Have No Wrath

Summary: Sometimes, it's best not to screw with mother nature. Especially if she's your mother-in-law.

Rated: T

Dear Zeus did he wish he could dissolve into nothing. Or maybe become invisible to any and all. That would have been a gift among gods. But instead, he felt his knees lock tighter as his eyes squared with a leveled glare with the problem at hand: his wife.

Persephone looked like she was about ready to feed him off to Cerberus. That or kick him dead in the groin. He didn't prefer either.

"Love," he started, trying to remain calm, collective – her eyes narrowed all the harder at his and he found himself actually taking a step back. Gods this woman was scarier than the monster Medusa on a bad hair day. Literally.

"Don't "Love" me you egotistical swine! How could you go and do that? Really Hades, of all the stupidest things to do."

That's when he piped in to defend himself. "I couldn't take the blasted woman any longer."

An arched up eyebrow, "Do you realize, that woman, is not only my mother but your sister, correct?"

Glowering, he threw his hands up. "Demeter and I never got along. She mostly kept to herself, only separating Zeus and me when we fought. Poseidon couldn't give a boar's ass about it."

Arms crossing over her chest, Persephone sat back onto their bed. "Yet, throwing snakes in the guest bed where mother slept was somehow a stroke of genius?"

He shrugged.

"I can't help it if she fears little guys like the ones I placed in her bed. It was merely a joke. That she shrieked like a banshee and went above, to the mortal realm, how is that my fault?"

Persephone remained silent, watching him.

This, he definitely didn't like. "Why do you stare at me woman?"

"I am simply waiting for Zeus to strike you down where you stand for such a lame ass lie."

Hades had to take a step back at the crudeness that fell from her perfect pink lips. "Persephone, you wish me dead."

"No. I wish you to apologize."

When it looked like he would object, she held a hand up, as if to show the balance of things. "Or, you can be a happily abstinent husband for the rest of your days."

"You wouldn't-" Her lips twitched, "you would." Head falling down in defeat, he went to find Demeter and – he shuddered – apologize. Damn him and his weakness for his wife. But a man just couldn't live a day without having to touch her. Not without dying in agony.