The White Knight's Tale

A Syfy's Alice General/Hurt/Comfort Fanfic

Charlie was a squire once. He figures his squires could learn from his experience.

Rated K for nothing bad.

Disclaimer: Syfy's Alice is not mine. Theoretically Charlie's squires are mine, but I only mention them in the abstract. I don't want abstract people. They look funny.

A/N: Another Alice fanfic! I thought of this idea last night, pretty late, after reading quite a few fanfics. Remember that accent laptop I've told you about? Well, when you take the text off of a million fanfics and put it all in a word document on your flash drive, that computer becomes pretty handy...

(209 words)

There was no task more taxing than this, he was sure. It wasn't fear that faced him now, for fear he had learnt how to deal with. Ever since he had destroyed the Royal Hearts Casino single-handedly, he knew how to best deal with fear. Fear was a beast best beat by facing it head-on. Fear wasn't to be run from, but to be run toward, when one was a knight.

And who better to face the fear of the Hearts' rule than the White Knight?

Being the White Knight, he could recognise fear well. And this, he was completely positive, was not fear. This was something else entirely. It was a combination of unattainable hopes for the future and desires to change a fixed past. It was, in a word, impossible.

Yet, at the same time, it was the pressing desire to have one's story told. It was what had driven him to tell Alice of Legend his story, based solely on the connection of the age when their lives changed.

And with the children sitting attentively in front of him, he had much more in common.

"I was ten once, you know. I was a squire, one of three, to the White Knight before me..."