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Germany's eye twitched as he looked across at his desk at Prussia. Had his brother not shown written proof, not been straight faced, and brought no entourage Germany would've sworn the whole thing was a joke. But the signatures were there, papers official, nothing could be done. Nodding and excepting the orders given to him Germany sighed. His blue eyes cast down as he ran his hand through his neatly combed locks. Prussia cocked an eye brow, his hair was, for once, very well styled, his uniform less war like and far more formal. The afternoon was a mild temperature that had taunted Germany to work outside. The moment his brother pulled up, that hope was stomped on.

"Oh, West, you will be fine." Prussia assured,

"I know nothing about this... Why would they entrust him with me?" Germany asked, Prussia chuckled,

"Questioning your superiors? Aren't you bold. Well, if they didn't think you could do it, I am sure they wouldn't have risked it... Which is why they are taking him from me and giving him to you." Prussia said, "I'll be by tomorrow to drop him off, until then I suggest getting a spare room prepared." Prussia stood and pushed in his chair. His amber eyes focused on his brother, narrowing.

"Brother, although I believe you can handle this no problem... I warn you, remember to deal with this like business... Don't get too attached to your work." He spoke in a low voice. Germany just nodded and sat deep in his seat. His hand over his face, Prussia could tell from the taunt skin his eyebrows to knitting in frustration. With a reassuring pat on the shoulder Prussia excused himself. Pushing the door with his arm, a loud thump slammed into it.

"Oooow," Prussia rolled his eyes, the voice unmistakable.

"Eavesdropping isn't wise Italy..." Prussia said as he opened the door a bit gentler.

"But I..." Italy was cut off by the Prussian's proud declaration,

"Now that you've tried to get classified information I will have to punish you! Why don't you come to my place and-"

"East!" Germany roared,

"Relax Ludwig, I'm only playing... I'll be back later this evening, until then try to calm yourself. You'll turn grey early if you keep up this mood." Prussia said slipping out. Italy crept into the office while Germany's face occupied his palm. Rubbing his eyes, Germany frowned.

"What is wrong Germany?" He asked,

"We are having a guest... For a long time, and I am not sure I can care for him while doing so many other tasks." Germany said,

"Well, I can help out! Your guests every need will be met I promise!" Italy announced.

"I appreciate the offer, but its a bit complicated." Germany said looking down at the sheet of paper.

"What is wrong?" Italy asked,

"The guest is a child," Germany said,

"Oh! A child! That means a new country! Awww I bet it's cute, whats its name? Where -"

"Italy!" Germany interrupted, "It's not a country... It's just a child. But he is very sick and was entrusted to me by my superiors, so I must do a good job with him."

"Aw, what is he sick with Germany?"

"I-I... I am not sure... East is going to inform me of his condition when he dropped the boy off this evening."

"We have to go get kid's things! Toys, and beds, and-"

"Italy!" Germany interrupted, We can make most of that stuff... I don't have the money to support a kid right now... Restitution, Reconstructions, the list goes on." Germany mumbled,

"Well, we better get to making a bed then, perhaps a toy or something to occupy his time." Italy said. Looking to the stack of papers on his desk, Germany let out a disgruntled moan.

I have no life already, how on earth can this be done? Regaining his composure, Germany looked Italy straight in the eyes.

"Italy... I need your help with this, I will be too busy to properly supervise this boy so I need you to watch him. I am counting on you Italy." Germany's eyes softened, Italy smiled back.

"You worry too much,"


"This is looking more like a death trap than a bed frame, Italy," Germany said. Italy shrugged with a smile.

"Well, how heavy could a child be?" He said, "Uh, Germany... We need a mattress, do we not?" Germany closed his eyes, sorting through his possessions mentally.

"There is one in the attic I can work on... In the meantime, try and make this a little more... Sturdier?" Germany asked, he twitched as he looked at the wobbly frame. His mind playing a million scenarios in his head. The injuries, the scolding he would receive from his superiors, and the sudden trip to the hospital.

"Brother, welcome... Where is this boy?" Prussia stood in the door with his arms folded. Behind him was a car with a driver leaning against the side huffing a cigar. His brother's eyes lost their confidence, almost looking afraid.

"We will get to that... But, I have to fill you in on him without his presence." Prussia explained. Inviting him in, Prussia hung his coat and seated himself in the living room. Italy, who was lounging with a book, looked up and greeted him. Germany sat in the center, the fireplace in front of him roaring. To his right was Prussia, left Italy.

"Germany, this boy is... Very sick. He is very fragile. And to be honest, unless some country wants to be generous, his medical care is impossible. The very least we can do now is let him be in a the clean country air. You can not catch what he has, so do not fret about getting ill yourself. He is six years old but already has severe mental trauma. Honestly, he isn't hard to please. He will entertain himself most of the time, eats anything on his plate, sleeps alright, and bathes. He is just very silent. Obedient as can be, he isn't going to be trouble.

"He does however tend to get nightmares, he will cling suddenly if he is afraid. Don't attempt to help at bath time, he will scream...Loud. He needs his heart rate checked daily and the medicines in his bag. Don't try and hug him or anything, Italy, and respect his space." Prussia finished and sat back in the chair.

"Brother, why is he like this?" Germany asked,

"Well... Without getting into specifics... He was severely abused. He ran off and was found on the street where he was re-homed with someone in our family. They couldn't keep him, so I offered, but under my boss I was order to find yet another home. After consulting with your superiors, they agreed that this child would not require too much extra care. Something about him struck your boss, who insisted you care for the boy." Germany and Italy were silent. Though his face was firm, Germany struggled to hide is disgust. Italy let his emotions flare at the words of abuse and prodded for more information but Prussia merely stayed unusually distant.

"It's all in his file, but I don't recommend reading it all unless you want to cry..." Prussia said, his admission caught Germany off guard.

"East..." He trailed,

"Well, might as well bring him in, right?" Prussia said getting up. Opening the door he ordered the driver to bring the boy in.

Dressed in peasant clothes the boy wore a plain white shirt and brown cloth pants. Thin, to an unhealthy degree, he shivered as he hid behind Prussia. Kneeling, Prussia ruffled the boy's blond hair and smiled.

"This is my brother and his friend. They will take good care of you," He whispered. The boy opened his eyes and stared at Germany.

Germany, for all his ability to mask his reactions, stiffened. Italy struggled to vocalize something. Prussia noticed their reactions and stood.

"Is he... Blind?" Italy asked,

"No," Prussia said looking down at the boy, "That is their natural color... A bit unsettling in beauty but he can see fine." Germany regained his composure. The boy's eyes still locked on him.

Beautiful they were, but there was no color. It was as if is eyes were water in a glass, colorless, and reflected what was around him. A tinge of what may have been blue, or green, was in them but it was most likely from Prussia or Germany's outfit. His face was very refined and gentle. His resemblence to the family was certain by his perfect triangular nose and large wide eyes. The child's hair was thick and fell in a pattern similar to Germany's, when not combed back. Proportionally, the boy had long limbs but was still too small for a child of six.

"Welcome," Germany said extending his hand. Shying away the boy curled up tighter to Prussia.

"Leos, come now, if anything my brother is nicer than I." The boy extended his tiny hand to Germany. Smiling, Germany gently guided him toward himself and Italy. Surprised by how fragile it was, Germany barely touched the boy's cold skin. The driver left a piece of luggage by the door, returning to the car.

"Be a good boy, Leos," Prussia said, he looked to his brother. "Be kind to him, little brother..." He trailed and turned his back. Once the door shut the boy eyes were glued to the window, watching the car drive away. After an awkward minute of silence, the boy looked up at Germany. His eyes sending a frigid pain down Germany's spine.


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