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Hakuba sat up gently. His tail wove around Kaitou's leg – the other remained asleep. The detective smiled warmly. Brushing his hair back, he leaned close enough to Kaitou to kiss his cheek tenderly. As he pulled away, sleepy indigo eyes peered at him blearily, before softening, and closing once more. Kaitou snuggled deeper into their pillows with a smile, feathers splayed white against navy sheets. Hakuba smiled warmly in return, before settling himself down beside his Kaitou.

It had been about a month since Heiji and Shinichi had been rescued, and were sub-sequentially brought around for dinner about once a week by Yoria, whom remained thoroughly unimpressed at how skinny they were. Hakuba and Kaitou hadn't had any further mishaps or happenings since – a good thing. For all they were only two months together, they'd had a rough start by comparison, and were closer than ever because of it. Hakuba-san was still in England, on business, and Hakuba himself lived at the Kuroba house currently… or so said the stack of books he'd added to Kaitou's desk.

He smiled at Kaitou contentedly. He was adorable. He was /his/.

"What'd I do?" he asked sleepily, blinking blearily at the sappy look on Hakuba's face.

"I love you." Hakuba purred. He was rewarded by a large, sappy smile in return.

"Love you too." Kaitou murmured, snuggling against him warmly.

A sudden crash from below jolted the both of them from the mood. Kaitou smiled at the sound of his uncle swearing some seconds later and his mother's shrilling over their sudden need for a new lamp. Hakuba sighed, then chuckled. "Shall we head to breakfast, then?" he asked gently, since they weren't going back to sleep /now/.

Kaitou nodded, and kissed Hakuba gently, before rolling out of bed to dress. Hakuba slid out after him. Breakfast was waiting, as Yoria was still after her brother-in-law for the damage of yet another article of furniture. Hakuba smiled. This was the usual setup; this was normalcy at its best.

Or as normal as a siren dating the Prince of Harpies was, anyways. The council had stopped with the odd looks, in any case.

Kaitou settled at the table, digging into breakfast with vigor, motioning Hakuba to do the same. Used to the usual setting, Hakuba complied. They'd eaten their fill, and about three servings more than that, when they were finally released to go do /something/. It was a weekend once more, there were no heists planned for the next couple of days.

The ensuing quiet time resulted in Kaitou flopping over Hakuba's knees and challenging himself to solitaire, while the detective himself read comfortably atop Kaitou's bed. His tail looped itself comfortably around Kaitou's waist; the magician didn't even twitch, instead reaching for his stash of chocolate chips. The small chocolate drops could only be handled in groups of two or three handfuls at a time, but that didn't stop Kaitou from savoring each piece – allowing it to melt on his tongue.

Hakuba smiled warmly. Kaitou was nothing short of the love of his life. Which was why, ten minutes later, when Kaitou was on the verge of overdoing it, he asked, "Can I have a couple?"

"NO~!" Kaitou hissed playfully, "MINE, HISS~!" even as he proffered the bag to his mate.

Hakuba chuckled warmly, and resettled on his stomach beside Kaitou. He'd just helped himself to chocolate chips when he quite abruptly sat himself back upright.

Kaitou blinked up at him. "Kuba, are you ok?" he'd been learning to read auras recently, though his magic had yet to come in, and Hakuba's aura had just done a loop de loop.

"It's nothing…." He waved off with a smile. "Just no sugar for me, it would appear." Kaitou's expression remained skeptical, but when Hakuba's aura obediently remained even, he relaxed again.

"Alright, if you're sure."

Shinichi smiled rather fondly at the Osakian that had taken over his lap and promptly dozed off once comfortable. Heiji was still living with him, for reasons the other was not entirely willing to divulge. Nevertheless, it was nice, having someone around the house. While Ai, and the occasional Agasa, were around more often then not, someone his own age who didn't have a history of using him as a human guinea pig was preferable to the alternative.

Ai herself was particularly helpful, regardless. It took him a few days before he'd managed to wrap his, in her terms, incomparably thick skull around the concept of magic. After that, however, the shrunken scientist had taken it upon herself to manipulate him into learning how to USE said magic.

He'd proved a decent study – he could now, with a little concentration and effort, hide his wings and antenna on his own. Not that he did very often, since he spent the majority of his time hiding inside, away from potential Ran encounters.

He'd called his parents, letting them know he wasn't a little kid anymore, and they in turn had assured a hysterical Ran that Conan was home safe with them. He wasn't 100% on the story they had fed her (something about Conan missing his parents dearly, and hopping a plane to America in the middle of the night, spur of the moment), but Ran was apparently doing well, for all she and the detective boys were very sad he'd not taken the time to say goodbye. Shinichi hadn't informed her he was in town just yet – him appearing right after Conan left would raise suspicion, and he did not intend to otherwise hint that he was the little boy she had brought into the bath with her so often. Said hints would lead to his ultimate demise, or so Ai figured, what with his bones being both lighter and frailer than the norm due to his fae heritage.

Said heritage had not been brought up with his parents. He would figure this out without them, just as he had throughout his teens when he'd lived by himself in Japan. And he was doing a remarkable job of it – or in theory anyways…

Like Shinichi, Heiji was avoiding his parents and Kazuha, but for entirely different reasons. His parents would just hammer him for kids he wasn't sure he could have, and Kazuha was going to be angry that he had helped Conan give Ran a panic attack (whether he had or hadn't, it really didn't matter, she would still chew him out for it). He wasn't nearly so concerned about his own magic, seeing as he hadn't had to use it since. He just had to exercise his temperament, which in and of itself was a trying task.

He spent most of his time arguing with his emotions over the concept of 'Kudou'. Every time he tried, his thoughts were immediately re-directed to the detective he was so very infatuated with. It was almost borderline annoying, actually. He couldn't seem to focus.

Said lack of focus usually led to things like what he was currently doing; sleeping in his lap. Kudou, however, never seemed to mind. Ever since that first make-out session… well, neither of them could explain it. But both were entirely sure they LIKED it.

There was a sudden knock at the door, knocking them both from their quiet reverie. Shinichi let Heiji borderline sit up, then slipped out of the room to answer the door, grappling with the (his) magic at the same time. Hidden successfully, he opened said door obediently. However, he failed to check the identity of their guest first, and was immediately introduced to a very upset Ran.

The startled squawk followed by a thudding crash draw Heiji from the living room faster than his curiosity. He frowned at the sight of Ran hugging Shinichi with such force and determination that it had knocked the young pair over. In a single motion, he had placed Shinichi back on his feet, and subdued the flare of possessiveness that had risen at the sight of another touching his Kudou. Yep, ok, he had a problem. He'd have offered to help her up as well, but her eagerness for answers already had her back on her feet.

Then again, he should have expected her to be fast – she'd dodged a freaking bullet before, for god's sake!

"Shinichi, WHERE have you BEEN?" she demanded loudly. Shinichi quite visibly winced at the question.

"Well, you see, Ran, there's a VERY good re- WHOA-!" ok… someone was impatient, and wasn't accepting excuses. Skip the exposition. "Whoa, whoa," Shinichi grasped for her wrists, hoping that would subdue her a little. He was also fighting for that inkling of concentration needed to keep himself human looking. Heiji had already acted, closing the door.

He was rather upset – about 2.5 seconds ago when she had thrown that first punch. NOW he was about a half second from either a) setting her ablaze, or b) picking her up and throwing her out until she could calm down. Option b was still in the books, since she seemed to be more focused on keeping Shinichi's attention than hurting him. And have his full attention she did, if the vague sparks of magic not quite in control were anything to go by.

Thankfully, she didn't seem to notice Heiji just yet – Shinichi and his recent whereabouts were FAR more important.


"Ran, calm down, I was on a case, I told you!" it wasn't even a lie, really. The entire Conan fiasco wasn't entirely over yet (still had to catch the org, after all), but he was back, that was a start. "I really can't give you details-!" he had to struggle to contain her fury (read: fists) for a moment, but won once again for the time being, "Mostly because it's not quite over yet, but I figure I should be able to stay grounded for a while-!"

"You were-?"

"I saw something I shouldn't have, they saw me looking. I had to lay low and keep moving, I'm sorry-!" he barely managed to duck the escaped fist, and was immediately crushed by the inescapable bear hug of worry/concern™. He sighed gently as he patted her back, mildly keeping an eye on Heiji. The other teen seemed to be struggling with conflicting emotions, namely the ones that made it possible for him to like making out with him. Shinichi let him, for the time being, since he wasn't currently trying to set Ran ablaze.

"You're not going to be attacked, are you?" she asked gently.

"In theory; they're still OUT there, so I can't PROMISE, but…" Shinichi eased out of her grip, lest the fists start up again. "Though I need you to promise not to tell anyone I'm back… for obvious reasons." Of course, they were still out there, needed to be cautious, needed to make sure that he had an out if the worst happened.

"It's ok, don't worry." She assured. "Dad's a detective – he used to be a cop – I know about the witness protection program." There was a mild pause as she smiled. "Though it's kind of cute that you called Heiji down JUST to watch your back."

"Yes… well…" Shinichi smiled gently, sparing a glance at the aforementioned Osakian. He seemed to be under control, for all his eyes were still retaining that protective, fiery glow.

The sudden hug Ran crushed him with distracted him from the possible dangerous thoughts that had tried to sneak into his mind. He patted her hair gently – he was ok for the time being…

Several hours passed before Ran realized the time, and scurried off to make herself and her father dinner – but not before claiming several assurances that she would receive visits in the VERY near future. However, said departure quickly led to a silence dropping over the two males.

Shinichi mildly studied the floor – at a loss for what to say to the other detective. Heiji was contemplating. He had a couple options at this point. Loosing the teen detective he had fallen so hard for was not one of them.

The detective of the east glanced at his western counterpart gently when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder. Said hand was quickly followed by the rest of the other's warm body, as Shinichi was drawn into a snug, possessive embrace. There was a silence as he drew his gaze up to meet Heiji's; the Osakian's eyes were gentle as they studied him. Internally he swallowed hard – this talk was overdue… by a long shot.

"Kudou, I-…." Shinichi stopped him with a gentle finger against the lips.

"Heiji, " he tried, paused, considered, and continued, "I'm well aware that you like me, but…" the detective of the west appeared to wince mildly. Shinichi felt a mild tang of guilt. "But Ran…"

Heiji winced lightly at her name – of course. Of course, the childhood friend came first. Shinichi had looked away from the other detective – though he didn't force free from the other's firm grip. Heiji studied the floor sadly, having seemed to have forgotten he was grasping the other to his chest at the particular moment.

Silence descended for a few moments. Eventually, Shinichi started to pull away. Only for the man holding him to eventually reach his decision.

Hot lips pressed against Shinichi's once again, and he found himself overwhelmed once more. The Osakian was, admittedly, a VERY good kisser. Good enough to knock the precious little concentration he had on hiding the fae features. Good enough for him to NOT notice the door opening until a poorly muffled gasp broke them apart like a lightning bolt.

Ran stood gaping at them. She had forgotten her coat – which was now in her arms – but she'd not been expecting to return to her childhood friend… well… it kind of broke her brain at that point. In any case, they were apparently making out.

Shinichi tried to pull away, to go to the aide of his childhood friend, however, Heiji held him fast. The Osakian wasn't about to let this fight that wasn't one end with his loss. Kudou was his. Ran would recover without the detective of the east in punching range.

Eventually she DID recover. Only to stalk from the building immediately afterwards, grumbling things that Shinichi was SURE he'd had to have misheard.

"What does she MEAN, she owes Kazuha 20 bucks?" he asked incredulously, as he made sure the door was shut, and locked this time. Heiji shrugged, at least Kudou hadn't suffered for it. Though…

"I haven't the foggiest what she'd been betting on, but I wouldn't lock that door on her. I have no doubts that she'll soon be back to enquire exactly WHEN you grew a pair of wings…" Ai stated mildly, settling on the arm of the couch. Shinichi froze at that – aw, crap… Ai merely gazed at him for a moment. "We DO recall that first rule, then?" she supplied. The weak nod was enough.

Heiji winced mildly. Ok, KIND of his fault. Note to self – make out with Kudou AFTER the doors are all locked… or at least until the fae had a better hold on things. Shinichi was looking mildly strained, because now he had to figure out just HOW to alter Ran's memory – which was completely against his morals. Memory altering… neither had been taught that yet…

Ai looked mildly pleased over the panic for a few moments. Eventually she stood with a wry smile. "Thankfully – I foresaw this happening at least once before you were capable of fixing it yourself." She stated, drawing the teenage male from his silent panic.

"But- mind altering… isn't that-?"

"Kudou, don't be foolish." She cut him off sharply. "You may figure that it's intrusive, but it's rules for a reason."

Shinichi winced – this was not a situation he was altogether comfortable with… in the slightest.

Hakuba pressed into Kaitou's side as his stomach tried to do another flip. He couldn't think of what might be causing it – he'd not eaten anything bad, and if he HAD siren were well known for their iron-clad stomachs… Kaitou was stroking his mate's hair tenderly, comforting his mate through this. The rest of the house was silent, the council was off doing council stuff, and Yoria had errands she was running.

"'Kuba?" Kaitou asked quietly, gazing down at Hakuba with gentle eyes.

"I'm fine." Hakuba promised tenderly. "I'm sure that it's just a bug – I'll be better before we know it." He assured. He smiled as Kaitou reshuffled his position to one where he could nuzzle Hakuba's ear while the other relaxed.

It had been four hours. Heiji gazed out the window with a mildly blank expression. Eventually he turned to the fae who was sulking on the couch.

"I don' think she's comin' back." He stated gently. Shinichi sighed dejectedly; what a day… Heiji settled on the couch beside him, he had to resist the urge to flop against the other. The Osakian relaxed into him instead, as silence dropped around them.

Another half hour passed in relative levels of comfort, the two teenaged males simply enjoying the lack of need to do anything. However, even that little sanction of peace had to come to an end.

"What were you going to say?" Shinichi asked quietly – breaking the bliss, drawing Heiji from his impromptu doze.

"Mm?" he asked gently, blinking up at Shinichi.

"Before I silenced you, what were you going to say?" he asked. Part of him insisted this was a bad idea, it would hurt them both. Nevertheless…

"I… oh…" Heiji sighed, and pulled away from the other teen – sitting up in the process. It took him a long, painful moment to recompose what he was going to say. "Kudou, I have'ta admit, I've liked yeah more than a friend fer a long time… maybe… maybe not as long as ran-neechan – an' I don' wanna sound presumptuous or anythin', but yeah don' have'ta explain nothin' the me… I know where yeah been… what you been doing… I won' berate you fer runnin after criminals, cuz ill be right there beside yeah doin it too…" he paused – not sure how to go on without resorting to begging – if he wasn't already sounding as such.

"Heiji…" Shinichi's voice was quiet, not as certain as he wished it could be… "I've left her to wait for… for me… for too long… to just drop her now-"

Would be perfectly fine." Shinichi jumped wildly at the sudden voice behind him, he was both on his feet an hidden once more within a second – to find ran standing there, looking mildly saddened, but a glow of forgiveness lining her gentle blue eyes.

"Ran?" crap crap crap crap!

"Don't panic." She smiled, still sad, but stronger than before. "I'm just here to drop off Conan-kun's stuff before Dad throws it all away. Since he's headed home for good this time… could you send it to him? Mom 's insisted that I start college soon, so…" she turned as she finished her sentence, headed back out the door. The silence in the room seemed to make her whispered "Don't follow me" echo painfully in Shinichi's ears.

She was halfway to the front gate when he regained his senses enough to dash to the door. "Ran-!" he called and she paused, looking back with mild puzzlement. "Why?" he had to ask.

"Hm…" she chuckled, the sad retreating into her eyes, then vanishing in good humor, as if sharing a private joke with herself. "I /saw/ that kiss earlier." She stated gently. Then she outright chuckled. "I HIGHLY doubt that it was one-sided. OR that Heiji's that great of a kisser." With that statement, she made her way from the yard, heading for home, leaving the Tokyian detective to his bewilderment, then embarrassment… then acceptance. Even as a gentle hand, knowing what it had just won, led him back inside, and into a gentle embrace.

The door was locked again (how had she gotten in?), and Shinichi was immediately reacquainted with the heat that was Heiji's gentle lips. Warm weight pressed against him – not immediately followed this time by any form of guilt.

The first thing the council noticed upon arriving home was the decided lack of Kaitou-presence. Well, he was in the house, but the house looked as if he'd not been out of his bedroom since they'd left that morning.

Several of the council swore under their breath – if that siren had jumped the Prince again… seriously! The siren needed to control his hormones! However, as was not the cause.

Kaitou was hovering protectively over Hakuba, who'd managed to fall asleep despite the nausea. His concern was the main reason he growled at the sound of the bedroom door opening, though he shook himself free of the protective streak when he realized it was just his uncle (followed closely by the council).

"Uncle Kyo!" he whispered, relieved. He jumped off the bed and slid out of the room so he wouldn't risk waking Hakuba. "Uncle Kyo, uncle Kyo – I'm not sure what to do – Kuba's been sick all day, and he swears he hasn't eaten anything bad, so-"Kaitou wasn't panicking… yet. Mates were precious things, however, and if this persisted…

Kyo contemplated, and then nodded. "Doc." He called gently, motioning to a barn owl-colored harpy dressed modestly, who carried himself quietly. Said harpy slipped forward with a nod – and entered the room quietly. He didn't pretend to know much about siren health; however, he didn't have a doctorate for nothing.

He returned with a wry smile plastered over his lips. Said expression evoked a sudden snarl from the Prince – who took very much offence to this mood.

"You'd better not be happy about Hakuba being sick-!" he threatened venomously. The doctor backed away slightly, his ears low in submission, yet a smile still tugging at his lips.

"No, no, Prince NOTHING like that!" the doctor insisted gently, "It's just that the siren is pregnant."

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