Ok, guys basically myself and Heavensdarkrosechild have decided to do a collaboration of silly fluffy one-shots about furbies... yeah you heard that right... furbies. It's actually quite interesting as to how we got on to that subject but I'm sure Heavens will gladly tell you, lol.

We're keeping the furbie/Ziva story line and all one-shots will eventually lead to Giva lol


Hey! Ole Bonjour and in furbish…I don't think they have a word for hello

Thank you for that wonderful introduction Molly! I will gladly tell our followers how we got into the fascinating adventure of creating one shots involving the creepy demon creatures referred to as Furbys.

It all started on late afternoon…tho for Molly it was night because of the damn time difference (down with the Time Zones…cough continuing on…). We had discussed our love of the Zibbs relationship when it was suggested that we do collaboration. Something fantastic and original but we couldn't for the life of us figure out what topic we would do! Anyways we were talking about these imaginary creatures called Fargles that I came up with (read bottom of my profile it explains Fargles in detail) and the following is the conversation that lead us to our conclusion that Furbys would be an awesome topic and how the title of our one shot collection became "read this or the fargles will get you":

mollygibbs101: lol and yes fargles do rock... lol XD

Heavensdarkrosechild: They Do!! I don't kno what it is about me and flesh eating creatures but i adore them lol just kidding i'm not that sadistic...mayb a little but not alot lol
have you ever seen the movie Gremlins? that movie scared the crap out of me and i think its creepy that the Furby dolls that were all the rage a few years ago look just like Gremlins

mollygibbs101:I used to have one of them... It used to sit on my shelf, it scared the living crap out of me when it started to speak in the middle of the night, the next day it went in the bin lol XD My favourite gremlin is stripe/spike... the one with the mohecan lol

Heavensdarkrosechild: OMG ditto! it wasn't suppose to talk when it was pitch black but mine did scared the crap out of me...OMG that's our fic!!! we are going to write a fic involving furbies!!!! LMAO!
*giggle* I don't remember my fav. it's been much to long since i've seen the movie. God that movie terrified me I had nightmares for the longest time gremlins occasionally invade my dreams to this day lol

mollygibbs101: Yeah, a fluffy fic about fluffy furbies!!!! What a topic, no-one else has thought about it lol!!...(the rest of this conversation has been cut because it would give away our stories…so there)

OkAY enough with the intro lets get started!!!!!