A/N: Apparently I've watched too much Booth/Brennan angst lately and I've decided to forcefully take matters into my own hands ;) My sister says I'm obsessed...Thank goodness I think SHE'S the one with the problem and not me :) Hope my smutty friends enjoy...Make sure you let me know if you do (shameless I know...)

~B hearts B~

Holy shit he was hard. His hardness was pressing against my back. I wanted him so bad right now it was maddening! He turned me around and from the look in my eyes he knew what I wanted…I wanted it rough and hard.

He threw me down on the bed and forced me legs apart. He had to know I was wet beyond belief, but he spat in his hand and rubbed it on me nonetheless. He grabbed my knees, pushed them back, and then pumped his cock into me with one beautifully swift motion. Oh my God he was huge, or I was tight, either way who gives a fuck!

He pumped and pumped and I screamed his name. I screamed because of the sensations he was causing to spread throughout my body. I screamed because of how deep he was penetrating me. I screamed because I simply loved how it felt to be fucked by this man.

Just when I thought I couldn't be turned on any more, he did what I constantly beg him to do. He brought his hand to my throat and lightly applied the pressure I've so desperately desired. He squeezed just a little, enough to make me see nothing but his face and stars. I've never said I was a prude. I've always talked openly about sex. And tonight I'm finally getting what I've openly asked for over and over…rough sex with Seeley Booth.

His hand tightened around my neck just a little more and I swear I got wetter, if that's even possible. With his other hand, he pushed my right knee back until it hit the bed, opening my legs like never before.

He grunted and pounded and made me make sounds no respectful woman should make. I'm pretty sure the words God and fuck came out of my mouth, and if I thought such things, I'd swear I'd go to Hell for putting the two next to each other.

I could tell from his expression that he was getting close, close to exploding inside of me. I knew why he was holding back though, he needed me to come with him. What he didn't know was that I was almost there. The effects of his skill and the excitement were taking their toll and I was on the cusp of something so very intense. I grabbed both his hands and forcefully placed them on my breasts, making a squeezing motion so he knew what to do. He got the jist and squeezed as I reached up and put my hands along both sides of his perfect face. When he saw the tell tale sign of my oncoming orgasm, he let loose himself. It was as if I could physically feel him filling me, and I in turn, physically milking him.

When we came back down from our mutual highs, we simply stared at each other. No words could possibly come after this amazing show of lust and trust.

~B hearts B~