The Perfect Love Song

Premise: a series of short stories inspired by you tube videos of Penelope and Derek.

Titleof this series comes from lyrics in the song "Did I Ever Tell You?" by Nick Lachey.

Favorite Welcome Home

The minute he stepped foot back inside the BAU there was just one place he wanted to go and just one person he wanted to see. Their latest case had been a week spent in California dealing with a sadist child molester and killer. Every second of working it had wore at him till he was now nothing more than a bunch of frayed, raw, exposed nerves.

Even though there was a distance between them as of late he didn't let that concern in his brain overrule the need in his heart. He walked straight to her computer lab, knocked once on the door and said "Baby girl." He went inside with a half grin on his lips.

The room was dark. His heart sunk. She had gone home already.


"Hey," Reid asked him as Derek headed back into the bull pen "when does your flight leave for Chicago?"

"Seven am tomorrow."

"Have a good trip."

"Yeah, thanks," he said, his jaw tense.

He should be glad they were getting a few days off-so close to Christmas too- and that he'd be able to see his family around the holidays but at that moment his body was just too wore down, his mind too weary, and his pain too severe to get excited about the trip.

He'd rather be here with Penelope. She had a way of making his lousy moods fade away in an instant. When he was near her there was never anything so bad that she couldn't make it better for him.

But she would be busy during their off time. She'd probably spend every minute of it with Lynch.

That train of thought would only put Derek in a decidedly worst mood so he pushed it out of his head.

Rubbing the back of his neck, he headed down the hall and approached the door of his own office. A room that daily had come to mean to him that he was more divided from the people he cared about and more isolated than ever. His ambition told him he belonged in this office but his heart told him he should run from it because it was only keeping him more lonely than anything.

Maybe he shouldn't put that on his job. It was how he acted since the promotion-trying to be more aloof and professional- that left him feeling cold inside. He was trying to prove himself in that position but he often wondered if the position was worth the cost.

A sigh escaped his lips as he got nearer to his office. He noticed a desk lamp was on- because there was some light escaping under the door. With a raised eyebrow he opened the door.

Immediately a laugh bubbled up in his chest and escaped his lips. Penelope was sitting in his chair, wearing a Santa hat, and on his desk was a small lighted plush Christmas tree.

He asked her "What are you up to, silly girl?"

"You haven't done a thing to decorate for the holidays around here so I took it upon myself."

She rose from the seat and walked around the desk. His eyes took in her figure, as he always did, loving the way she looked and the way he felt when he looked at her. She turned him on in ways that no other woman could ever hope to do.

Penelope pushed a button on the Christmas tree and it played Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Derek let out another laugh. This is just what he needed. "Strauss will think I'm really mature if she sees that."

"Well its just us here right now, handsome. Tell me you don't find it absolutely adorable."

"I love it. Thank you, baby girl."

She headed for the door. "Merry Christmas."

Watching her leave, and feeling a panic bubble up in him that their time together was already over and he wouldn't be seeing her again for days, he said to her "Slow your roll."

She froze and then turned around.

He smiled and asked her "Aren't you gonna give me a kiss goodbye, sweetness? I'm leaving for my Mom's in the morning." Derek pointed to his cheek.

Penelope smiled softly, slowly made her way back to him, he bent slightly and her lips brushed his cheek. Then he pulled her into a hug while saying "You know you're my salvation, right?"

Her eyes searched his. "Still?"

"Always. My salvation, my sanity, my solace...." he just shook his head, not able to put it all into words. "Don't ever give up on me, baby girl."

"As mad as I ever get at you, handsome, I don't think I could ever get so mad that I'd turn my back on you when you need me." She eased back more and pointed over her shoulder with her thumb. "I should get home."

"Have a good Christmas, sexy mama."

"You too, my love."

After she was gone he sat on the edge of his desk and pressed the button to make the tree play the song. A smile curved over his lips.

God, he loved that woman. She made everything in his world better. It had been crazy to think of taking that job in New York, just because he couldn't put up with seeing her with Lynch another damn day. Derek had been wrong and he realized it before he ever accepted the position. He could handle seeing her with Lynch. He could handle anything it took to keep her in his life.

Just as long as he had his baby girl he would be all right. The rest of the world could fall apart around him but with her there....joking, flirting, smiling, hugging him and keeping him would never get so bad that he would think about leaving it all behind again.

Penelope was his home and Derek didn't plan to ever let that change.


Story inspired by the song Welcome Home. Sung by Stan Van Samang. You tube mvid by SaraVanWijick.

Author Note- I've just stared watching this show last month but I fell in love with these characters so bear with me if I should happen to get some things wrong. I adore this pairing so much that I want to write for them, as I go back now and watch all the seasons I've missed. I want the characterizations right so let me know what isn't ringing true, in a nice way, and I'll work to make it better in the next story. False characterizations aren't acceptable to me. I know I shouldn't dabble in a fandom I just discovered but Pen and Derek are too perfect for words and I need to play with them.

I've already written a few more one shots that are more romantic in nature.

Storyline note- the Christmas tree used in this is the kind you find at The Hallmark Store.