This is an extremely short one shot, that I have been wanting to write for another! Enjoy and please review!!

Leaving the seminar, Tony and Ziva rode in the elevator to get their gear from the bull pen. Speaking in a teasing voice, Tony asked, "So Ziva did I taste good?"

A cat-like smile curved her lips, "Not bad, but too sweaty and therefore salty." She stifled a giggle remembering the boring sexual harassment class and how Tony leaping from his seat had livened things up.

Smiling Tony waved his finger at her, "I have to say it was clever making me jump up in the middle of class." He found it extremely amusing that on a regular basis Ziva pulled nearly as many pranks as him.

In a low voice, she replied, "You are not the only one with tricks up your hand."

Smirking superiorly at her, Tony corrected, "Up my sleeve, Zi." She frowned but nodded and Tony added, "You really made me look stupid."

Mischievously, Ziva smirked, "You do not need help with that. Although I must admit your cover up about head slaps was clever and amusing."

Tony grinned cockily, "Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it." The elevator doors dinged and they walked into the bull pen.

Gathering their stuff, Ziva said in a more serious tone, "If there is one thing you have taught me Tony, it is to always make the best of a boring situation and I was bored so watching you make a contact of yourself made things more entertaining."

Looking up from pulling his gun from its drawer, Tony grinned, "At least I taught you something."

They both laughed smiling at each other. Each thought their friendship was the best friendship they had ever had and they wouldn't trade it for the world.

Getting back into the elevator, Tony commented, "By the way, it's spectacle not contact and don't ask me why."