Gibbs/Ziva fic: Tiny Terrors


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Very AU by the way- they do something at the end and basically they wouldn't do it in real life, I mean if they did.. there wouldn't be NCIS :)

A naughty word or two

No Zibblets in this one I'm afraid, but this one is for Kaelleigh and Grayson Paladin for the following reasons:

I was flicking through the reviews and I saw a review by Kaelleigh... and a sentence caught my interest ''Now the next chapter has to have the death of a furby or the balance of the universe will be at stake.''... *looks at Kaelleigh* Thanks for the brainwave :)!

And a challenge to my good friend Grayson Paladin: A death count if you please :)

Does anyone like my poetic summary? :)

Summary: A take over at NCIS causes tempers to rise, bullets to fly and a Gibbs and Ziva kiss, my oh my.

Gibbs walked down a corridor, the sweat shining on his head, he watched as his second in command, Tony, gave an affirmative nod. He waited at the corner and watched as Tony covered him.

'' Clear!'' came Tony's call, Gibbs sighed a sigh of relief. He was running out of ammo and he was sure Tony was out too. They walked together down past the Interogation rooms, Tony looked at him.

'' Should we look in there?'' Gibbs shook his head.

'' Too risky. Who knows how many are in there, you saw yourself how they escaped from the evidence garage.'' Tony shuddered involutarily.

'' Yeah.'' He followed his boss, until Gibbs put up his fist, making the Senior Field Agent stop in his tracks.

'' What's up Boss?''

'' Them.'' said Gibbs, he looked at Tony.

'' Make every bullet count DiNozzo.'' said Gibbs, taking a quick look around the corner and instantly regretting it as all he could hear was their war cry. Gibbs and Tony entered the hall and pulled their triggers.


Three of them were obliterated and it cleared a small path for Gibbs and Tony to run down.

'' Boss!''

'' Run to the Lab, DiNozzo!'' shouted Gibbs, pulling the trigger on his gun, blasting three more of them.

Tony ran as fast as his expensive Italian shoes could carry him, he heard heavy footsteps behind him and was thrilled when he could smell a mixture of coffee and sawdust. They ran to Abby's lab and were let in, the door was slammed shut and locked behind them. Tony all but collapsed onto the floor and Gibbs was bent over, catching his breath. Ziva looked at him.

'' Well?''

'' No chance Ziver.'' she nodded and sat down. Jenny, Abby, Ducky, Palmer and McGee looked at the floor, they were very hungry and the only source of food was from the vending machine, although how a group of eight people could survive on snacks for the rest of their lives, they didn't know. Gibbs sat next to Ziva and pulled her to him.

'' We'll survive.'' he murmered against her temple. McGee scoffed.

'' Yeah right.'' The team looked at him and Jenny shook her head.

'' I agree with McGee, cabin fever will set in before long and if that doesn't kill us starvation will.'' The team looked at the floor and Ziva chuckled.

'' I know a way to settle that.''

'' Oh yeah?''

'' Cannibalism, the less people, the less cabin fever and we do not go hungry.'' The team laughed. It was amazing, even in the middle of a war they could find humour. Tony grinned and decided to extend the joke.

'' Who first?'' The team looked around and Gibbs spoke up.

'' DiNozzo.'' The team laughed and Ziva screwed up her face.

'' Not very kosher.'' Gibbs chuckled and kissed her temple. Tony shook his head and groaned as his stomach rumbled. Ziva got out of Gibbs embrace and stood.

'' How are we for ammo?''

'' Not good, I've got three rounds left.''

'' Me too.''

'' Six.''

'' Two.''

'' Four.''

'' And I have five.'' sighed Ziva before rubbing her eyes in tiredness. She looked at Abby.

'' Can you and McGee hack into the camera system?'' McGee nodded.

'' Yeah, if they haven't gotten into it.'' said Abby, going to her computer and typing in a code. Ziva watched as Abby brought up every camera feed.

'' They haven't penetrated the firewall.'' said McGee, Ziva nodded and pulled out her gun.

'' Jenny, McGee, may I have your rounds?'' McGee and Jenny gave up their rounds and Ziva fiddled about with them and tucked her loaded gun into the back of her pants. Gibbs got up.

'' Ziver, what are you doing?''

'' We need more ammo, we need food, hell, we need to get out of here. I can at least get two of them. Abby can be my eyes and ears, that is if we have anything to communicate with, like earwigs.'' Abby opened a drawer and pulled out an earwig and handed it to Ziva. She put it into her ear and unlocked the door. Gibbs looked at her.

'' You're not going al-''

'' Jethro, I am a highly trained Mossad assassin, if I can kill people for a living-''

'' I get it.'' said Gibbs before crossing the floor and pulling her into a kiss, ignoring Tony's wolf whistle.

'' Be careful Ziver.''

'' Of course, now look after the team, yes?'' Gibbs nodded and stood back, Ziva put her hand on the door handle, ready to run.

'' Ziver...'' She tilted her head to show that she was listening.

'' First sign things are going bad, I'm coming after you.'' Ziva smirked.

'' I would not expect anything less Jethro.'' she said before leaving the safety of the lab and closing the door behind her. Gibbs sighed.

'' I'm such a bastard.'' The team shook their heads.

'' No, if anyone is, it's that moron who made these things.'' said Abby. Their expressions darkened as they remembered how this catastrophe happened.


'' Ahahahaha, you'll never get away with this!'' yelled a naval scientist crazily as Ziva and Gibbs threw him into the back of the truck.

'' Uh huh, watch me.'' muttered Ziva, making her lover chuckle.

The crazy mad scientist had stolen technology from the Navy to mix with normal, bog standard technology from a Furby. The team had laughed when they saw his collection, but the laughs soon died away when they realised what the 'new improved' furby's could do.

Their technology was so advanced they had broken out of the evidence garage and freed their creator, they were now wandering around the NCIS building, shooting anything that came near them. They had lasers in their beaks and some of them were programmed to explode. The majority of the agents had fled the building and had blocked all exits so the tiny terrors couldn't get out, the only people remaining were team Gibbs and the Director, as no proper captain flees their sinking ship. They had found each other after they were seperated and had made their safe haven in Abby's lab. They had stuck together like glue and now?

Their mission: Destroy them before they destroyed us


Ziva sighed as she walked into a room, she looked around at all the ammo and picked some up, she put full mags into her pockets and a bag she had cleverly thought to bring with her, there was no guarantee that she could come back, so she picked up as much as she could carry, remembering she would need to put some food in the bag too. She left the room and lifted up her watch.

'' Abby?''

'' You're good to go Ziva.'' Ziva nodded and ran down the corridor and up two sets of stairs to the vending machine, where she procedded to smash it open and took out as much as she could, putting as much of it as she could, into the bag. It was full and she closed it and slung it over her shoulder, not only did she have to worry about herself, she had to worry about the supplies.

'' Ziva, wait!'' Ziva moved just as three blue Furby's zoned in on her.

'' Shit.'' said Ziva as the began to fire their lazers at her.


Gibbs watched as Ziva smashed the vending and took the food and cans of drink out of it and put it into the half full bag until it was overflowing. He froze when he saw that three Furby's turn the corner just as she began to move. They fired their lazers and Ziva dodged them but not before one caught her one the arm, Gibbs tensed up even more when he saw the look of pain flash across her face. He made a move to go out and help her but Tony held him back.

'' Let go of me if you value your life.'' Tony let him go.

'' I was gonna say, take the last of my ammo.'' Gibbs nodded and took his bullets.

'' Thanks DiNozzo.'' he muttered before leaving the lab to find his woman. Abby bit her bottom lip.

'' They're gonna be ok?'' Jenny hugged her close.

'' Sure. You know what Gibbs is like, they'll both be fine.'' assured Jenny.


Ziva put a bullet through two of the Furby's while protecting her cargo, the third Furby shot out another lazer, hitting her in the leg. Ziva's leg gave out under her and she crashed to the floor. The Furby moved to in front of her head and it was ready to fire. Ziva closed her eyes, waiting, she opened her eyes as she heard a gunshot and something scrape across her cheek. She looked up to see a silver haired Marine looking down at her with concerned eyes. Ziva closed her eyes in relief and opened them again as she extended her hand for Gibbs to pull her up. Gibbs pulled her up and took the bag off of her and watched as she stepped and screwed her eyes shut.

'' You ok? '' Ziva let out a shaky breath.

'' Those lazers actually hurt.'' Gibbs nodded.

'' I can tell.'' Ziva looked at her leg to see a growing red line and on her arm aswell.

''You guys ok?'' came Abby's voice. Ziva nodded and Gibbs held her up.

'' We're ok, tell Duck to be ready for when Ziva and I get back.'' Ziva looked at him.

'' Take the things back, I will make my own way.'' Gibbs cupped her face.

'' Stop playing the hero Ziva, I'm not leaving you.'' Ziva rolled her eyes.

'' I will slow you down. It is bad enough that I am hurt, I do not wish for you to be also.'' said Ziva, Gibbs shook his head.

'' I don't care, I love you and I'm not leaving you. I would go to hell and back with you and here's a newsflash Ziva, we are in hell.'' Ziva shook her head.

'' I am so lucky to have you watching my back. And I know I would do the same for you, no matter what.'' said Ziva, they were about to kiss when they heard the team 'awwing' in their ears. Ziva rolled her eyes and Gibbs wrapped an arm around her waist.

'' Ready?'' he asked. Ziva nodded and they began to walk back to the lab, Ziva watching behind them and Gibbs' keen eyes scanning the path in front of them. They managed to walk the majority of the way back without any trouble until they saw a red Furby. They stopped.

'' Jethro, you do know what that thing is going to do?'' Gibbs nodded and began to back away, he saw a female toilet and he looked at Ziva. They kept backing up until they hit the door.

'' Me no love you.'' It said.

'' Move!'' yelled Gibbs as the Furby exploded.


Abby let out a scream as she saw the red Furby and then snow from the camera's.

'' GIBBS! ZIVA!'' The team held their breaths and all they could hear was static. Jenny sunk to the floor.

'' No…''

'' Boss! ''

'' We're ok, can't say the same for the Furby though.'' came Gibbs' voice. Abby punched the air.

'' Yes!'' Jenny buried her head in her hands. Tony looked at the snowy screen as if his boss was there.

'' Is Ziva ok?''

'' I am fine Tony, stop being such a big brother.''

'' Do you need help Boss?'' asked Tony, thankful his partner was ok.

'' Yeah, you could open the door.'' said Gibbs, before they heard a knock on the door. Tony ran to answer it and they saw Gibbs half carrying Ziva into the lab. Tony closed the door behind them and Gibbs gave him the bag, before scooping Ziva up into his arms and putting her on the table. Gibbs looked at Ducky.

'' Duck?'' Ziva rolled her eyes and sighed.

'' They are just cuts, Jethro.'' said Ziva. Ducky looked at the one on her arm.

'' Very deep ones, you are lucky they didn't cut into the muscle.'' said Ducky, Gibbs looked at Ziva and rest his chin on her shoulder, Ziva raised her good arm and buried it into his silver hair.

'' I am alright.'' she said quietly as the rest of the team dug into the bag of 'goodies'. Gibbs kissed her neck.

'' You're still hurt though.'' he replied. Ziva turned to look at him.

'' I will heal.'' Gibbs kissed her neck again.

'' How do we get rid of them?'' he asked, as well as Ziva being his lover and partner, she was a source of confidence and a person he could talk to if he needed advice or simply because he wanted to talk. Ziva thought for a minute, their backgrounds were similar so this is something they could handle.

'' We could shoot them all.'' said Ziva, Gibbs shook his head and wrapped his arms around her waist.

'' No, we'd run out of bullets long before then, and I swear those things are multiplying.'' said Gibbs, Ziva chuckled.

'' We could blow them up. '' suggested Ziva, Gibbs headslapped her gently.

'' I don't think Jen would like that.'' Ziva got out of his grip and spun on the table, so her feet were dangling and Gibbs was standing in between her legs, she rest her arms on his shoulders and linked her hands behind his head, one of her thumbs caressing his neck. Gibbs put his hands on her thighs and rubbed circles with his thumbs.

'' What if Jenny is not in the building?'' Gibbs looked at her.

'' You're actually serious…''

'' Listen, we get the team out, we make a bomb and blow up NCIS along with everything in it. The Furby's would not stand a chance.'' Gibbs thought for a minute.

''How would we get the team out?'' Ziva thought for a second.

'' Blue prints, we pull them up on Abby's computer and find an escape route.'' Ziva moved her hands to massage Gibbs' temples.

'' Thanks, ok, say we get them out, where do we find a bomb?'' Ziva grinned.

'' Honey, you are looking at a Mossad Officer, part of our training is to use sources available to our advantage… also knowing a bit of chemistry helps too.'' Gibbs grinned and stopped her hands and covered them with his own.

'' You know if we did this, we probably wouldn't get out.''

'' Ye of little faith.'' she said. Gibbs smirked and kissed her knuckles. The team looked at them and 'awwed'.

'' What you guys talking about?'' asked Abby, her mouth full of toffee. Ziva stuttered but Gibbs thought of something.

'' Oh, just how I wished you guys were out of here so I could make lov-'' Tony put up his hands.

'' 'Nuff said Boss, thanks.'' Ziva chuckled.

'' What's wrong DiNozzo? Can't handle it?'' The team watched with amused expressions.

'' Oh I can handle it, just not it between you and Ziva.'' said Tony before shuddering as if to prove a point. Gibbs grinned.

'' I thought you liked it DiNozzo.''

'' I do, I just don't wanna hear-''

'' Oh DiNozzo, you should hear her scream-''

'' Jethro!'' Tony grinned as Ziva head slapped him. Gibbs chuckled and kissed her knuckles again. The team chuckled and watched as Gibbs helped Ziva off of the table and over to Abby's computers. Ziva watched as Ziva found the blueprints of the building and they discussed the best route of escape, which just so happened to be the front door. Feeling that the team were watching, he rest his hands on Ziva's hips and kissed her neck and he grinned when they all looked away. He moved his kisses higher to nibble on her ear.

'' Where do we put the bomb?'' he asked hotly in her ear, Ziva gulped, she had lived a life of danger, why only now was it turning her on?

'' Erm… the evidence garage would be best and… um… maybe one in the…er… bullpen, Jet…'' said Ziva, Jenny chuckled.

'' Jethro, leave the poor girl alone.'' Abby looked at them.

'' What are you doing? ''

'' Aside from sexually harassing her?'' Put in Tony. Gibbs glared at him.

'' Jealousy doesn't suit you DiNozzo.'' Ziva moved her head away from Gibbs' mouth.

'' We are looking at blueprints Abby, I believe we have found a way out.'' The team looked at her.

'' Where?''

'' The front door. '' McGee and Ducky raised an eyebrow.

'' Really?'' asked Tony and Abby in unison. Ziva nodded.

'' They are guarding all other exits, they will not expect us to go through the front door.'' Jenny laughed.

'' Good logic. When do we leave?''

'' As soon as you are all ready.'' said Gibbs. Tony looked at them suspiciously.

'' Aren't you coming Boss?'' Gibbs nodded. Happy with his answer, the team sorted themselves out, while Gibbs looked in the bag and dug out the majority of the ammo and gave half of it to Ziva.


'' Ok, move it DiNozzo.'' ordered Gibbs as he saw the door appear. Ziva fell back so she was with Gibbs bringing up the rear of the group. They looked at each other and nodded.

'' Red! Run!'' shouted Ziva coming to a stop. The team ran and Gibbs followed them and as soon as they were out of the building, he punched a code into the control box, locking the doors, atopping people from getting in or out. Abby turned around and her eyes widened when she saw the couple behind the glass.

'' Hey!'' The rest of the team looked at them and ran back to the doors.

'' Boss! Come on!'' yelled Tony, hitting the doors.

'' Ziva!'' cried Jenny doing the same as Tony. Ziva smiled before intertwining her hand with Gibbs', he looked at her and they smiled again before running back up to Abby's lab.

'' What are they doing?'' screamed Abby, McGee held her. Ducky lowered his head.

'' Destroying those wretched creatures.''

'' But we're a team!'' argued Tony. Ducky nodded.

'' I believe we should get out of firing range-'' Abby rounded on the small doctor.

'' How do you know-''

'' Why else would they get us out of the building Abigail? '' Jenny's jaw dropped.

'' They're gonna blow up NCIS?'' Tony groaned.

'' It would figure they'd kick us out for the fun bit!'' he complained. McGee frowned.

'' But they don't have any bombs…'' Jenny shook her head, still unable to sink it in, they were going to blow up her agency.

'' They don't need any, they have a whole lab full of chemicals and both of them have knowledge of chemistry…'' McGee and Tony exchanged looks.

'' We'd better move then, we all know what Ziva's like.'' The team nodded and began to move away.


'' You done?'' asked Gibbs watching Ziva handle the chemicals. She nodded.

'' Uh huh, just about.'' They picked one up each and they left the lab with their guns drawn.

'' Where are we putting them?''

'' One in Evidence lock up and the other in the bullpen.'' Ziva looked at him then shrugged.

'' We are going to die anyway, why not go on a suicide mission first, if we survive that, we will die anyway.'' Gibbs chuckled.

'' I'll take the evidence lock up.'' Ziva shook her head.

'' I am faster than you, I will take it.'' Gibbs looked at her.

'' If you're sure, both places are loaded with them anyway.''

'' Evidence lock up is one way ticket, I do not think Abby will forgive me if she knew there was a chance for you to survive.'' They stopped in the hall for a minute.

'' If you can get out, try.'' Ziva nodded and Gibbs pulled her into a deep kiss and a one armed hug.

'' I love you Ziva.''

'' And I love you. Take care.''

'' And you.'' He said, before they parted and went their seperate ways.


Ziva ran down to the stairs and ran down them, she got onto the floor she needed to get onto and was met with four blue furby's.

'' Oh, crap...'' said Ziva before pulling the trigger on her gun, the bullets tearing through two of them, the other two fired their lazers and Ziva, not one to be fooled twice, dodged them. She shot another furby but groaned when the last one shot her in the arm. She turned around and kicked it, she grinned as it flew through the air and smashed into the wall.

'' Ha!'' she said before leaving the battle field and going to the evidence lock up.


Gibbs stuck his head around the corner and looked over where his chair was... The crazy mad scientist was sat in his chair.

'' Bastard.'' he muttered under his breath, as he deposited the bomb and left to find Ziva. He walked along the corridor and tensed... something was behind him, he spun to see a pink furby looking at him. He frowned, the red ones exploded and the blue ones fired lazers... what on God's green Earth did the pink ones do? Well, he wasn't going to stay to find out but he felt like he couldn't move, he just had to know. He watched as the pink furby opened it's mouth and a gas came out of it. Gibbs breathed it in and he found himself feeling very tired.

'' I don't think so.'' he said before walking off. His steps were all over the place and his vision was blurred.

'' Aw, crap.'' he said before he slumped down to the floor and crawled with what little energy he had left into the storage cupboard. He closed the door and leant against the broom.

'' Not a good time to be going to sleep Gunny.'' he said to himself as he felt his eyes close.


Ziva walked along the corridor and ducked into the men's room as she saw two blues and a red in the hallway. She thought for a minute. This was where she was supposed to be meeting Gibbs, where the hell was he? She opened the door to see the corridor Furby-less and she went out with her gun drawn, she walked past the storage cupboard but stopped as she heard a thump. She opened the door with her gun drawn and was surprised to see Gibbs having a nap.

'' Gibbs... Jethro... hey!'' she said, poking him, he didn't wake up. Ziva let a breath escape her before biting her lip.

'' Please do not make me do this.'' she said, before slapping him across the face with no result. She frowned and watched him sleep before her light bulb pinged.

'' Jethro, I have had enough, I am running away with Tony.'' Gibbs sat up and looked at her and she raised her eyebrows.

'' Enjoy your sleep?'' Gibbs mumbled, then looked at her.

''... Pink... sleepy stuff.'' Ziva shook her head and offered her hand. He stood up and looked at her.

'' What?''

'' There's pink furby's and they make you go to sleep.'' If it was any other day, or time Ziva would have laughed in his face.

'' I believe you, we have to go, my one will go off in three minutes and we have to be clear of the building.'' Gibbs nodded and looked down and saw she had another cut.

'' How many did you see?''

'' Four but I kicked their asses... literally.'' Gibbs grinned and they ran down two flights of stairs before Ziva looked at him.

'' Something is wrong...''

'' Yeah, that bastard is sitting in my chair!'' Ziva shook her head.

'' We do not have time-''

'' I know, stop being so-''

'' So what-''

'' Israeli... Ziva!'' Ziva stopped and looked at him.

'' This really bothers you.'' Gibbs nodded and Ziva pulled him into a kiss.

'' I will kick his ass and you run.''

'' No-''

'' It is the only option or we both run together.'' Gibbs hesitated, he really wanted to kick the guys ass, not just for sitting in his chair but for everything that had happened, but he wanted to get out with the woman he loved and spend the rest of his life with her.

'' Together.'' Ziva grabbed his hand and they ran, they got out of the building and saw their team only a few miles away. While they were running Ziva looked at her watch.

'' Ten seconds!'' Gibbs stopped running, stopping her as his hand was still connected with hers and he pulled them over to a car and pushed her down so the car was covering them.

'' Five seconds.''

'' Ziva, I love you.'' She looked at him.

'' Oh, very dramatic Jethro, but I love you too.'' They shared a small kiss.

'' Marry me?'' asked Gibbs. Ziva was about to answer but a large explosion kept her voice silent.


Two Days Later

Gibbs walked into the church in the hospital and sat down in a pew. He looked down at the Star of David in his hands, her Star of David. His injuries consisted of a fractured wrist and concussion, nothing too serious.

'' Oh, Ziver...'' he muttered softly. He felt someone's presence with him in the church but he decided to ignore it, he thought it was more than likely Ducky or Tony to console him for his loss. He felt the hairs on his neck stand on end as the silent figure sat next to him.

'' I lost out, big time. It was great while it lasted but now... I just want it back.'' said Gibbs sadly, he felt a small hand on his shoulder.

'' At least we are together, yes?'' came the Israeli voice. Gibbs looked at his lover and nodded.

'' Definately. I think NCIS is an acceptable loss for you anyway.'' Ziva giggled and kissed him.

'' It is a 'yes' by the way.'' Gibbs looked at her.

'' Serious?''

'' Uh huh, just so long as the next agency we blow up is Mossad... preferably with the Director still inside.'' Gibbs laughed and kissed her.