Raven stood up and turned around. She didn't see anybody. She could have sworn she herd Slade say something behind her. "Common little bird open your eyes" Raven squinted into the darkness. "That was Slade's voice, but were " Some one stepped into the light, but he didn't look like Slade.

He was wearing what looked like traditional ninja uniform only you couldn't see his eyes, it looked like he wouldn't be abele to see throw the black material his mask was made of. He also had two Ninja-to strapped to his back there was no color in his clothes it was only black and rely dark gray. "Slade?" Raven had never seen him were anything but his normal mask it was only slightly weird. "Yes who did you think it was?" Slade crossed his arms. Raven walked over to him and looked him over "wares your normal mask?" Raven asked putting a finger to Slade's face. "Do you think I ware that all the time? After a wile don't you think it would start to smell? And it's really not that comfortable." Slade explained walking around so that he could see the city.

"I forgot how it looked at night…when I was young I used to sit and stare at the lights at night. To make up for the absence of the stars I suppose." Slade said and turned to Raven who was staring at him. She was trying to imagine a little Slade, but as she didn't know what he actually looked like the only picture she got was of a mine me Slade. It was actually kind of cute; she thought and had to suppress a giggle.

"So were have you been?" Slade asked they were sitting with there feet hanging over the side of the tower. "Hm?" Raven asked looking at him "when the rest of your teem come to 'stop' me your never with them." Slade coked his head to the side "oh, Robin said that when you are the problem I should stay home cuz' I'm distracted when its you" Raven blushed and looked at her hands "Distracted hu? Well you did run into a wall and…what Robin told you that you're not aloud because you get distracted?" Slade sounded incredulous "Um...yes" answered Raven, Slade started to laugh, Raven sat there for a second then joined him. They stopped and sat in silence for a minute.

"Slade do you remember the question you asked me that one night…you know when you gave me the first rose" Raven asked. Slade looked at her and nodded. "Well my answer I think love is complicated…" Raven was thinking of him and her, them together, but could they ever really be together? Her friends, especially Robin, could they accept it? No probably not.

"I know what you're thinking and your right…how do we make this work?" Slade sued up and walked around. Raven got to her feet and watched him.

"Slade were do you go at night?" Raven asked without thinking. She was curious, and had been worried about it for some while but, she hadn't meant to ask. He was still a villain to the rest of the world and probably wanted to keep his hiding place secret; she was worried he would get mad that she asked.

Raven didn't get to find out if he was upset because her communicator went off. She picked it up and motioned for him to be quit he crossed his arms and coked his head to the side as if saying "no freken du" Raven rolled her eyes at him and answered. It was Beast Boy.

"where are you!" he was annoyed. "I'm on the roof" Raven replied. Well get your but dawn hear we had a call!" Cyborg said pulling the communicator up to his face. "Coming" she said and turned it off. She looked at Slade. "Well I guess Ill see you later." She walked toward the edge of the tower and stepped off flouting in mid air. Raven turned around to wave at him before she flew away but he was gone.