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Takuya is not his brother.

Kouichi is.

No, Takuya is strictly his best friend. Their relationship differs from he and Kouichi's that way. Kouji is powerless against Kouichi. Kouji couldn't harm Kouichi even if it was for his own good. But his responsibilities as Takuya's best friend include giving him a good slap in the face to knock some sense into him.

It's how they look out for each other.

Kouji and Kouichi run on one circuit; always in sync. Takuya runs on his own, unique circuit. This meant that no matter how many times he and Takuya disagreed, they would always be best friends.

They would always be there for each other.

It's this separation of the two relationships that Kouji feels proud of.

He likes that there is a distinction.

If everyone's best friend was everyone's brother or twin, the world wouldn't make any sense at all.

Kouji isn't sure why he received a sense of pride in this, but he appreciates it.

There are times when he and Takuya have the same thoughts at the same time. There are times when they're not thinking about the same thing at all.

But just as well as Kouichi, Takuya will be the one Kouji will always know.

There's no doubt. It just is.

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