Hello all! Here is yet another Hey Arnold! Fanfic. Wow, I am on a roll. XD

So I'm sure you guys remember the episode "Phoebe Breaks A Leg", right? Well, this will be something like it. XD Only this time, Arnold accidentally ends up breaking his leg because of Helga, and she of course becomes his little servant. He doesn't exactly take advantage of her like Phoebe did (if I made him do that, he'd look like a hypocrite), but you know, it goes on and on.

Eventually, it all leads to bringing things out on the table. :D

This takes place after the FTI incident, but without the long-awaited Jungle Movie in the works.

So enjoy!

I do not own Hey Arnold!


How did this happen? It all started on a very ordinary day...

"All right then, football head! All yours." Helga said in pleasant way as she moved aside from the water fountain.

"Thanks Helga." Arnold then gave her a knowing look before he bent down to take a drink. He knew Helga was going to splash it in his face.

But she didn't. Instead, she stood by and watched him with an adoring smile when he wasn't looking. When he turned to her, she immediately looked away. He looked at her for a moment, as if studying her, wondering what she was thinking about.

"What, you going to just stand there all day? Move it, football head!" Helga then said, shoving him ahead.

But she didn't see that the janitor had accidentally knocked over a bucket of soapy water, which had stopped at Arnold's feet. So when she pushed him, he ended up sliding backwards across the floor.

"WHOA!!" He cried, trying to grab onto something to steady himself.

"ARNOLD!!" Helga screamed in terror, forgetting all about hiding her true feelings toward him. She ran down the hall after him in an attempt to catch up and stop him, but what happened next made her heart stop.

The janitor was pushing his trolley of janitorial supplies, and only at the last second saw Arnold crash into the row of lockers ahead of him, having fallen to the ground, with the trolley's weight having run over his left leg.

"Aaaahhh!!! My leg! My leg! Owwwwwwwww!!!!" Arnold cried in pain.

"Oh goodness, I'm so sorry! I didn't-..." The janitor stammered. "Stay tight kids, I'm gonna go get the nurse!"

"Arnold! Arnold!!" Helga rushed to his side. "Oh my gosh, Arnold! Are you all right?!"

"My...my leg! I-I think I fractured it! Ow!" Arnold cried.

"Oh Arnold, I'm so sorry! I didn't see the water on the floor! I didn't...oh Arnold this is all my fault!" Helga exclaimed, grabbing at her pigtails. Right now she didn't even care that people were seeing how she was truly feeling about Arnold, or that they would laugh at her, or come to the conclusion that she loved him. Right now, all she cared about was Arnold's well being. "Arnold, can you walk?!"

"I...I don't know..." Arnold said, cringing.

"What happened, man?!" Gerald came running over to them. "Arnold are you all right?"

"I think I fractured my leg!" Arnold groaned.

"It was all my fault! If I hadn't pushed him, he wouldn't have slid across the hall like that!" Helga cried, close to tears. "I'm so sorry Arnold, I didn't mean to!"

"It's-it's not your fault, Helga...it was an accident." Arnold told her.

"No! Don't you dare take the blame from me!" Helga ordered. "If it's the last thing I do football head, I'm gonna take care of you until that leg of yours heals! And that's final!"

"You don't have to, Helga. I'll be okay, don't worry about-"

"My offer is non-negotiable!" Helga cut him off. "I'll wait on you hand and foot whether you want me to or not, Arnoldo." She told him. "Just don't you get too used to it! It's only until your leg heals!"

Despite his pain, Arnold couldn't help but smile a little. He knew pretty well by now, after not only Helga confessing her love to him, but also talking with Dr. Bliss about it, that she was only making an excuse to be near him for a while.

"All right, Helga. If that's what you want."

"Good! Now Geraldo, help me bring him to the nurse."

Gerald just rolled his eyes and nodded, going over to Arnold's other side. "You sure you can't walk, man?"

"I don't think I-OW!" Arnold yelped as he was helped up and he tried to move his leg. "No...I can't."

Helga brought his right arm around her shoulder, while Gerald took his left arm, supporting him as they helped the injured boy to the office, off the stares of some of their peers.


"Oh, give it to me straight, doc! How long does he have!?"

The doctor looked at Helga strangely, as if she were nuts. In which case, he wasn't too far off. Ever since the nurse verified that the condition of Arnold's leg was far worse than imagined and had to be taken to the hospital, Helga had been pretty much hysterical. She was so worried about the love of her life, even more so than she imagined she ever would be. Yet it made sense, didn't it?

So an ambulance was called, and so were Arnold's grandparents, and now, also joined by Phoebe, they all waited outside the room Arnold was currently in, getting his cast, when the doctor came out to tell them the news.

"Miss Pataki...he's not dying." The doctor said. "He just merely fractured his leg. While the fracture is indeed serious, there is no cause for concern. He will be fine within a few months. I have prescribed a potent painkiller in case the pain gets severe, and an antibiotic. He will have to stay off his leg until it is healed, so we have provided a wheel chair." He handed the prescription pad to Phil.

"No problem Doctor, we'll make sure he's well taken care of! Isn't that right, Eleanor?" Gertie said to Helga.

Not quite listening to her, Helga just jumped up as if she'd been shot and ran into the room where Arnold was. He was sitting on a wheel chair with his injured leg propped up on one of the footrests.

"Hey, Helga." Arnold greeted her. "You okay?"

"Am I okay?! OKAY!? Why are you even asking ME that, football head?! You're the one with the broken leg here!" Helga shouted. Ohhh Arnold, even in your most injured state, you still find the time to be concerned for others! Oh how I wish I could hold you and help to soothe the pain you face...my love, you're so brave in the face of danger!

"Well...yeah, that's true, but that doesn't mean I can't be concerned for my friends, can I?" Arnold asked with a light shrug.

Helga just sighed. "I guess not. Well, whatever, football head. Let's get you home then."

"What about you? Did your mom or dad say they'd..." Arnold began, and realized what he was saying. "...Never mind."

"No way, I'm not leaving your side until your leg is healed! Already talked it over with your grandparents...albeit with difficulty. They said I could stick with ya at home till your leg's better." Helga said nonchalantly. "And well, since this IS my fault, I reluctantly agreed."

A horrified, surprised look came to Arnold's face. "What?! You mean you...you're staying at my house until my leg is better?! But Helga, you...I....it's...it's just a broke leg. It's not like I'm paralyzed and can't move my entire body."

"You think I'm enjoying this, football head?" Helga snorted. "Whatever, you're gonna need help getting you up and down your stairs, getting to the bathroom, getting to school, getting around school, getting home from school-you get the picture. And granted, I'm not sure the other tenants of the boarder house have the time to cater to you every second of the day. Your grandparents do enough, and they're getting older. Plus, even though your grandparents collect rent, not sure if it'll cover all the medical bills PLUS hiring a nurse to come in every day for you. So guess what, Arnoldo? It's gonna be you and me for a while."

Oh yes! Two or three months alone with my beloved Arnold! What could be more better than this?! Ohhh...my love, I can finally be near you so much more than I could ever have anticipated!

Two or three months alone with Helga?! What were they thinking?! It wasn't even her fault that I ended up with a fractured leg! ...Well, okay, Helga's not that bad, but...

The two of them looked at each other, and then looked away, blushing.

"...What about your parents? Won't they be worried?"

"Eh, I'll just call them later and explain everything. Not that they'll care that I'm not home." Helga shrugged.

Arnold looked at her with sympathy. "Helga, that's not true. There's no way they could possibly feel that way."

"Whatever, football head. I'll...go get your meds, wait here." Helga left the room in silence.

Gerald came in a couple moments after Helga did, shaking his head.

"You all right, man?"

"I'm fine, Gerald. It's not so painful anymore. The doctor gave me a shot of this painkiller I can't remember the name of." Arnold said. "...How much of that did you hear?"

"Some of it." Gerald shrugged. "Man, I feel bad for ya...you got Helga G. Pataki of all people lookin' after ya! That's gotta be a nightmare!"

"Well, she's not THAT bad, Gerald...I mean, I appreciate her trying to help and all, but I guess it is a little drastic. It's not even her fault. I mean, I guess I understand why grandma and grandpa came up with this idea, but still..." His voice trailed off. "I guess I'll have to make the best of it."

"Arnold, you listenin'? It's HELGA, you're gonna be ALONE, for TWO or even... THREE months with HELGA!" Gerald said, stressing each word with emphasis, spreading his arms. "Helga G. Pataki, the same girl who tortures you and makes you feel like a basket of dirty laundry!"

"I know, Gerald, I know." Arnold held his hands up in surrender. "It's just, well, she's not as bad as she makes us believe. She just hides her insecurities and true nature under her rough exterior. I've seen this side of her before, and as hard as it is to believe, she's really okay."

"Whoa, man...seriously?" The tall-haired boy blinked. "Wow, and here I was sure you hated her!"

"Gerald, I don't hate Helga. I've never hated her. Even after everything she's done, I can never bring myself to hate her. Besides, she was the one who-" Arnold then cut himself off as Helga returned into the room with a small canister of pills in each hand. "Helga!"

"Who was the one who what, Arnoldo?" Helga wanted to know, raising her unibrow.

"Uh...nothing, Helga." Arnold blushed a bit.

"Right. Whatever. Well anyway, your grandparents are waiting for you in the car." Helga told him, and tossed the medication on his lap. "Here's your pills. See you in an hour, football head. Try not to break your other leg! Or else! ...Oh, and you might want to help him out, tall-hair boy." The blonde girl then left the room.

Once out in the hall and out of earshot, she took out her locket and sighed dreamily.

"Oh my love, I am dearly sorry for how I treat you! Why, why must I do this to you, my dear sweet football-headed love God?" Helga crooned to the heart-shaped locket. "But do not worry, for I will be by your side day and night, taking care of you and that leg of yours!"

Heavy wheezing was heard from behind her, to which Helga's lovesick smile became that of an annoyed frown.

"You got something against privacy, bub?!" She yelled turning around.

"S-Sorry Helga..." Brainy replied with a geeky smile.

"...Whatever." Helga shoved him aside and went to the elevator. She was in no mood for any of this.

This was going to be a long day.