Hermione and the Radiant Chaos

Chapter 16

The Lazy Days of Summer

Hermione sighed as she leaned back against Harry. It had been a fierce end of term where the two of them had to match wits with the 'Greatest Wizard of the Age' and win. Even though Hermione was brilliant and had a thousand years of experience over Albus Dumbledore she found a worthy opponent in the old warlock. He was cunning, had access to powerful spells (maybe not as powerful as hers but sufficient.) And a powerful mind not dulled by the ages. She found that she rather enjoyed her mental, verbal, and magical 'spars' with the old man. It was perhaps the most fun she had had all year long.

However, not long afterward she found herself where she was now. Sitting beside Harry, leaning against his shoulder in perfect contentment. It was her slice of heaven. She basked in the feelings that filled her soul. Peace, Joy, Contentedness, and Love poured into her heart and she knew that Harry was feeling her deep emotions. If she was to be honest however, she knew that it was likely as not that both Neville and Susan also felt it as well.

"Hey Hermione." Susan piped up.

"Yes?" Hermione looked over at her friend.

"Would it be possible for you to stay over at my place for a few days?"

Hermione nodded against Harry's chest before she spoke.

"I'll talk to Daddy and Mum about it." She promised.

"Great." She smiled at Hermione brilliantly.

"Speaking of which, Harry, Nev, would you be willing to stay for a while too?" Susan asked.

"I'd be perfectly happy doing that." Harry grinned.

"If Gran lets me, sure." Neville smiled at that.

The four fell into silence for a long moment as the train began making it's way to King's Cross.

So what's the plan? Harry asked Hermione with a mere glance.

You should head to the home of your forefathers and gather what knowledge and strength you can there. It's a lovely castle, and even moreso when it isn't falling apart. Hermione silently replied.


I lived there for almost a thousand years. I'm pretty sure I can say so with certainty. Hermione's brown eyes sparkled with mischief.

"How the hell do you do that?" Neville asked; causing everyone to stare at him.

He blushed brilliantly as they did so.

"Go Nev!" Harry cheered.

His blush covered his entire face at that.

"Do what?" Hermione asked innocently.

"Talk to each other without even...wait...a link of souls?" Neville blinked in consternation.

"That's impossible Neville. It takes far longer for something like that to happen." Susan protested.

"But...Look at them! They seem to always be there for each other, and it's like that they always know what the other is thinking. They can even communicate without saying a damn word!" He almost shouted.

Hermione secretly grinned.

Neville was indeed getting a backbone. While she still didn't like swearing, it did prove that he was getting more determined and tough. That in itself was a good thing.

"Nev!" Susan weakly protested.

"I'm serious, how often do they actually complete the others thoughts?" Neville added.


"Isn't this irrelevant?" Harry interjected smoothly.

Hermione loved seeing this side of Harry. When he got into 'Leader' mode he sent delicious chills down Hermione's spine. He had an aura of power and authority that drew people in, and she loved it. It made her burn with desire; remembering all those missed opportunities, all those passed up chances for their physical completion. That connection; the most precious thing she could give to him. She had never slept with anyone, and she would never sleep with anyone...save Harry.

Of course, it wasn't time for that. They would need to wait until they were able, and more importantly, able to do so without worries.

However, it didn't stop her from looking forward to that moment. Nothing really could.

"Hermione?" Susan called and Hermione blushed.

"Huh?" She asked intelligently.

"We were wondering what you were going to do with the philosopher's stone."

"It's the first thing on my to do list." She assured them.

They nodded easily.

Tonight then? Harry mentally asked.




How are we able to do this? We're practically mind-speaking.

Hermione nodded.

In a sense we are. But not really, it could be better said that our souls are communicating.

Really? Harry asked stunned.

Hermione barely contained a smirk.



You love it.


In all honesty though, we just understand each other well. It's not really 'words' or 'thoughts' that we're speaking through but through our eyes and body language. I guess you're a pretty good reader of body language.

Is that possible? Harry asked.

Eighty Percent of all communication is done via body language Harry. She reminded him.


It's also possible that the soul link I shared with you is reforming, and because of my desire for you for a thousand years it's forming faster. I'm uncertain about that. Maybe destiny decided we could use it? Hermione added wryly.

Destiny? I've never been a big fan of it.

Destiny can be a friend but sometimes bucking it isn't a bad idea.

"They're doing it again." Neville complained.

Susan merely chuckled.

"If I could do that with him I'd love to."

"Susan?" Neville asked stricken.

"Why those dreamy green eyes and that marvelous smirk...I would share if I had to..." She sighed as Neville looked shell shocked.

She then grinned.

"Gotcha." She said.

The four of them laughed at that.

Not long afterward a Red haired boy entered their compartment.

"Weasley, go away." Harry said without opening his currently shut eyelids.

"Potter, I want to give you one last chance. Dump these losers and become my friend."

"I just have one thing to say to that." Harry said.

"Oh?" Ron looked at him curiously.

"Shut the hell up."

"Harry, language." Hermione whispered with only a slight chide in her voice.

"Sorry." He muttered.

Ron glared as he tried to draw his wand rather pathetically.

Neville, Susan, Hermione, and Harry's wands were pointed at him and a combination of jelly legs, leg lockers, and other hexes and curses pounded the boy into a stunned state of near-goo.

Ron would survive but he certainly didn't look the way he did a moment ago.

"Guess Jelly Legs and hair removal spells don't mix well." Hermione grinned in an almost evil fashion.

"Did you cast the hair removal spell?" Susan asked knowingly.

Hermione merely grinned before she banished the more or less goo Ron into the opposite compartment.

Only a few more minutes passed before a blond ferret entered.

"Draco, Ron left the compartment a moment ago as a mess of go. Do you want to end up the same way?" Neville asked.

"You're bluffing." Draco glared.

"Check the compartment across from us." Neville said lazily.

Draco glanced at Crabbe who dumbly nodded and did so. He grunted in surprise at seeing Ron in such a state.

"Err..I don't have time to mess with you anyway."

"Or you didn't want to end up like Mor-Ron." Neville replied.

Draco blushed faintly but acted as if he hadn't been caught.

With a simple glance behind him Draco sped out of the compartment.


Location: Unkown

Time: Unknown

A cloaked figure waved his hand over the stone basin.

"She has shattered the remainder's of time's shackles. The chaos that she brings...is radiant. She as the burning sun that shines above them and their destinies. Their lives are short and yet...in those moments that they exist they blaze brighter than the stars. I...could almost envy her."

"Ah Gatekeeper. It's good to see you."

The black cloaked figure turned to face the one of gray.

"Counselor." The Gatekeeper said shortly.

"At ease. As you're aware Fury and Passion have agreed to side with you. As have I."

"This will cause a disturbance unlike anything before." The Gatekeeper warned.

The gray figure nodded curtly.

"I realize that. Yet, she has shackled destiny. I want to see how this plays out."

"The counsel might decide to eliminate us."

"I know that too."

"Then we shall be as rebels of the chaos?"



Hermione felt odd, but it was only for a second. The feeling passed quickly and she shrugged as she kissed her father goodnight.

Once she was assured that her parents were sleeping she made her way to Gringotts where she dropped off a packet of data about the time compression she accomplished and then she made her way to drop off the Stone that she had guarded so determinedly.

Of course, she'd have to meet them. It would have been impossible otherwise.


While Hermione went about with her errands Albus Dumbledore mused to himself.

Who was Hermione Granger? How did she know so much? Why did she distrust him? How was she so powerful? It didn't make sense. No mere muggle-born student should have understood as much as she did or be able to do as much as she did. So how was he supposed to handle her?

Or perhaps for the Greater Good she would need to be sacrificed. She was a wild card that might harm the prophetic savior. If she hindered his destiny...his destiny to die then she would need to be taken out of the picture.

The old man shook his head in despair.

"Fawkes, what should I do? For the Greater Good Harry must die but...this girl seems determined to intervene. What should I do?" Dumbledore asked.

Fawkes let out a slightly disgusted trill.

"I have to serve everyone's best interest old friend, not that of just my own or a school girl who is too big for her own shoes." Dumbledore replied sharply.

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