. "I cannot claim you without you conscious and your clear consent."

"What are you talking about?" said a confused Lexaeus.

Zexion could only smile as he threw the sword to the ground. He jumped on the bed, pinning Lexaeus down with remarkable strength. Fear suddenly clenched hold of his heart as he watched Zexion's eyes turn black for the second time that night. There was evil behind Zexion, raw evil that seemed to go back forever to him.

A soft smile began to creep up the creature's face as he leaned in to kiss Lexaeus. Zexion's lips were soft and warm like a human's were. Even when he accidently let his mouth opened, he didn't feel a beastly tongue or fangs in the boy's lips. The only thing different, from what he could tell, was his eyes and strength. There was something more to Zexion then Lexaeus could see, and that terrified him.

"A good kisser too," Zexion said as he broke the kiss. "Well, you just keep getting better and better. You'll make a worthy Guard for me."

"What are you?" Lexaeus said, his voice cracking with fear.

Zexion kept his smile as he started to kiss Lexaeus on the neck. He softly licked away at the flesh, leaving love bites on it in the process as his hands began to graze over his hard body. Lexaeus's hands were freed as a result, which he unintentionally used to feel the body of the boy that was on top of him. Zexion was a combination of soft muscle and youthful flesh. It brought urges to Lexaeus that he had locked away for ages now.

Zexion easily tore away at the front of Lexaeus's costume, exposing the man's hard chest to the cool air. His hands began to run down that muscular chest, over his perfect pecs and abs, grazing his rosy nipples, and feeling the soft chest hair. The boy leaned in with the back of his costume ridding up to expose his bare bum as he took one of Lexaeus's hands to rest it on there. "I'm a demon," he whispered into his ear. "And I want you to be my mate."

Lexaeus's entire body froze over as this boy demon started to undress. He no longer responded at all to Zexion as he stripped off the costume to reveal his seductive figure. There wasn't a speck of hair on his body, there was a raging hard-on between his creamy thighs, and the look of lust radiated strongly in his violet eyes.

"Think of it, Lexaeus," Zexion said, pressing his nude figure against him. "I can give you anything you want. I have the power to do almost anything. All I ask is that you give me your loyalty and love in exchange for some of my power. It just needs to be sealed with two bodies becoming one."

Lexaeus continued to remain unresponsive underneath Zexion, while the demonic boy continued his ploy to seduce him.

"Why me?" Lexaeus asked. "Why do you want me?"

Zexion smiled as rubbed his body against his. Slowly, he was starting to get the response from Lexaeus's body that he wanted. He could feel the man's blood boiling with lust as his body was beginning to give into him. The demon took the man's hands, guiding it so that it could feel his own body, bringing slight pleasure for them both.

"Submit yourself to me, Zexion!"

"I'll never, you bastard! I never wanted any of this. I don't deserve to be here. It was my father's own debt that he needed to pay! I don't deserve to have my soul taken away."

"It's already gone, boy. You belong to me and you need to learn your place. You will be my slave for the remainder of eternity. I will do with you as I please."

"Go back to Hades!"

"You will be going with me, Zexion."

"I need you to protect me, Lexaeus," Zexion said to him. "I've made many enemies in my long existence. My master was fairly high-ranking back in the pit, but I vanquished him and took all his power. Many of the demons don't like that and want to take the power that I claimed. So I need a big, strong man like yourself to protect me. I'll return the favor in any way you want, I can give you anything your heart desires."

As Zexion coaxed Lexaeus on, he had fully stripped the man of all his clothing. Now, they were both nude on the bed with their bodies pressed against one another for warmth. Zexion had his hands rubbing against Lexaeus's privates, making it exceedingly difficult for him not to get hard. In a matter of moments, Zexion had him fully erect with his hands stroking the man's impressively long and thick length.

Lexaeus gave soft moans as Zexion continued to stroke his painful erection. The demon had the man exactly where he wanted him. The lust would make him give in to him, assuring him the strength that the mortal possessed. He could only hope that this one wouldn't burn out as quickly as the last one. He wanted someone strong enough to protect him, but also someone who could fuck him through the entire night.

"Please, Lexaeus," Zexion whispered into his ear. He made his entire body shudder as Lexaeus's arm slid to touch his warm side. He pretended to seem weak and desperately in need of the man's touch to keep him going. "I need you just as much as you need me. I can give you love, someone who will love you for all eternity. My heart and body will be yours, all you have to do is say yes to me."

Lexaeus started to shudder as Zexion's hand slowly brought him to climax. He grabbed onto the demon's waist and his other hand clung to the sheet. He closed his eyes painfully as he felt his muscles beginning to contract. It was all too much for him to resist, the offer was just too much for him to say no to. He needed to be loved, he wanted that someone to love him with all his heart.

"Yes!" Lexaeus cried, blinded by the demon's promises. "I'll be yours."

Zexion released Lexaeus from his hold and pushed himself on top of the man's muscular figure. He sat on the man's lap with his erection rubbing against the crack of his ass, while he used his own erection to rub against those rock, hard abs. A sweet smile formed on the demon's face as he began to bite into his wrist. With blood beginning to flow from the wound, Zexion presented the bleeding wrist to his new guardian.

"With my blood, our deal shall be forged," chanted Zexion, "and through our intercourse, the deal shall be sealed."

Lexaeus began to drink the demon's blood, feeling strength rushing throughout his entire being that he never knew before. Zexion had to remove Lexaeus from the blood before he drained too much from him. The demon pushed his new guardian down to the bed to finish the ritual. There were only a few minutes left until midnight, which meant he needed to work quickly.

Without so much effort, Zexion forced Lexaeus's penis inside of him. They both cried out in pleasure as Lexaeus grabbed onto the boy's waist, while Zexion smacked his palms down on his hard chest. Once he was all the way in, Zexion started to ride Lexaeus with a remarkable amount of speed that was completely unnatural for a human. Lexaeus could only see Zexion as a blur, but his dick could feel the pressure of Zexion's speed and ass.

He feared that his dick would explode or combust with the way Zexion was moving. However, things didn't turn out that way as his entire body tensed up, signaling his approaching climax. The demon was nearing his own finish, having played with himself the entire time. They both gave out beasty grunts as the climaxed at the same time.

The blood that Lexaeus consumed began to boil inside of him as the change took place.

Lexaeus gave out a single cry of pain before his died on him and he drifted off into nothing.

"You cannot control me."

"What do you think you're doing, Zexion?"

"Vanquishing you! No longer will your torment me. No longer will you control me. What's yours shall now be mine!"


Zexion had his arms wrapped around Lexaeus until the man finally woke up once again. He held onto him as a lover would, which they both were now. The demon boy clung onto his new mate and guardian with a hopeful look in his eyes as he began to spill his secret to his partner. It would only be fitting that he shared with him the truth since it was now Lexaeus's responsibility to protect him as the others had.

"My father sold my soul to a demon when I was fifteen," said Zexion. "The demon came to our house in Ancient Athens, he took me away and brought me down to Hell. I was the only, living human there. I was in Hell for three hundred years, but since time goes faster down in the pit, I only aged three years before I finally destroyed my master. I gained support from a fallen angel who was pissed by my master's treatment of his superiors. With her help, I was able to defeat my master and take his power."

"Why do you need me though?" said the tired Lexaeus. "It sounds like you can protect yourself."

"I can," said Zexion, "but…but I also need companionship. Lexaeus, I'm still human just with a demon's power fused into my soul. I'm part demon, part human. The only one in existence. I get lonely so I choose a man to be my mate every couple centuries so that I won't be alone and I know I have someone to protect me."

"So…I'm just a passing fling?" asked Lexaeus.

"Hopefully not," said Zexion. "None of the men I choose are flings. I only pick men who I feel I could have a happy ending with, but they always die on me. I guess I'm just trying to find Mr. Right, a strong male in my life since all the other ones failed me."

"I guess I'm doing the same," Lexaeus said, wrapped his arm over Zexion's shoulder. The man looked down at him, seeing Zexion continuing to cling onto his muscular waist with teary eyes forming. He could tell that the boy was telling him the truth, he was still very much human and it made him sad to know that a man would sell his own son's soul. "I hope that I can last."

Zexion hoped so too as he leaned in to kiss Lexaeus.

Maybe there was some hope for his human soul after all.