The 'Song of the Siren' is a Detective Conan/Magic Kaito roleplay, starring the pairing Saguru{Or 'Sagura'} Hakuba and Kaitou Kuroba. It's based in the normal setting of the series, only with a slightly more magical twist to it. With more plot twists then any one roleplay should be allowed, it has the potential to carry on for many months to come.

Pairings include: HakubaxKaitou, ShinichixHeiji, MitsuhikoxAi, implied GinxVodka, Whiskey(oc)xRum(oc){Further information on these two will be added as they make their debutes in the fanfiction}, KaitouxKid{only circumstantial}

Warnings: Violence, Character Death{No main ones}, Yaoi, potential Yuri, implied sexual themes{We will most likely be writing the ACTUAL sex scenes separately}, OC's, M-preg, angst, implied self-mutilation, magic, mild-OOC, Vermouth antics

For any further questions{That don't relate to SPOILERS} please direct your questions to our seperate DA accounts, ~Invader-Sah OR ~Satamoru

Disclaimer - We in no way claim ownership of the characters or series created by Gosho Aoyama; Detective Conan and Magic Kaito are not ours. However, all artwork, writing material, and plot of the fanfiction 'Song Of the Siren' belong to us. We do not claim to own the original character designs, but all additions to the original are copyright to us.