They were all in the control room of the Titans Tower doing there own thing...

Well all except Cyborg he was walking outside with Bumblebee, they had just recently gotten together around the same time as Robin and Starfire. Best Boy and Robin were playing a videogame and Starfire who was cheering on Robin was sitting on the floor leaning on his legs. Raven was curled up on a chare reading a book. Well riley she was turning the pages automatically. She was riley thinking about how everybody on the teem had a relationship with somebody. The only people that didn't have a girl/boyfriend were her and Best Boy and Best Boy had actually almost had a girlfriend and he was still in love with Tara. Raven had no Excuse, she had had a crush one time but he turned out to be an evil dragon that had used her to get out of an enchanted book. She tried to think of what having a boyfriend would be like and what he would look like but it was hard she just couldn't think of anyone that would like her.

The alarm went off Just as Cyborg walked throw the door without Bee she must have gone home Raven thought standing up and walking over to the large computer.

"What's up?" asked Cyborg

"Slade" Robin growled the name and ran towered the garage everyone fallowing behind.

They were moving fast towered the ware haws that Slade was in. Cyborg, as usual, was driving. They pulled up in front and jumped into action braking throw the door and running in. At first they saw nothing.

"Search the area" Robin said almost a whisper. Raven flew around the outside of the building she was only half paying attention to what she was doing though. Her mind kept wandering bake to love and boyfriends and then of cores she wondered what kissing felt like. She had never had a first kiss and she was slightly curios.

Something moved behind one of the buildings and Raven Fallowed the shadow as silently as possible but as soon as she turned the corner she saw t move behind her so she turned and started to fallow it that way. She saw it move into one of the warehouses and she fallowed it in.

"Raven were are you?" Robin's voice came from her communicator and she picked it up and whispered into it "I think I fawned him." then there was a low chuckle and she turned to see Slade leaning against a stake of crates arms crossed, looking straight at her.