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It's Christmas time! (Confetti) So here's the Naruto Christmas special!

Nezumi: But they don't celebrate Christmas, Bri-san.

Fine, no presents for you, Mousy-kun. -.-

Nezumi: B-But-!

Just kidding! ^^

Nezumi: Don't scare me like that! O_O

(Starts singing the pyro-version of 'Deck the Halls')

It was snowing in the Leaf Village as Tsunade had most of the Konoha Eleven in her meeting room.

"So, what did you call us in here for, Grandma Tsunade?"

Tsunade stepped aside to reveal a little light-brown-haired ten-year-old wearing a Santa hat. He was smiled brightly under his thick scarf.

"It's Christmas Eve!!!" Nezumi jumped out and grabbed Naruto in a death-hug. "It's Christmas Eve, Naruto-san!!!"

Neji looked at Tsunade. "Lady Hokage?"

"You've been given today and tomorrow off."

"What?!" Everyone seemed shocked.

"The Mujaki Clan has paid me nearly a fortune to do this job. You have to celebrate Christmas with Nezumi here."


"Since when were we babysitters?!" Tenten asked.

"What kind of mission is this?!"

"Lady Hokage, I don't mean to be rude, but why do we have to do this mission?" Shikamaru asked.

"Because, Nezumi personally requested that you celebrate with him. And since he is the heir to the Mujaki Clan, what he says goes."

Nezumi nodded. "Yeah. Besides, half my clan went to the Stone Village on some business thingy."


They all decided to have a Christmas Party in the Mujaki Mansion because it was nearly empty anyway. (Nezumi: My Clan gets a mansion?! O_o)

Lee, Tenten, and Shino had to stay with him while the others attempt to remember what was needed for Christmas (They always worked on Christmas). Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, Sakura, Hinata, Neji, and Naruto went out to look for Bri, who was the only one who still remembered a few customs.

"I hope they come back soon," Nezumi said as he looked out the window.

Shino looked at him in the eye. "Relax, they should come back soon."

Nezumi shivered and his behind Tenten. (Shino creeps out Nezumi.) "Tenten-san..."

Lee was suddenly behind Nezumi and shouted out in an incredibly loud voice. "Let us commence this holiday with the power of youth! I suggest we start caroling!"

Tenten's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "Caroling? Our mission is the keep him happy, not attacked for disturbing the peace."

But, Lee started anyway shouting out 'The Twelve Days of Christmas.' (btw, what was the 6th one? I forgot. O_O)


"Heh. So you guys have to babysit Mousy-kun?"

"Yes," said Neji. "This is why we need your help."

They were in the middle of the Leaf Village. Bri was sitting on top of a very well decorated Christmas Tree with a candy cane in her mouth.

"You forgot the important stuff, didn't ya?" There was a crunch as a bit of candy cane got munched on. "Naruto, got get some Christmas lights. NOT FROM MY TREE, YOU IDIOT! Sakura, get a tree. Neji, get ornaments, milk, and cookies. Ino and Hinata, go get the books full of Christmas carols. Shika, Choji, you two have the most important jobs. Come with me."

Naruto went to get Christmas lights, but on the way back to Nezumi's house he ended up so tangled that Sakura had to carry along with the tree. By then Lee was caroling 'Jingle bell Rock'. Somehow Neji magically appeared and put mistletoe, glass balls, and holly everywhere. And left the cookies and milk by the fireplace. Ino was already next to Lee caroling.

"N-Naruto..." Hinata said as she fidgeted her fingers.

Nezumi looked up and cheered "Someone's under the mistletoe!"

Hinata blushed as Naruto was the one to give the traditional mistletoe kiss (On the cheek. And she still fainted.)

Around midnight there was a shaking in the chimney. Nezumi's eyes widened as he saw a jolly Goodman step out of the chimney with a reindeer and an elf. (He was very tired by then, I made sure to make Choji convincing, and I had the only elf costume on earth that doesn't need tights.)

"Ho ho ho!" 'Santa' laughed out as he dropped a sack of toys for everyone. The reindeer (coughShikamarucough) and the elf (coughMecough) helped hand out gifts.

Naruto: A Sakura plushie for comfort.

Sakura: A dress

Neji: Those fate-telling cards (Ironic)

Ino: A picture of Sasuke that says "Missing you"

Hinata: A Naruto plushie (With a note saying: "Don't faint when you look at this Naruto")

Tenten: A brand new knife!

Lee: A Guy-sensei action figure! Complete with thumbs up pose and sparkly smile! (From Guy)

Shino: A t-shirt with Zetsu on it saying "Bugs are friends, not food."

Shikamaru: A new Shougi board. (From Bri)

Bri: Karioke machine!!! (Sorry, I'm very greedy. X3)

Choji: 100 coupons for barbecue (and Santa's milk and cookies)

"What do I get Santa?!" Nezumi asked eagerly.

'Santa' gave him a what Bri picked out for him. A train set. And, intentionally or not, it started snowing outside again.

"Yay! Let's play out in the snow!" (No playing out in the snow scene because... I have no idea how to. ^^")

(Twelve Days of Christmas, BRI-STYLE!!!)


On the 12 days of Christmas

Konoha gave to me:

12 Rasengans spinning

11 Awesome ninja

10 Clones a-leaping

9 Akatsuki members

8 Ninja Hounds

7-Thousand death-hugs

6 Sexy Jutsu


4 Jumping Jounin

3 Sand guys

2 Talking toads

And a Chriiistmas special from Briiiii!

Nezumi and Bri: Review!!! ^_^

Happy Holidays, peoples!!! X3