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Chapter 1

It feels weird. Who would've known that the ever familiar Mystic Falls, his old home, could ever feel so weird, so foreign; but that's how it feels to Damon. It's a ghost town, a place he'd buried deep in the inner realms of his mind, a distant memory. And after four years of absence, he's finally come back, back home, well as close to a home he's ever had...

He doesn't pause to enjoy the scenery, see what has changed, what has stayed the same. His stay will not be long. He's only here to make sure that they are alright, safe. Once that is done he will leave, for this is no longer his home. He knows that; he saw to it. It can never be his home again. Too much has happened.

He doesn't want to think about that now. He doesn't want to think about the past, things that could've been done differently, things that should've been done differently. What's done is done. It cannot be changed nor taken back. Damon knows this; so he doesn't think about it; he doesn't dwell on the past, instead he focuses on the future.

He asks around the town about her; he's never been so thankful for Mystic Falls' small population. It takes him all of ten minutes to find out where she lives.

He takes his time getting there. He's in no hurry to see her. It's been four years for heaven's sakes. Hopefully he can just check in on her, make sure she's safe, and then leave. This powerful sorcerer, he's heard about, doesn't sound like one to underestimate. He just needs to know that they are safe, his family, or the family he could've had... Hopefully he can slip in and out, quickly and unnoticed; the last thing he wants is for her to see him. What would he say? What could he say?

Lost in thought, Damon walks through a neighborhood park; silently taking note that he is now barely 30 yards away from her new home. He slows even more at this thought before stopping completely; he's not scared about seeing her at all, really he's not; it's just that a new thought has entered his head. Do allthe members of the old "gang" still reside in Mystic Falls? His dear brother, Stefan, Stefan's beloved girlfriend, Elena, the ex-factor, Matt, and his talk a lot girlfriend, Caroline; do all of them still live in Mystic Falls? What if he runs into one of them? The last thing he wants to see is Caroline Forbes' running mouth.

"Hey! Watch out!" before Damon can register what's happening, he finds himself being pushed aside by a bunch of short people. "You're blocking the merchandise!" he hears another one of them yell as they shove past him.

The vampire growls inwardly. Of course with his luck (or lack thereof), he'd run into the one thing he finds even moreannoying than Caroline Forbes… kids.

Damon spins around, glaring after the group of boys making their way toward an ice-cream truck he'd been too lost in his thoughts to hear approaching. The bunch of snot-nosed brats appear to be around the ages of 7 and 8. At their prime evil… the dark haired man thinks to himself.

"You little fuckers better watch where you're going!" he shouts after them, ignoring the tiny little voice in the back of his head that tells him it is wrong to swear at children. They are spawns of Satan, he knows it. Worst than any vampire. And at least he left out the part about ripping their heads off…

"Hey Mister!" Damon hears a small voice call out, and looks down in surprise to see one of the boogers standing before him.

He's smaller though, a lot shorter than the other demons. His tiny voice reminds Damon of the kid from the "Denis the Menace" movie, and he can't help but roll his eyes. What is he, the runt of the group? The "cute" little mascot?

"Hey Mister." The young boy repeats again.

"What kid?!" Damon snaps, annoyed when he notices the brat is still there in front him. He wonders if today is National "Pick on Damon" day. He doesn't need this.

"I like your leather jacket." The young boy says, and Damon is slightly confused... Surely this kid had heard him curse angrily at his friends. – Yet he hung behind to tell said angry swearing man that he liked his jacket? This was a weird kid.

Damon is about to tell him as much, along with the words, 'get lost,' when… he smiles, and Damon's words die right in his throat.

There's something about this kid's smile. Damon can't put his finger on it but, something about it is familiar. Damon feels his anger slip away at the mere sight of it. It warms his heart.

"I've been wanting to get one forever, but my mom doesn't like them; she hates them." the little boy continues on conversationally.

"She sounds uptight." Damon finds himself quietly responding, absently wondering why, no matter how hard he's trying, he can't seem to be cruel to the little guy.

"Uptight?" he hears the boy ask.

Oh that's right. Little nose picker…

"She doesn't sound cool." Damon reiterates.

"Oh no, my mom's the coolest, most bestest!" the boy exclaims happily. "She just doesn't like leather…" he mumbles quietly, proud beam faltering.

Well she can't be too cool then can she?

"I'm Gabriel."

Damon eyes the small hand being offered to him, because really this conversation has already substantially surpassed the non-existent interval it should've had, and now they're doing introductions?

Still Damon bends slightly and shakes the small hand.

"Damon" he says in return. "Didn't your "cool" mom ever teach you not to talk to strangers, Gabriel?" he can't help but add, as he arches an eyebrow lazily.

"Yeah. But I'm not afraid of you, or anybody else. I can take care of myself." Gabriel answers confidently.

Ballsy little fucker - I mean kid...

"They're a lot of dangerous people and… things lurking about. You should be more careful who you talk to." Damon finds himself saying. It's good advice and he finds himself on the rare spur to spread some of it, and the kid obviously looked up to him so he'd listen. Damon had done a good thing.

"Now you sound like my mom." Ouch. Did he really just compare me to a mom? "I thought you were cool."

"Hey. I am. I'm just saying –

"Cool ring!"

The ridiculous defense is interrupted by Gabriel's excited exclamation. And we're back to him worshiping the ground I walk on… Damon smirks before holding his hand out, gifting the boy a better view of his cool ring.

"My uncle – likes rings too!"

Damon arches an eyebrow at the boy's broken statement but brushes it off.


"Black your favorite color?" Gabriel continues, and Damon looks up to the December sky. It is swiftly darkening. By the looks it's a little after seven. He really should be getting to her house… On the other hand maybe he should wait until it's darker, like midnight dark, and she's asleep. And there isn't even a glimmer of a chance of him running into her.

"Yup. Pretty awesome right?" Damon smirks in reply to Gabriel's previous question.

"Red's better."

He really did not just say that. - And so matter-of-factly?!

"Take it back." Damon demands, eyes twinkling, and – he can't believe that he is actually joking with this kid! What has gotten into him?

"I'm sorry! It just is!" the youngster laughs.

"Gabriel! Where is that boy? I told him good and well to be inside by seven…"

Even though the voice comes from quite a ways off, and is not yelled, Damon's sensitive ears pick it up, and he freezes.

He knows this voice. Very well. Extremely well. It's been over four years since he's heard this voice.

Damon's heart freezes for a second, along with the rest of his senses; he just freezes. Then suddenly he's beating again, drumming faster than the speed he can run, as images flood his mind... memories: memories of her, memories of her and him, them together; memories of their first kiss, the first time they'd made love, her: big and pregnant, her crying as he left.

Damon closes his eyes tightly before opening them, wrenching his mind from the painful memory of her hurt and tearful face as he left Mystic Falls for good.

"Oh man. I've gotta go. It was nice meeting you Damon!"

The vampire barely registers the boy's words. He's still shocked and shatteringly overwhelmed by the affect her mere voice has on him. He can't even seem to describe how it feels to hear her after all these years. He knows one thing for sure; it makes his heart hurt, immensely. She still means a great deal to him; why else would he have come all the way to Mystic Falls after four years?

Suddenly Damon jerks his head in the direction his little friend had run off in, minutes ago, as a thought strikes him. Disbelief is written all over his face, along with a look of curiosity as he wonders why exactly she was calling out to this boy.

He could be her nephew, Elena's son or maybe Caroline's… but Damon just has a hunch that this is not the case.

In a daze, without even knowing, he begins to walk in the direction of her house. He ducks into some bushes when he's halfway there, opting to fly the rest of the way. As if he would actually spy on the house in human form...

Finally, Damon lands in a small tree, about a good eight feet away from the side door of her nicely sized, two-story home. Through the window he watches Gabriel sitting at what appears to be the dining room table, an empty plate and cup in front of him.

"Mom, c'mon! I'm gonna die if I don't get some food inside of me!"

Damon's ears pick up the boy's yell.

"Time to eat! Time to eat! Time to eat!" he begins to chant, a wide smile on his face.

The vampire can't help but smile at the sight of it. Well his eyes twinkle… crows can't really smile…

He looks the young boy over – truly seeing him for the first time...

He's tiny, but not puny. His skin is what Damon can only describe as tanned, around the color of a cardboard box, except its a little lighter... light light brown. The short, tiny, baby curls on his head are sandy brown, but his eyes… they're blue. Light blue.

He's his son. He has a son! He should've known; he has her smile.

Damon's heart speeds at the realization. He has a son. He'd always thought, way back when she'dbeen pregnant, that she was having a girl, which would've been awesome; but a son? That was pretty awesome too...

No wonder he couldn't be mean to the little guy, he has her smile; in fact he has her nose too. He has a mixture of both of their hair, but he has Damon's eyes. It was a good combination; Damon thought so anyhow. He has a son. Gabriel. Not a bad name either…

Damon's head cocks to the side, a feeling of pride and accomplishment filling him as he stares at his son whom is still chanting and full of smiles. He has a son…wow. Incredible.

"You're sort of a drama king, you know that?"

Her airy voice fills his ears once more, as she enters the room, bringing Damon's eyes to finally land on the woman he hasn't seen in years... the mother of his child... the one who once held his heart like putty in her hands: Bonnie Bennett.

"Am not!" Gabriel argues, a small pout on his face.

"Mom I'm gonna die if I don't eat now!" Bonnie exclaims dramatically, mocking her son.

"Well I was starting to feel a little dizzy…"

"Dramatic much, Gabe?" Bonnie asks before bursting into laughter at the deep frown on her son's face.

"I'm a growing boy, mom! We need our food!"

"Right you are!" the witch laughs. "And so you'll have it." she announces before putting what appears to be enchiladas onto his plate, along side some corn, red beans, and rice.

"Thank you." Gabriel says, chest poked out in pride. "Now let's dig in!"

"Uh uhn." the hasty actions are quickly halted. "Not without saying your grace."

"Oh yeah, almost forgot... Grace. Amen!" Gabriel says, looking to his mother before picking up his fork.

"Cute." Bonnie says, a stern look on her face. Though the small smile on her lips makes it less intimidating…

"Okay okay." Gabriel drones before closing his eyes and silently praying.

Outside, Damon is in a daze, the whole adorable mother/son moment barely registering within his brain, because...

All he can see is her.

Bonnie Bennett still looks just as beautiful as she had four years ago; in fact she looks even more gorgeous, at age 24. Her hair is in a pretty, yet simple ponytail, little tendrils of hair cascading in various points. The fitted, red sweater dress she is wearing hugs her in all of the right places, accenting her hips and chest, which Damon can't help but notice have filled out more in his absence... probably with childbirth. He can't seem to take his eyes off of her. She's breathtaking. Even more heart stopping than her perfect body however, is her face.

Damon looks it over, azure orbs lingering on her green/brown hazel eyes, eyes he used to get lost in... They are still amazing, stunning actually. They seem to glitter and sparkle... He travels down to her perfect button nose... and finally to her lips, still look as pouty and kissable as ever.

Bonnie Bennett is beautiful, other worldly beautiful.

Damon finally manages to tear his eyes away from his ex, at the perusal, to stare at his son... still praying... It isn't long before he's staring back at Bonnie though... the witch smiling as she watches Gabriel pray over his food.

There's that smile. Still as mesmerizing as ever…

"Amen" Gabriel says before hungrily digging into his food.

Bonnie sits in the chair adjacent his, at the head of the table, Damon watching as her smile diminishes slightly, turning into a small frown, before she rests her head onto a balled fist on the table.

He wishes he could know what she's thinking, but then he realizes he can.

The vampire concentrates and tries to tap into Bonnie's mind, but he gets nothing. This surprises him immensely. He attempts once more, exercising intense concentration this time… nothing. Weird…

His mind travels back to a time when he and Bonnie were so interconnected that they could communicate psychically; even read each others thoughts. – They'd been easier times, when they'd been in love, happy... Perhaps now they'd simply been apart for so long that the connection was no longer there, broken.

The musing puts a damper on Damon's oddly elated mood. A great feeling of lost overtakes the man as he continues to stare at the woman he'd once loved... the woman who once loved him... Things were different now. They couldn't be like they were before. He reminded himself.

"Wow. All this for me?"

A deep voice invades Damon's senses, as his eyes focus to see that there is now a man standing in the dining room doorway. He also dimly registers the black jaguar parked in front of the house, and wonders had he seriously been so zoned out he hadn't heard a car approaching?! And who the heck was this guy?


Bonnie's breathy sigh has the vampire's surveillance back on her, as she emerges her seat to wrap tight arms around the Latino looking man before her.

"I was worried" she says softly.

The sight has Damon's once happy mood seemingly evaporating into thin air, as he is bone rushed with a sudden wave of possessiveness. The dark haired man snarls, trying to calm himself. He knows Bonnie is no longer his; he has no right to feel possessive of her. It's the darn monster/vampire inside of him that needs reminding...

"I told you not to worry about me." The guy... Jax says before smiling and kissing Bonnie.

Damon has to tear his eyes away from the sight, to keep the beast inside him from going on an angry rampage, and doing something grade A insane. He didn't know it would be this hard. Of course he didn't expect Bonnie to have stayed single all this time, but still... He didn't know it would be this difficult to see her with someone else.

The two break apart from the chaste kiss, before Jax fixes his eyes on Gabriel, who is staring back at him with a blank expression.

"Hey Sport"

Okay seriously, he calls him sport? How lame and cliche can you get?

"Hey, Jackson" Gabriel mumbles.

That's right son, you're not fooled by this fuck, are you?! – wait…son?...

"Wow this looks amazing!" the Latino says, looking over the food and fixing himself a plate.

"Really? I was afraid I'd made it wrong." Bonnie says, face screwed up pensively as she eyes her… boyfriend?

God I hope he's just her boyfriend…

"It's perfect." Jax assures, smiling softly.

Bonnie just stares at him, as if trying to gauge his sincerity.

"Can't wait to try it then." She finally says, before plopping into her seat once more, grabbing herself a plate.

C'mon, Bon; what are you doing with this prick? Damon thinks to himself, when the woman suddenly freezes.

Spoon rigid in a bowl of corn, her eyes fixate, almost with dire determination, on the metal, before the blue orbed vampire watches them grow big, with something ever present in them… fear.

"Bonnie. Bonnie, you okay?" Jax asks, and Damon can't help but alarmingly wonder the same. "You look like you just saw a ghost."

Suddenly the witch's eyes shoot up, and they land directly onto Damon's, hazel eyes meeting his dark crow ones for the first time in over four years. The vampire jumps at the sudden movement.

Oh shit.

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