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Chapter 9 Part 2

"Oh my gosh, Damon! You contacted Bonnie?" the brunette exclaims grinning ecstatically, tears in her eyes as the leather-clad man merely turns around, grinning proudly at her in reply before throwing open the front door of the cabin, and immediately freezing in his tracks at the sight before him.

The smile disappears from his features and is replaced with a look of staggering perplexity.

"What the -

The vampire starts, shocked stupid by the sight of a clearly about to knock Tyler, backed up by a grinning Matt, Jeremy, Caroline, and little Blaine Donovan.

The look of shock on Damon's face slowly turns into a dazed smile, as he eyes the smirk on the wolf's face.

"Had a feeling you guys might need some back up soon!"

"Oh my goodness! I don't believe it! Come in! Come in!" an ecstatic Elena suddenly chimes, hastily shuffling past her dark haired brother-in-law to thrust bright eyes and a dangerously wild smile upon her group of friend's, just as the man behind her seems to freeze eerily where he stands.

Damon just stops, truly seems to still completely behind Elena, as the smile on his face diminishes slowly, and a disturbing look of emptiness glazes over his eyes.

"That son of a bitch took Bonnie, you guys! Can you believe it? Thank God you're here! You couldn't have shown up at a better time!"

Elena's voice is but a mere echo in the inner realms of Damon's mind, along with the sight of her hastily ushering the group of heroins into the cabin, as he stands, seemingly comatose his smile having disappeared altogether, as a certain realization dawns on the blue eyed vampire.

And time seems to stop. Before picking back up again in slow motion.

Tyler, Matt, and the rest of the old Mystic Fall's gang begin to pile into the cabin, each stopping to hug his sister-in-law and offer words of greeting as they pass. And Damon can't even seem to speak.

Time slows drastically for the vampire, and every word is spoken with a chilling kind of echo to it, while he just stands there statuesque still. He can't talk. He can't move. And he swears he can't breathe as he watches the happenings around him in a state of horrified shock, one eerie thought clambering and taking over the forefront of his mind.

How in the world did the gang know where they were?

The vampire's heart pounds thickly in his chest as the question repeats itself deathlessly in his head. How the hell did they know where they were? What was going on? Something was terribly wrong! There was a flaw in their plan, a flaw in their security. How was the gang able to find them? Was it the same way the Gin had? Could the Gin still get to them?

The blue eyed supernatural swallows slowly and forces the tumultuous questions to the hindquarters of his brain with a deep, calming breath, before shakily moving his right hand into his hair. He shakily rakes fingers through his brown locks, while maintaining a dangerous hold on the doorknob of the open cabin door with his other hand, desperate for support, because he's slowly losing it.

He's panicking. He's antsy and agitated! And deeply torn, because he needs answers! What in the world is telling their location? How the heck does every one know where they are? But even more important then obtaining these answers, he needs to get to Bonnie!

Damon lets out a loud, decisive growl, ridding his thoughts completely of the raging questions that have momentarily taken reign in them, before reminding himself of the task at hand, and violently slamming the front door so hard it causes the cabin to shake.

"Well, long story short, we could really use your help! I'm so glad you guys are here!"

Damon purposefully enters the kitchen, just in time to catch the tail end of his sister-in-law's sentence and unleash a literally frightening frown onto his face. Because - and he knows he's about to be a stone-cold asshole; and really, only two minutes has gone by, and they are merely being caught up on the details of the situation, but - really what the heck was this? Circle time? Show and tell?

"Are you kidding me? It's Bonnie! We'd never let any thing happen to her." a beaming Jeremy echoes hero-like, in reply to his sister's words, and Damon loses it.

"That's terrific." the dark haired vampire says through what could possibly be the fakest, most sarcastic and sadistic smile he's ever delivered in his life.

"But in case you guys have forgotten, we're kind of working on a time limit." he literally fights to keep the smile on his face and keep from vamping out, because honestly he could strangle each and every one of them at the moment. "Don't really have time for the family reunion, 411, 'let me catch you up on the latest drama and gossip' bull! So pack your shit up – thanks for coming, really means the world and all – but get the fuck out! All of you! Haul ass! Because if any thing happens to Bonnie, Blaine's gonna be parent-less and Gabe without any Aunts or Uncles, cause I will kill ALL of you." Damon informs swiftly, all in one breath, tone lethal and promising.

This seems to grasp everyone's attention and also impose a literally dead silence within the little home, as Damon rolls his eyes in annoyance, and fights off a growl, because why the heck are they still not moving?

They all just stare at him, some with understanding, some with realization, and some with fear.

He seems to have rendered them all speechless and motionless, and he's seriously about to break one of their necks for still standing still, when...

"A little hostile, Damon...but he's right. Move out!" Stefan finally echoes, eying Damon with slightly admonishing gray orbs, that do nothing to cover the sudden urgency and fear displayed in the storminess, as he initiates the moving of bodies and gathering of belongings, and the group piles out of the cabin. And yeah, Damon probably could have said things a little less...threatening, but did he give a rat's ass? Hell no! Did they not get what was going on? Did they really not get that Bonnie was being held prisoner as they SPOKE, and they didn't have a second of time to waste! Did they not get that? They didn't have time for the cheesy Power Ranger phrases and hero trash talk!

The blue eyed vampire grits his teeth and watches as the group of friends pile out of the cabin, before moving to grab and stuff a vervain gun and stake launcher into his shoulder holsters, and hightailing it after the group, rearing the gang and hurrying them out of the log expanse.

Once outside, Damon wordlessly lifts Gabriel into his arms, before speeding off into the forest, with the others following close behind him until he reaches the edge of forest where the small dirt road starts/ends.

He gently places Gabriel onto the ground, before darting his alert blue eyes around the area where the cars have been parked, just as Stefan arrives with Elena, Tyler with Blaine, Katherine with Jeremy, Jackson with Matt, and JP with Caroline.

"I see you've managed to get the 300 from your girlfriend this time..." a smirking Katherine shoots over to JP at the sight of the sparkling red car, speaking for the first time in a while, as she comes to a complete stop, pushing Jeremy out of her arms, and running a hand through her long dark locks.

"Yeah, told the chick to hit the road. Too pushy, and a bit of a clinger too." JP chuckles slightly, and it causes Damon to grimace, because it's all so poorly pathetic. All of it, the gesture on Katherine's part and JP's laughter. It's all too obvious and poor an attempt to lighten the charged atmosphere, that seems to have immediately turned morose at Stefan's proclaimed, "Move out."

Fun and games are over. The happy reunion is over. And everyone seems to know, and seems to finally acknowledge the weight of the dangerous and dire situation they're in. One of their own was in life-threatening danger, and not just anyone. Bonnie: the heart and soul of the group.

"We've got room for two more in the Hummer, if anyone wants to ride!" Matt shouts out, already in the driver's seat of the large black vehicle, interrupting Damon's thoughts, as the vampire in question absentmindedly makes his way over to the SUV, Gabriel never far from his thoughts. It might calm the little fellow to ride along with his cousin.

"Gabe and I do..." the blue eyed man mutters, with distracted and furrowed eyebrows, before suddenly glancing over at his gazing brother.

"Meet you guys there. Drive safe, and speed like hell." Damon directs with dangerously intense eyes narrowed at both Stefan and JP, as he helps Gabriel into the back seat of the black truck and follows in after him.


Bonnie closes her eyes in a near euphoric state as the heat waves from the sun shine down and deliciously warm her body.

It feels so good.

She nearly moans aloud as she feels a gentle breeze mix in with the sensation of the sun rays as it washes over her, tickling her skin and softly pushing the curly strands of her ponytail.

It's so peaceful here she swears she could fall asleep and not wake up for an entire week! Maybe even months and years!

But why would she want to go to sleep on paradise? There's so many other better things to do!

The witch giggles to herself at the thought, before wrenching her eyes open and inhaling the scent of the ocean, before taking in the majestic sight before her.

The sand around her is so clean, it's literally white, and the waters north of her are so blue and clear you can see your surroundings in it.

She can't help but sigh in elated bliss as she cheerfully reaches down, grabbing a handful of the clean, white beach flakes, before distractedly letting them seep out of her hand as her eyes lock onto the exotic palm trees of the place, and she laughs.

Everything here is just so beautiful: the sand, the water, the trees, but even more than them, the people around her.

Men, women, boys, girls - skinny, big, pale, tanned, Black, White, Asian, Latino, Indian - all shapes and sizes of people were represented in this island paradise, and they were all smiling, making them the most mesmerizing thing on the beach, to the witch.

The smiles on their faces were so bright and filled with joy as they ran around the beach, built their sand castles, held conversations on their beach towels, and swam in the waters of the ocean – couples, friends, and family.


At the thought and sight of the grinning parents and children, Bonnie shoots up in her seat and nearly tumbles out of the beach chair in abrupt panic as thoughts of her own little flock assault her. Where is Gabriel? Where is Damon?

The witch is all of two seconds away from having a panic attach when she suddenly notices a certain pair of males in the midst of the ocean waves.

They're here. She didn't see them a moment ago, somehow! But thank God, they're here now, and they're safe.

Bonnie sighs heavily at the realization, before relaxing back into her comfortable lounge chair, staring mesmerized and ecstatic at the sight of Gabriel and Damon all the while.

She swears she's never been so happy in all her life. She can do nothing to keep the smile from her face as she watches her vampire and their son.

Of all the people roaming around the beach, the two stick out to Bonnie like sore thumbs. They're like large, elaborately decorated gifts under a shabby Christmas tree, oh so noticeable and beautiful as they splash around in the water, laughing hysterically and grinning madly.

They're safe! She's safe! They're all safe!

The witch goddess doesn't realize she's crying until the first tear caresses and rolls down her soft cheek.

Everything is over! The fight with the Gin is over! He's dead! And they're all safe! Bonnie can't help but cry hysterically at the joyful realization, before choking on a giggle at the sight of her son teetering on a surf board as his father attempts to teach him to surf.

Gabriel tumbles off the board and into the water, and of course Damon's there to catch him immediately, as the two break out into furious laughter, and Bonnie laughs along, grinning uncontrollably.


The witch lets out a heavy sigh and wipes determinedly at her cheeks and watery eyes, before staring once again at the pair before her, only to feel her heart take flight when she sees a running Gabriel making a dash toward her.


His blue eyes sparkle as he makes his way toward her with a grin on his face that warms her insides and sets her soul on fire.

She loves this boy more than the number of salt grains in the ocean. From the land to the sky, she loves him! More than any amount of words can ever express, she loves him.

Her heart soars as she watches her approaching little man, before slowly meeting the warm gaze of his father behind him, and feeling the organ stop completely.

There's so much love in those blue eyes, such a happy look of content she's never seen in them before. It makes her heart stop and swell so largely, she nearly starts crying again, but Gabriel never gives her the chance as he flings himself into her arms and hugs her tightly.

"Dad said I should hug you, and check on you! Do you need any thing?" the little hybrid pants cheerfully, but Bonnie barely hears him. She holds on for dear life, taking in the blissful feel of his small body in her arms, healthy, firm, and safe. She never wants to let him go. If anything ever happened to him...

The beautiful witch swallows away the lump in her throat, along with her forlorn thoughts, as she slowly breaks away from her son's embrace, squeezing his sides slightly as she does so, before fixing him with a slightly water smile.

"No baby, I'm fine. Thanks." she assures comfortingly, before running her fingers through the boy's curls, and kissing him gently on the cheek. "I love you." she feels compelled to let him know before completely releasing him from her grasp.

"Eww, Mom! Too mushy gushy!" the five year old complains, only making Bonnie's heart soar higher, as her smile turns into an all out grin at the typical boy words.

"I'll show you mushy gushy!" the witch threatens promisingly, before grabbing hold of the hybrid once more and showering his face with kisses.

"I love you! I love you, I love you sooooooo much! - Don't you love me, Gabe? - Don't you love your mom anymore?" she teases as she rains swift butterfly kisses on his cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose.

"Mom, stop! The girls will see..." the little boy objects, his yellow cheeks taking on an auburn color as Bonnie finally stops her antics and fixes her son with an inquisitive eyebrow and warm smile that he simply stares at for the longest time, before finally smiling back at her and turning to look over his shoulder at a cute little, curly haired Latino girl busy with an ice cream cone.

The witch arches a knowing eyebrow before smiling teasingly at her furiously blushing son, when he turns around to face her once more.

"I love you too." he whispers to Bonnie, before covertly kissing her cheek and jogging back off toward the ocean, seemingly ignoring her playful eyes, as he turns back to address his father. "You coming, dad?"

"Right behind you in a second!" Damon shouts after the boy, blue eyes fixed on Bonnie all the while, as she helplessly stares back.

Bonnie, wake up...

"You sure you don't need any thing, Mrs. Salvatore." the dark haired vampire questions; before moving in one fell swoop to sit at the edge of the witch's chair, trapping her body with his arms, as he leans in dangerously close to her, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he stares at her, but refrains from kissing.

And all Bonnie can do is go utterly pale and lose her breath at the feel and weight of Damon's words, as she stares down in astonishment at the mesmerizing ring on her finger.

The beautiful yellow gold band...the four consecutive diamonds on it's face...first, the emerald colored, then a white diamond, followed by another emerald, and ending in white...absolutely gorgeous. Breathtakingly gorgeous...

She and Damon are married! She is Mrs. Salvatore! When did all of this happen? Somehow she doesn't quite remember, but it doesn't matter! All that matters is that she's never felt so elated, so blissful, so overjoyed in her entire life!

Tears prick the edges of the witch's eyes as she stares up from the ring and into her husband's blue eyes.

"Yes...I'm sure I've got every thing I could ever need right here, Mr. Salvatore."

Wake. Up. Bonnie.

The voice carried in on the breeze, becomes a little louder and more persistent as the breeze turns into an all out wind. But Bonnie ignores it, and instead focuses on her vampire's handsome smile as he stares intensely at her.

"Don't you dare cry on me, you sap." he lightly reprimands before leaning in to kiss her chastely.

So delicious...Bonnie muses before deepening the kiss and moving her tongue slowly past his lips and into his warm mouth. Their tongues wrap around one another and tease and prod. Their teeth clash and lips brush as they kiss passionately, expertly, knowing exactly how the other likes it.

Damon traps her with his body leaning firmly into her as he reaches behind and pulls the scrunchy away from her high pony tail. He runs his right hand through her curly hair and caresses her naked stomach with his left, before finally breaking away when air becomes inevitable.

And he pants, and she pants breathlessly as she stares deeply into his eyes as he runs the backs of his fingers over her cheeks, staring at her as if she's all he can see.

"Gosh you're so beautiful..."

Bonnie's heart flutters as she licks her tingling lips closes her eyes as Damon kisses her forehead before leaning down to kiss her stomach.

"How are my little ones?"


Bonnie's eyes shoot open as sand becomes dirt, her blue polka dot bikini - tattered tank and sweat pants, and her paradise beach, a dingy and depressing cave.

Her ring is gone. Her protruding belly is gone. Gabriel and Damon are gone.

Was she dreaming? Had she fallen a sleep? Was it a vision? Or some alternate reality she'd merely created to escape the traumatic horror she'd found herself privy to.

It'd all seemed so real...

You could have it, Bonnie...

The mysterious voice assaults the witch's senses once more, and this time she recognizes it.


You could have all of it and more if you can just get through this. Keep the faith, baby girl, and you'll defeat this evil. Your future is bright. There's so much more in store for you.

Bonnie gasps as her heart speeds to life.

A vision.

Her future. With Damon. With Gabriel. And...littleones?


It's quiet. So much so that a sudden sniffle would sound like a fog horn and a sigh like an approaching tornado. You could hear a pen drop.

Matt focuses on the road before him, a deeply concentrated look on his face, as he maneuvers through the streets of Italy like a raged maniac.

Tyler sits stock still and upright beside him, in the passenger's seat, with a tense tick in his set jaw as he glares straight ahead nearly unblinkingly.

In the seat behind him, Jeremy maintains a death grip on the vervain grenade launcher in his lap, as he stares blankly into space.

And in the seat beside him, Blaine fiddles with his dirty blonde hair, exchanging nervous glances with Gabriel ever so often, before going back to fussing with his hair and observing the tense adults around him, while his hybrid cousin does the same from his spot in the back seat of the car, nestled between his dad and Aunt Caroline. He fiddles with his thumbs instead of his hair, but also exchanges nervous glances with his shaggy haired cousin before observing the adults around them.

They're only five minutes into their journey, but it feels like five hours...five, tension-filled hours, Caroline muses to herself as she stares unabashedly at the dark haired, blue eyed vampire seated across from her.

The previous energy and determination bursting within the man has seemingly done just that – burst completely out of Damon, like air in a balloon, leaving him empty and lifeless, with his chin bowed down to his chest, hands clasped behind his head, and elbows resting on his knees, so that he looks as if he's trying to put himself into a headlock with his clasped forearms.

Caroline absentmindedly wonders if she should force the man upright, less he start to squeeze his arms together with his super strength, before taking that straightforward plunge and swiftly whipping to the right, tearing his head clear off his shoulders. She'd seen him do it to a guy once...and he looks just about ready to end his life, at the moment.

She'd wait it out though, and merely keeping a watchful eye on him for now. She doesn't want to anger him anymore than he already is by behaving drastically, because he is not himself. He is worried, nervous, furious, and ferocious Damon. An off the rails, dangerous, uncontrollable, and unpredictable beast! Calm one moment, and ripping viciously into your neck the next. And Caroline knows from experience to deal carefully with him when like this!

So she merely chews nervously on her bottom lip, while maintaining a close watch on the vampire, who continues to sit frighteningly still.

Damon is lost. He's irrevocably lost in his thoughts, deep and troubled.

He couldn't protect her. He wasn't there when she'd needed him most. And now she was the prisoner of this monstrous warlock! It was his fault. He should have sensed her impending danger long before he had. He should have known something was wrong! He should have kept her from talking to Jackson!

Like you could've done that! A tiny voice in Damon scoffs, and the vampire can't help but roll his eyes bitterly. He couldn't control his stubborn witch, anymore than he could control the weather.

Maybe it's not his fault...maybe this is merely part of his screwed up destiny, that would happen one way or another, like Final Destination. He couldn't stop it no matter how he tried. But this only scares him more.

What if it's part of some supposed "beautifully tragic" fate for him. Bonnie gets kidnapped, right when the two of them are ready to melt into one another again. She ends up being killed just when their inflamed connection is rekindled, their unbreakable trust restored, and their epic love renewed. Like some kind of sick Shakespearean shit, Damon can't take it.

The vampire's heart clenches and convulses as a feeling of defeated emptiness washes over him. What if their time together in the forest was the last time they'd spend. What if he never got to hear her melodious voice again, and look into her sparking green eyes ever again?

Damon's jaw clenches and he closes his eyes in annoyance of the tears that roll down his cheeks.

He shouldn't be crying at a time like this. And he's being embarrassingly pathetic, but...

He can't imagine a life without her. If he losses her, he's sure it'd be to the equivalent of losing his heart and soul. In fact he can nearly guarantee the two things would perish, if she were to leave him. She'd take every ounce of his humanity along with her. And then what would he be? A worthless, lifeless monster.


Bonnie's authoritative voice suddenly enters the vampire's head with strength and compassion, resolutely causing the almost instantaneous relaxing of his tense muscles, as he silently breathes out her name both mentally and absentmindedly verbally.

"Bonnie..." he whispers brokenly, clenching his eyes even more tightly as more tears escape from their confines.

'Damon, baby, pipe up. Be strong! You have to!' his witch's gentle and comforting voice urges, ashe nearly loses it and chokes on a sob.

'But how can I, Bonnie, when I feel like I'm suffocating?'

He's never felt so defeated in his entire life.

'Oh Damon...'

The blue eyed man painfully gulps down the knot in his throat, before letting out a shaky breath at the sound of the misery filled sigh.

'If anything happens to you, I don't know what I'll do!'

'Be strong.' 'Nothing's going to happen to me.' Bonnie asserts, but Damon barely hears as he goes on hysterically.

'I can't lose you. I just got you back.'

'Damon.'her voice is more stern now, the man in question immediately notices, as he swallows slowly and forces his tears to stop, before flexing his ears to listen. 'Stop it right now! Be strong! I need you to be! Gabriel needs you to be.'

The dark haired vampire lets out a shaky breath and slowly nods his head, despite the fact that she cannot see him.

He bites into his cheek, before sighing and wrenching his eyes open as she continues to lay into him, causing him to smile slightly and fill with a glimmer of comfort at the sheer familiarity of it all.

'You've got to know that losing me is not an option, just like I know that dying is not an option! I'm not leaving Gabriel and I'm not leaving you! I've got way too much to live for!'

Damon blinks quietly, and swallows slowly again, before closing his eyes and allowing the words to wash over him. She always seemed to possess the magical power of calming him. It never failed. And she was right. Why is he evenconsideringthe prospect of losing her an option? It fucking was notan option! And he couldn't think about it! He couldn't even allow himself tocontemplate!

A grip of determination assaults the vampire, as if magically induced. It abruptly invades and washes over every pore of his skin like a rapid wave of the ocean, filling him with strength, determination, anxiety, and...anger, fury...rage.

'I'm gonna fucking rip. That piece of shit sorcerer. To pieces with my teeth.'

A passionate fire explodes to life within the pit of Damon's belly as he grunts the words out with promise, emotions in an uproarious frenzy. He will murder the bastard horrifically! How dare he even attempt to make a move against Bonnie! To make a move against his family! And now he'd kidnapped Bonnie? And he was trying to get Gabriel as well? It would be a fucking massacre! He was going to annihilate this creature!

'Now that's more like it. Have I ever told you how sexy you are when you're riled up?'

As angry and worked up as Damon is, it all seems to wash away with the sound of Bonnie's melodious voice and the words she speaks with it, that cause an uncontrollable grin to snake onto his face.

'Not in a long time...' he sighs before raking his right hand over his face, wiping away any and all traces of his previous break down along with it.

'Oh. Well you are! Very sexy!'

Bonnie's voice becomes flirtatiously husky as she utters the words before breaking out into a girlish giggle, causing the vampire to bite furiously into his bottom lip and roll his eyes.

'And you are very evil. How dare you flirt with me when I can do nothing to take advantage of it...or mainly you...'

Damon sends to the witch, shaking his head slightly, and thinking of all the ways he'll punish her once she's back in his arms.

'Mmm...All in good time, baby, right? All in good time...' she purrs seductively, at the unabashedly vulgar preview Damon sends her.

And damn it! He's ready for her now! It's been five years and he wants her now! He needs her NOW! But she's being held prison in a god forsaken cave with a sovereign, power-hungry nut job! And God help him, if there was ONE SCRATCH on her caramel skin!

'Hey! Calm down.'

'If he lays a finger on you.'

Damon finds himself slowly losing it, as his heart pumps loudly in his ears and his eyes bleed black at the mere thought of Bonnie being harmed.


His fangs shoot out of his gums as his body begins to shake and wrack with fury.

'I swear I'll circumcise him! I'll make him regret his entirefucking existence!'

'Let me call you "Sweetheart," I'm in love with you.'

Damon immediately stills and quiets at the sound of her soft voice singing to him.

'Bonnie...' he trails off as she continues singing the familiar love song slower than it's normal temp.

'Let me hear you whisper that you love me too.'

'I love you so damn much.' Damon whispers as his eyes fade into their normal blue, his fangs recede, and his body relaxes.

'Keep the love-light glowing in your eyes'

He slowly sits up, straightening against the seat of the Hummer as his upper body becomes visible to the people around him, who still remain invisible to him as he absentmindedly wraps an arm around his son and closes his eyes, losing himself in memories of countless nights of Bonnie singing this special melody to him.

He remembers it all so vividly. He remembers her with life-threatening heart problems and remembers the pathetic mess of worry he'd been all throughout...And he'd lay on top of her, holding her fiercely to him as his head rested on her heart, just as she'd instructed. And she'd sing this to him, lulling him to sleep with her fingers moving through his hair.

'Let me call you "Sweetheart," I'm in love with you...'

Much like all those years ago, Damon finds his suddenly heavy eyelids, relaxing as he settles into a calming slumber, hand stilling in his son's curls as he drifts off into dreams of Bonnie's singing, and he sings along with her.

'Let me call you "Sweetheart," I'm in love with you.'

Chapter End

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